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Title: You're a Mean One, Ad Avis (Grinch parody)
Post by: DBoyWheeler on 03 Dec 2020, 10:47
I was considering posting this in Adventure game themed section, since it's related to the Quest for Glory series, but had my doubts, so I posted it here.

I just the other day finished a parody of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" that was Quest for Glory themed.  I posted it in the Quest for Glory groups (and a group of Sierra games in general), as well as my FurAffinity page, and thought I'd share it here.

Anyone want to make an attempt of singing and recording the song?

You're a mean one, Ad Avis.
You really are a fiend!
You're an Antwerp full of feces
Your complection's like a spleen
Ad Avis...
I wouldn't blame you if you're showering with Khaveen!

You're a foul one, Ad Avis.
And your odor's awful too!
You make ghouls tremble in fear
And the other monsters too
Ad Avis...
Your soul is centuries old Jackalman doo!

You're a bully, Ad Avis.
Your skin is like a newt!
Your obsession with getting Iblis
Is really, really moot
Ad Avis...
You make a Terrorsaurus with a bad indigestion attack look cute!

You're a vile one, Ad Avis.
I really hate your gut!
When the Hero gets close to you
He is gonna kick your butt
Ad Avis...
The three words that'll describe your fate are, and I quote:
Split, splat, splut!