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Title: Testers (and potentially proofreaders) for my first game
Post by: FormosaFalanster on 14 Jan 2021, 07:39

"The House of Mr Chocolate"
, my first foray into making an AGS game. Here is a screenshot:


I wrote the whole story and did the sprite of the main character, then patiently coded it entirely on AGS. All other graphics are from open source free pixel art. I used the standard GUI for a first game. I also developed a sort of "fog of war" system: the house is first fully dark, and only reveals itself as you walk through it.

My intention is to show I can sustain a project to its end by myself, in hope that it would convince other people to work with me on future, more ellaborate game. I do not ambition it to be of commercial quality but I still want it to convey a nice emotion and to be an enjoyable play.

Mr Chocolate lives alone in his house where strange phenomenons suddenly start happening. He never goes out, and he is so lonely that he took the habit of talking to objects... Explore what is going on with his house and why something is trying to lure him out.

The game plays on a trope in point and click game: a Talk To verb that players would use to speak with other characters... but Mr Chocolate is all alone, so you have to use the Talk To verb on objects instead. Only by mimicking Mr Chocolate's habit will you succeed in completing the game, and hopefully you will get to experience his sense of solitude and the emotions he is going through.

Positions Available:
I have done a game that works from beginning to end. I still need to make an intro screen and an ending animation (for the moment, ending the game just brings you to a frozen screen, I will develop that later, while people are testing the game itself). Hopefully you would be able to tell me if I forgot things, if there are glitches I did not see, and simply if the game is nice or not.

I would also welcome any proofreading especially because I am not a native speaker.

I am not in a hurry to complete the game. My sole hope is to have a finished game to show the world at some point, so I can then move on to other projects, hopefully with other people who would be keen on working with me because "The House of Mr Chocolate" was good enough to convince them that it would be nice to do something together.

Please send me a PM here and I will send you the game via a link. Please specify me what kind of link you want, I have never done this before and I am not sure what is the best way to send a game to somebody.