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Title: Room escape theme party
Post by: monkey424 on 28 Apr 2021, 13:22
Mia (aka monkey425 ( had her birthday recently and this year we did a room escape theme party! It was heaps of fun and no one got hurt! Check out the 3 min video!

Furthermore, fellow parents might be familiar with the show Teen Titans Go - the characters make an appearance in a colour-code type puzzle which involved using AGS! The most exciting part of this puzzle is once the correct colour combination is entered, the program makes use of AGS's completely-useless-until-now CD-Eject function and the next clue (a DVD) is spit out of the laptop!
Title: Re: Room escape theme party
Post by: cat on 28 Apr 2021, 19:35

(but using something cruel as Clippy for a kids' party...) ;)
Title: Re: Room escape theme party
Post by: heltenjon on 30 Apr 2021, 12:05
Wow! It must have taken ages to prepare?

We did a small scale version of a similar idea for my middle daughter's birthday last year. We divided the guests into groups and sent them to stations in the house where they had to do puzzles (labyrinth, quiz, crossword etc. (all on paper)) and report back to base to be sent to the next station. They ended up where the candy was stashed. But that was nowhere so awesome as this!  (nod)
Title: Re: Room escape theme party
Post by: monkey424 on 30 Apr 2021, 15:49
It was about 1 month of preparation, just doing bits at a time. I enjoyed it, apart from perhaps those tedious cardboard skylight covers. The colour-code program was made in a few evenings.


The light (ICE) puzzle involved butchering an LED light – see pic – totally worth it!


Props such as the treasure chests and Halloween skeletons were borrowed from friends and family. The Lego models were already made and my wife was responsible for executing that particular puzzle. An ad-hoc snake piñata was constructed literally the night before as we had an epiphany that it would be the perfect ending to the second game – for the second group that it – yes, we had to split the kids into two groups – school friends and local friends – because there’d be too many kids otherwise. The difference between the two games was a slightly different ending where the final clue revealed by the completed jig-saw puzzle directed you to the birthday snake rather than the birthday cake as the cake was demolished mid-party between games.