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Title: I need programmers, voice actors, and some co-animators and co-artists.
Post by: alephtheog on 31 Aug 2021, 15:00
Hello, AGS users!
I might need some help with my project...
It's called "The Adventures of ManBirdLizard", and I've chosen to make it on this free awesome program.
I am comfortable with coding, but I might need help with the things I need, such as...
Voice actors for every character except ManBirdLizard (I'll voice him, silly, he speaks), and Mitch (voiced by my friend)
Programmers (sometimes I don't know how to import a cutscene that is a .smk or .png sequence, so I need help with that, I also need help with easter eggs and more stuff)
Co-Animators (even an intermediate animator needs some help!)
Co-Artists (for some backgrounds, and props)
Reach out to me on this very post!
Here's what ManBirdLizard looks like (I sketched him on paper first, don't worry.) :