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Title: AGS and DRPGs.
Post by: Furwerkstudio on 13 Sep 2021, 19:58
I notice a lot of topics asking about making rpgs using AGS mainly for combat, about leveling up and slaying enemies or getting hit and losing health, but I really don't see many talking about the other part of Computerized RPGs, the dungeon crawling.

It is a pretty easy thing to pull off, just have each room be a different section of the dungeon, combat can be a puzzle in and of itself by having special objects for certain enemies like having a special weapon for a certain type of enemy, collect coins to pay off others.

I really didn't think this whole topic out, but I do want to point out the idea of making more dungeon crawlers, or DRPGs, and instead of focusing only on stats and leveling up try to use other methods. An example I can think of it have two sections, a town and a dungeon, one puzzle can be kind of quest where the player talks to somebody in a Tavern to learn about a lost backpack, and while going through the dungeon they find said backpack and return it, and the owner is a mechanical wiz who fixes the mechanism to the next section.
Title: Re: AGS and DRPGs.
Post by: DeadSuperHero on 14 Sep 2021, 22:49
So, it's interesting that you bring this up! There are a couple of different ways to approach the construction of a dungeon - one fairly novel approach I've seen recently was that of a "virtual maze" variety, where a singular room had a bunch of hidden objects (walls, doors) that disappeared or reappeared based on where the player was on a virtual map - in other words, the room kept track of where the player was with some variables, and then used a Random Number Generator to decide when a monster should appear.

Note that this approach is largely for roguelikes. It's totally possible to construct a dungeon with different rooms, which might be useful if you're looking to create a much more controlled experience for the player.

There's a great breakdown of what SpaceQuestHistorian did for his joke game here:
Title: Re: AGS and DRPGs.
Post by: arj0n on 15 Sep 2021, 00:43
I did a spaceship crawler ( some time ago called Desolate.
Title: Re: AGS and DRPGs.
Post by: cat on 15 Sep 2021, 12:14
There's a great breakdown of what SpaceQuestHistorian did for his joke game here
I love Gary's waiting room. Every AGS game should have such a room.

Btw, Cave of Avarice ( also has a semi-generated virtual maze. It is all done in one room. I defined the correct sequence of rooms and symbols the player has to walk in order to win and generated the other rooms in between, their connected doors plus the placement of stalactites automatically. I used a random number generator with a fixed seed, so the maze is always the same. If you want to have many rooms, it is much quicker and easier to do it this way.
Title: Re: AGS and DRPGs.
Post by: newwaveburritos on 22 Sep 2021, 04:21
I've worked a Wizardry-style first-person dungeon crawler into Kola Queen although I think it's going to be more of a "game simulator" rather than anything approaching an actual game.  It does work though. Khris made much better dungeon crawler with ray casting.  I posted a question about this in the tech forum a month or so ago if you want to read that.  It's very possible to use AGS for this.  I think it should be a fun mini-game for Kola Queen.