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Title: Poor line numbering
Post by: Chomba on 04 Oct 2021, 08:02
I am about to apply the voice acting files to my game. I do the automatic line numbering and it does fine, then I generate the V.A. script and it says everything went fine.
But when I go to look at the V.A. script file, in the lines per character part, it is awarding lines from one character to another.

For example, a line said by Harrison is assigned to FHarrison. However, in the part where it shows the lines by order of appearance in the code, they are well distributed... I do not understand what is going on and it is a problem that can slow me down a lot the organization of this part of the work.
What could be happening?

forget it, I think I figured out why. Some lines are written as player.say and I have 3 playable characters in the game. I guess that's why it randomly assigns them.