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Title: Character sprite generator / spritesheets templates ?
Post by: manu_controvento on 05 May 2022, 11:27
Hello everyone!

Does anyone know if there's available somewhere over the rainbow a nice character generator, nice and suitable for adventure games?

For a game I'm working on I'm using sanderfrenken's Universal LPC Spritesheet Generator, which is really nice but obviously more rpg-oriented...
I'm using several assets for backgrounds too, meant for the LPC world as well.
It's actually very good for this game, but for further games I'd like to have something more Lucasfilm-lookalike...

If not a proper character generator, are there any nice sprite sheets templates somewhere, in a classic graphic adventure style?
I began to draw my simple own characters but it takes a long time, then I'd have to draw also backgrounds... etc.... I'd prefer focusing on coding, storyboard and soundtrack, which I'm better at.

Title: Re: Character sprite generator / spritesheets templates ?
Post by: Danvzare on 05 May 2022, 20:06
I remember there being a really terrible character sprite generator on here years ago. Let me just search for it... found it.

Of course you could also just download all of the character sheets for Maniac Mansion Mania or Reality On The Norm, and then edit the sprites to your liking.

But speaking from personal experience, I highly recommend learning to draw your own pixel art.
Yes, it is a chore having to draw everything, and yes, it does take several years to learn how to do it. But trust me, people do notice when the artwork isn't your own, and unfortunately it does carry with it negative connotations.

If you ever decide to learn how to draw pixel art, I recommend starting with learning how to draw traditionally first, by drawing with a pencil every day. (The skills from that, carry over to all other forms of drawing.) I found some comics that I liked the artstyle of, and copied-via-reference one of the panels everyday for several months. The next thing I knew, I was suddenly able to draw somewhat decent pixel art. It was... weird.  :-\
(Word of caution though, never trace when learning to draw, because you'll only get good at tracing if you trace and not at drawing! But if you want to rotoscope, then trace away.)
Title: Re: Character sprite generator / spritesheets templates ?
Post by: cat on 05 May 2022, 20:49
I think different here - if you want to make games, just make them. Use MMM or RON resources that Danvzare has linked and see where you are going with it. And if you want to draw pixel art, there is no need to learn to draw with a pencil first. Just google for pixel art tutorials. You might also want to check out pixel art software like ASEprite.
Title: Re: Character sprite generator / spritesheets templates ?
Post by: newwaveburritos on 06 May 2022, 16:16
You can also dowload the SCI Companion and use that to rip all the assets from a Sierra SCI game which can be a useful tool for seeing how a game uses its assets.  It will export a sprite sheet which you could then edit.  Getting familiar with aseprite and how it works is probably also a worthwhile task for creating your own art assets as well.  Just importing a sprite sheet is a little tricky but once you figure out how to do it it's very, very useful.