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Title: Total Newbie Intro Dialog Question
Post by: on 14 Aug 2003, 05:07
Alrighty. I've learnt a bit of scripting but not enough yet to get the hang of it. In my intro to my game, i'm just trying to make narrator text pop up.

Like when enter screen, for text to pop-up. One piece of text stays for like like 3 seconds (enough for someone to read it) then switches over to the next phrase.

Seems simple enough cause i've seen it in many AGS games. I just haven't found where it says I can do it. I'm guessing you create a character 'narrator' and make up some dialog for him, but I'm a little clueless as to how to start the process.

Any help would be appreciated. Thx.

Title: Re:Total Newbie Intro Dialog Question
Post by: TerranRich on 14 Aug 2003, 07:17
For the love of God, read the manual, where it says "Speech functions" or something like that. It should mention a "Display" function, which will display a narrator's speeech. Make sure that Sierra-style speech is selected in the game settings section, as well as having speech turn off after a while.

Post again once you've read the manual. Thank you.