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Title: Raw Drawing
Post by: MrColossal on 22 Aug 2003, 04:01
wellp, here's a little thing i made about a year ago for the Demo Quest 2 project that Darkstalkey destroyed

it was to demonstrate the awesomeness that is rawdrawing

you start in room 3, just teleport to room 1 and 2 for other things.

follor the directions and i think the first room's transitions go all the way up to 0

and someone tell me how the hell i imported an image as perfect black...

also, if anyone wants the source i'll try and find it but it won't be easy

Title: Re:Raw Drawing
Post by: Timosity on 22 Aug 2003, 07:38
That's cool, I like the shooting gallery thingy, If you could find the source it would be cool, but don't go out of your way.

Title: Re:Raw Drawing
Post by: Goldmund on 22 Aug 2003, 22:38
Hey, mighty nifty indeed, Erik!
I have always felt there is potential in Raw Drawing, but never had time to experiment with it.
I have a question: are the transitions done in the maximum speed? i.e. Wait(1) or more?
Title: Re:Raw Drawing
Post by: MrColossal on 23 Aug 2003, 05:54
the transitions are done i believe by just adding 1 every game cycle, as far as i remember there are no Wait(1)'s

you could speed some of them up with a few tricks or by increasing the speed at which they draw across the screen [for the spiked transition and the green stripe transition at least]

i'm wondering, how does the RawDrawBox work? does it draw a filled box? cause if not then a box out could be done "easily"

the problem with custom transitions is that the rawdrawing draws behind guis and characters and objects, merging all objects before hand allows you to draw over them but that's silly

you could set up some functions that turn off the objects and rawdraw the image in it's place the same with characters and objects, and then run the transition.

i still want to know how i imported perfect black

Title: Re:Raw Drawing
Post by: Evil on 23 Aug 2003, 06:17
Very cool. I really like #0... Its all spacey and high tech and stuff... :)
Title: Re:Raw Drawing
Post by: earlwood on 23 Aug 2003, 15:32
Pretty cool, I liked the #2 the best..but maybe you could have told me that there is an abort key so I didnt have to fret with it for 10 minutes.  ;)
Title: Re:Raw Drawing
Post by: Archangel (aka SoupDragon) on 23 Aug 2003, 17:27
That's all pretty neato! The only problem I would have is that the transitions run waaaay too slowly... but I guess that's the ineficiency of RawDraw
Title: Re:Raw Drawing
Post by: Squinky on 23 Aug 2003, 22:10
That was cool as shit. Maybe you could hook us up with the code? I especialy like the room as shit indeed....
Title: Re:Raw Drawing
Post by: remixor on 31 Aug 2003, 01:32
Very nice Eric. :)  I agree that the transitions run a bit slowly, but if that's a limitation of RawDraw, then no big deal.  Good stuff.