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Seriously, just paste your code, someone will find your thread in Google one day looking for help.

If you can, please, once you understand what you were doing wrong, and what you did right, write here what you did wrong, and if you can, why you thought of that. It's not impossible that sonething has to be written clearly somewhere to make something easier to understand.

Filipe, could you show a printscreen of your Room and code, paste on imgur or record a video? I still can't understand your problem.

Please consider the possibility you misunderstood what blocking and nonblocking functions do. Essentially, if something is non-blocking, neither the player or whatever is next in the first-in-first-out actions pipe will wait. So if you tell something to animate, starting from the first frame, and do that on the next frame, and on next frame, on and on, the result is that you only see the first frame all the time.

As CW said, without taking a look in your code it's impossible for us to help you.

Hey, Filipe, could you make a drawing of what you want to achieve? If you upload in a service like imgur and place the link here, to look.

The view you created, if you name it like MYVIEW, you you will be able to use with nameOfMyObject.SetView(MYVIEW).

Use nameOfMyObject.Animate(0, 3, eRepeat, eNoBlock).


In your room, on the properties in the editor, on the thunderbolt events thing, verify that on the after fade in option, the written function name of your Room_AfterFadeIn is there, if not, click the ... button and it will create the AfterFadeIn in your script. Place this animation inside of that

Hey, is there a date limit?

I know this infinitely old, but has anyone ever encountered this bug yet? I am trying to implement double click to teleport a character to the destination using SkipUntilCharacterStops, but it doesn't work at all. (using

Wait, you mean

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. game.following_room_timer

right? I see it's an int, is it in ticks ?

I have a room that when you go to the left edge, the player teleports to a different room. A character was following my player character in the first room. Two seconds later  the following character appeared in the second room!

Is this expected behavior?

Edit: apparently I coded a function to do this while I was sleeping and forgot it, nevermind.

Edit2: apparently no, I didn't... Damn, can't figure out how the character is following the player on other rooms!

Site & Forum Reports / Re: Bug reports
« on: 06 Jan 2019, 13:43 »

I get the error below

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.  /wiki/AGS_Engine_Coding_Conventions InvalidArgumentException from line 203 of /home/ags/html/w/includes/session/SessionManager.php: Invalid session ID
  3. Backtrace:
  5. #0 /home/ags/html/w/includes/session/PHPSessionHandler.php(242): MediaWiki\Session\SessionManager->getSessionById(string, boolean)
  6. #1 [internal function]: MediaWiki\Session\PHPSessionHandler->read(string)
  7. #2 /home/ags/html/w/extensions/Auth_SMF.php(406): session_start()
  8. #3 /home/ags/html/w/extensions/Auth_SMF.php(346): smf_sessionSetup()
  9. #4 /home/ags/html/w/includes/Hooks.php(177): UserLogoutSMF(User)
  10. #5 /home/ags/html/w/includes/Hooks.php(205): Hooks::callHook(string, array, array, NULL)
  11. #6 /home/ags/html/w/includes/user/User.php(4065): Hooks::run(string, array)
  12. #7 /home/ags/html/w/extensions/Auth_SMF.php(275): User->logout()
  13. #8 /home/ags/html/w/includes/Hooks.php(177): AutoAuthenticateSMF(User, User)
  14. #9 /home/ags/html/w/includes/Hooks.php(205): Hooks::callHook(string, array, array, string)
  15. #10 /home/ags/html/w/includes/user/User.php(1343): Hooks::run(string, array, string)
  16. #11 /home/ags/html/w/includes/user/User.php(449): User->loadFromSession()
  17. #12 /home/ags/html/w/includes/user/User.php(2400): User->load()
  18. #13 /home/ags/html/w/includes/MediaWiki.php(563): User->getName()
  19. #14 /home/ags/html/w/includes/MediaWiki.php(522): MediaWiki->setDBProfilingAgent()
  20. #15 /home/ags/html/w/index.php(42): MediaWiki->run()
  21. #16 {main}

Hey Artium, I started to manually get the metadata for trying to build an index.

The AGS Module Index

my idea would be having an .scm packed along with an .ini file with metadata in an open repository. These ini files would be globed into a .json index and the search index would be provided by lunr. It's all a rough idea, but if you want to jump in. :)

Site & Forum Reports / Re: Bug reports
« on: 01 Jan 2019, 20:41 »
I have the error

00c4c6b7e2e1c777371d79d7] 2019-01-01 20:38:53: Fatal exception of type "InvalidArgumentException" .

When trying to load


Happy New Year Eric! You built quite a big library!  ;-D Have a really good 2019!  :-D

Could you try with snapped ags, do snap install ags, and then run it?

Site & Forum Reports / About AGS Wiki
« on: 31 Dec 2018, 13:37 »
Just a curiosity about the Wiki linked in the forums here, I think the maintenance of the one here on github may be easier. Is there interest in linking it here somewhere? Maybe some interesting knowledge from the original wiki could be migrated to that other one.

@cat : what does it mean wildcard or no-wildcard certificate? Does your website uses subdomains? From reading on, it appears they are required with subdomains - like www. and others... The host I use just have a button that magically turns https from let's encrypt on, so I never thought about that. You can also look into .htaccess rules to force http to https redirect (one that I use is RewriteRule ^.*$ https://%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L] )

Edit: found a cool thing here -> github.com/phanan/htaccess

AGS Games in Production / Re: Future Flashback
« on: 31 Dec 2018, 10:53 »
Thank you so much @CaptainD ! Because you liked it, I added this screenshot to the blog post body linked below...  :-D

2018 Recap

Hey everyone! 2018 was an amazing year!

The coolest thing for me was that I finally met many wonderful people from this community in person!

I also was able to play many great games developed by the community here and on the Discord AGS Channel.

I hope 2019 is a good year for narrative games! I wrote a recap of what happened in 2018 and added some bonus content that you guys may or may not find interesting!  8-)

Read more on the blog...

The easier way would be breaking the bigger fish sprite in two, head and rest.

I see no problem in removing Scale, I think the API should be as small as needed. Zoom could be provided by a module, and it would mostly likely have TweenZoom too. The advantage of the module is that it's API can evolve faster.

I understand the camera as a way to transform pixels from the game world to the pixel space of the Viewport. So for Zoom the Camera Width and Height would be make smaller, but mapped to a viewport that stays at the same size.

Hey CW, I think I have two additional questions on this feature:

why Game.RoomViewport, instead of Room.Viewport ? Is Game.RoomViewport the same for all Rooms and if it would be in Room.Viewport it would get destroyed on each Room load?

Also Camera.ScaleX and Camera.ScaleY, I think they should not existe, since the Viewport has a Camera assigned to it, but the Camera "doesn't know" about the viewport - so if there would exist a ScaleX and ScaleY, they should belong to the Viewport and not the Camera, right? Example, a Camera could theoretically be assigned to two Viewports.

here is the new issue on github! Just freshly opened. :) I will try to add more details later.

Also thanks for the new handy functions, they will be handy :D

One thing about the walkable/region/hotspot areas, imagining a multiple camera/viewport situation, the functions would require both camera and viewport information to be able to get the correct X and Y, wouldn't?

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