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AGS Games in Production / Beyond The Edge Of Owlsgard
« on: 19 Dec 2018, 16:19 »

Some of you may already know me from busily spamming my artwork around on the Discord servers. :D
I present to you my new game which I have been pouring all my blood, sweat and tears into since over a year.
The shoddy prototype version of the entire game was finished sometime in June 2018 and has been tested thoroughly since then.
Which means that I now work on all the final graphics, sounds, music and all kinds of other touch-ups.

Strange things are happening in the animal kingdom of Velehill. Unknown shadows of large appearance are seen roaming trough the forests, making the ground shake with every step. Houses and trees get destroyed and one animal after the other seems to disappear mysteriously.
Finn, a young and adventurous deer, soon finds out about the disappearance of his family as well. Without hesitation, he goes an a journey to find them... not knowing he and his new friend Gwen the owl will soon uncover an ancient and dark secret which should have been kept hidden for all eternity...

  • Travel trough 3 whimsical lands full of mystery and danger!
  • A crazy story told trough handdrawn landscapes and elaborate animations!
  • a whopping resolution of 320x200 pixels!!
  • because no one can resist loving them: Sierra-style deaths! *crowd gasps*
  • a cool midi soundtrack that will make you want to go point&clicking as if there was no tomorrow!

The game is divided into four chapters, and the overall length is comparable to older Sierra titles like Space Quest 3. It's no MI2, but at least it took all my testers roughly around a weekend to beat it.
Thematically, it's a colourful blend of all the things that influenced me since I was little. Among those things are adventure games (especially the Kings Quest series), a love for animals and nature... and my deeply rooted fear of rapidly advancing, seemingly uncontrollable technology. *hint*
Overall, I want to go for a cinematic and cartoony atmosphere that feels very alive. Curse of Monkey Island is one of my biggest inspirations in that regard.
I plan to release it on Steam with an english and german translation when it's finished. Right now the whole game is still in german, since it's easier for me to come up with dialogue in my native language.
Concerning a release date, it's still a little hard to estimate the time it will need to finish it all (since I'm doing everything all by myself)... but my progress is steady and I have a pretty good feeling about it.
Just as steady as Gwen the owl is wobbling around below. :3

Aah, so I could have just changed that instead. Good to know, thanks! ;-D

It`s me again :grin: Thanks for your answer Khris, however I totally forgot to look around in here again as I was experimenting around with the problem I mentioned above.

I am having a new question here...
It seems to be the case that the player character automatically moves towards another character when "Talk To" is selected.
Is there a way to remove that? I am having a few situations in the game where to player is supposed to stand on his spot when he greets another character from the distance.

I managed to accomplish what I envisioned by removing this in the GuiScript:

...and thus, turning it into this:

Did the same for the "GiveTo" command and the TalkTo-function that is called via right click.
Works fine so far, now that I can manually set the WalkTo-points in my scripts, however it feels kinda wrong to edit the template this way.
I hope there are no problems arising from this (wtf)

Hey, I hope it`s ok to bump this thread so I can ask something :D
I have been using this awesome template for a while to create my game, and only now have I stumbled across a little problem:
So far I could not find a way to make an on-screen object usable in the same way as an inventory item. So when you choose "Use" on that object,
the GUI will Show "Use Object with...", so I can use that object with another on-screen object.
I really have no idea how to achieve something like this. D:
It would be awesome if someone here could please help me out with this! :D

Thanks for your ideas!^^
I am still not 100% sure what to do...

So you mean I could make a borderless speech box with the LucasArts-font? :D
Actually a cool idea, however it may feel like there is an invisible Person on the screen, speaking.

Moving the text to the bottom might be a solution. On the other hand, I feel it`s a little easier for the players eyes to look in the middle of the screen and not having to look down to read.


So, I am working an a game, which will be similiar to early Sierra games. :D
However, I can`t really decide on one text and GUI style, since I like both the Sierra and the lucasarts ways.
I love the interactivity of LucasArts` verb-gui and the storybook-ish feel of sierras text windows.
So, I thought about doing the hybrid seen above.

So one thing I am slightly worried about is the overuse of text itself. The player`s view is already kinda obstructed by the black GUI, and when interacting with the environment, the view gets even smaller because of another box of text appearing in front of the screen.
Could this be a bit tiring for the player during a longer playtime? :P

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