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We finished cutting all the videos, you can find the playlist here:

Code: Adventure Game Studio

I just wanted to let you know we at Adventure-Treff are nearly done with the video coverage from 2017's AdventureX.

I think we have covered all the talks (correct me if I'm wrong) and also recorded some interviews with developers. We have one or two more videos in our production queue, then we should be done.

You can find all the videos here:

Already a fan of this game, and wrote a blogpost about it!  Good luck with the Kickstarter. :)

Thank you very much, it's a nice written article :-)

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, we know about that, others also commented on that. We'll put it on the todo list.

Any other feedback is also welcome, of course.

Some feedback: From the picture alone I never would have guessed that it's supposed to read "K'NOSSOS". On Steam I would have scrolled right past the possible thumbnail.

Hi guys,

I justed wanted to let you know we are currently on Kickstarter with our Sci Fi Adventure K'NOSSOS. The campaign is still running until 22nd November. You can still get the digital game in early access for half of the normal.

I've seen some of you already backed it and/or shared or retweeted it, thank you so much.

For all others, if you have a moment we would be happy if you check it out.

Thanks a lot!
Michael and the K'NOSSOS team

After traveling for the whole week after AdventureX I'm back home and want to thank all you great people I met on AdventureX for a really good time. Especially Tom, Ali and Rebecca for doing a fantastic job (again) this year.

I'm also happy people found my talk about press work useful. I hope it helps you all to avoid unnecessary work and to have more time for what you're actually want to do: making great games.

See you all in 2017 again (hopefully).

(put this one behind a 2015 tag but also hope to showcase some of the videos on the front page etc).

If you need anything from our material, feel free to use it.

The rest of the videos is up:

Interview with Xoron about Paul Pixel (unfortunately only in German, but it's funny to see how I suck playing the game):

And Jan Kavan with the CBE Software retrospective:

And finally, all our videos from AdventureX 2015. Hope to see you all again in 2016.

Saturday panel: This story isn't for you:

Sorry for double posting, I just want to give you an update. We have some more videos up.

Dave Gilbert - "Engineering Empathy"


Reigns "Game of Thrones meets Tinder"

More videos to come.

New video: A Golden Wake post mortem:

And the talk by Ian Thomas

You can always check our playlist, we will release more videos soon as I had a chance to give the video material to Basti while I was in Munich during the last days, so we don't have the bandwidth problem anymore.

Thanks, we're trying to release as soon as possible, but first we do the interviews because they are also needed for e.g. upcoming kickstarter campaigns.

Here are two more with Daniel Black (The Last Time) and CBE (Someday you'll return)

Yes, including the first panel with Francisco Gonzalez, Alex Francois,Alisdair Beckett-King, Jan Kavan and Ian Thomas.

After checking a lot of material, I'm happy to say that we will be able to cover the Saturday up to the panel, so we have most of the day on video and audio. It will take some weeks with christmas and new year ahead to cover everything, but sooner or later we will be able to provide all the stuff in good or less good quality.

For now, two interviews:

Since the 2014 thread is closed, I'm posting here.

While cleaning up my hard disk for the 2015 show I stumbled about Gigabytes of video material from 2014. It's actually pretty poor quality as the camera in the room was a bit older and didn't catch light and sound as expected. I've started to cut a bit of it, unfortunately I can't do everything as I'm already packing my stuff for London.

However, here some more stuff from last year:

Grundislav, revealing Shardlight:

Alex Birke with Bertram Fiddle:

Alll our videos from 2014 can be found here:

Hi fellow adventurers,

I just wanted to let you know that our team from Adventure-Treff is doing our big Adventure game party on gamescom again this year. We have a lot of confirmations from the adventure gaming industry, there will be announcements of new games, lots of interesting people, some veterans you probably always wanted to meet and of course cool drinks, sand, great food and lots of fun. Everybody is invited to come.

Save the date, it's Friday 7th August 5 pm at the Poller Strandbar in Cologne. It's open for everyone and you can find all information on our Facebook event page:

We would love to see you there!

Uploaded the presentation of Troll Song today:


Meanwhile we also have the presentation of The Slaughter on YouTube.

Unfortunately the main issue with this room was that the camera was located at the end of the room, the music of the games came from the speakers in the ceiling and the presenters had no microphone. So the game music is always too loud and the presenter is sometimes pretty hard to understand.

There is also a video from the Absent 2 presentation on AdventureX (not best quality, but I think it's ok for an unattended MPEG-Camera).

Also there is a kickstarter for the game now (actually the reason why I decided to cut this one first)

We've added a gameplay video of Bertram Fiddle we recorded in Zone A:

Btw., Episode 1 of the game has been released today for iPhone and iPad.

Unfortunately I did not have the chance to look into everything i wanted (not even half of it), but if you were there with your games and want to make it into the article I'm preparing, send screenshots, videos (download links, please no YouTube links) or whatever to neon [at] I will add the videos to our youtube, twitter, facebook and DailyMotion channels and create picture galeries on our website.

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