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Any genre, tempo or instruments are allowed, as long as you get that adventurey feel.

The comp ends on the 8:th!

Quote from: Wyz (though slight changes made)
What's an Hoursong competition?
The purpose of Hoursong is to encourage composers and test them under a trial of fire. In this activity your task is to make a song within a strict and very short deadline (i.e. one hour).

When will it take place?
This Hoursong session will take place on Saturday at 6pm GMT. Participants will have an hour to make their song + 15 minutes to put in finishing touches (maybe mix) / upload.

How do I participate?
A theme is set by the previous hoursong's winner (that's me). It will be announced on IRC and here on Saturday. You can also contact me on IRC and partake earlier, if you can't make it on Saturday.

Why should I participate?
Because it's FUN!
The more the merrier, and it's great pactice for the ol' music-making skills.

Additional info:
- While it is not forbidden for the theme-setters to participate in the activity, their songs cannot be voted for (to prevent accusations of cheating and to discourage regular participation).
- Instead, theme-setters are encouraged to draw trophies for the contest's winners.
- Making your song from scratch is strongly encouraged. Cover songs will not be accepted. However, participants are allowed to use one (1) element maximum that has been used already by other artists (like a riff). Just don't steal a whole chorus or something like that.
- You cannot use stuff you've made earlier, because this competition is about making something new.

If you have Camtasia or Camtasia-esque software, it would be great to see your "Making of"! Or blog about it, or just open Notepad, do something! No twittering.


TerranRich's ShutUpload

Song formats:
Please use .ogg, .mp3 or MIDI. If a participant doesn't have time to convert the tune in either ogg or mp3, they are allowed to post it in whatever format they have, just make sure that the format can be played with either Windows Media Player or Winamp. This is to ensure that absolutely anyone can hear the tune.

Hope all you awesome music-makers will join!

Critics' Lounge / Critic on tunes
« on: 26 Oct 2010, 15:39 »

Critics' Lounge / Critics on pics
« on: 21 Jan 2010, 23:47 »

Here are some pics I've drawn (you might recognize some people). I just want some critics on them, and if you spot something I need to improve, please tell me.
Thanks in advance.

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