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General Discussion / Finshed: Twin Towers issue
« on: 19 Jan 2019, 07:50 »

I am in production of a conspiracy / myth game (Maelstrom Obscura)..

One of the subjects is the Twin Towers.

Do you think that it could be to soon or offensive and a sensitive issue?


Never had this come up before..

GlobalScript.asc(2255): Error (line 2255): too many nested if/else statements

I believe there a limit?


Shifted further database search entries to Rep Exe with a boolean too true when search button clicked... Seems to work so far...

General Discussion / Kickstarter
« on: 10 Jan 2019, 09:45 »
Do any of you guys have experience of Kickstarter funding?

If you do have you any tips you can share with me and the best way to go about it?


Recruitment / [AGS HELP WANTED] Maelstrom Obscura... The world of mysteries
« on: 29 Dec 2018, 07:52 »
Maelstrom Obscura.....In production.


An adventure game delving into the world of investigating conspiracy theories and myths... Talk to theorists, debunkers, witnesses, agencies, military etc... Gather information and discover if some conspiracies/myths are true... From JFK to Roswell to Human Cyborgs to a New World Order...  and if aliens are indeed taking over the earth from an alien base at the South Pole.

Positions Available:
Artist and Animator
I need people to help me with Backgrounds, Guis, graphics and animations. The game runs at 1280 X 720, so I'm looking for people who can work with med/high-res sprites. There are approximately 40 NPC characters and some are just head animations and some will need full animations.  Only people who have experience with these kinds of graphics need apply. Candidate Pending.

To assist with some of the scripting... Build an internal ags database for searching database based on keywords. Self Done.... and other scripting stuff.
Only advanced scripters should apply.
Khris, Crimson, Snarky may apply without doubt (nod)

Voice actors
The more the merrier. Male and Female. American and other Lingo's. Update : Czech and German (male).
We have a possible 8 voice actors at present. Narrator required.

Dialog Manager
Person to oversee all dialogs.
Position taken.

This game will be on Kickstarter and any monies received will be shared for work you have done..

I'm looking to have the game finished sometime in early 2020.

Looking to go commercial....If you want to be  a part of the team you must be the sort who will see the game through to the end.

Interested parties can reply to this thread or contact me via PM.

Must be reliable and hardworking and preferably use Skype or Google Chat/Hangout.




I was wondering about the use of FBI 'Freedom of information' documents in a game and if they can be use..


The Rumpus Room / Merry Christmas
« on: 24 Dec 2018, 12:58 »
I hope that you all (who celebrate Christmas) have a wonderful time.... (This is my 64th   :~( )


Santa and the orphanage

"Mayor, Ebeneezer Grinch has cut Christmas funding for the Wayward children's Orphanage and so they are relying on public donations. Santa said he would be more than happy to give the children presents and Christmas dinner this year, much to the dismay of Mayor, Ebeneezer Grinch. So, Mayor Grinch has sent his henchmen to Santa's workshop to ruin the orphanage's Christmas!"

2 click interface.

Ho ho ho

Please PM of any issues found..

Critics' Lounge / My son wants to make music for games
« on: 10 Dec 2018, 08:46 »

my son Luke wants to start making music for games.

He has recorded a sample atmospheric track and your feedback and opinions are valued.



Ref: SnowRainPS module by helios123.

Even in Room Load there is a second before we see the snow... is there a way to correct this?

The author does not appear to have been online for a couple of years

thank you

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Left/Right clicking
« on: 17 Nov 2018, 18:41 »
Left click LOOK / Right click INTERACT
Left click INTERACT / Right click LOOK


Dr. Chuckles' miniature world of madness.
Created by Slasher and Mikeg...


You are officer Marc Delago. You've been tasked with reopening a cold case leading back to the 80's, involving a string of missing people in the Sleepy Oak area, after new evidence matching the M.O. of the deranged maniac behind the kidnappings came to light.

A heavily wounded and psychologically distressed man claiming to be an escaped victim of the kidnapper has provided a compelling statement that could lead you straight to his captor.

Will you finally bring justice to the homicidal mad man behind these kidnappings?

Are these kidnappings in any way linked to the disappearance of the governor's daughter?

What hidden dangers will you encounter along the way?

Find out in Dr Chuckles' Miniature World of Madness

(Those that downloaded previous versions are advised to download new build.)

1280 X 720
32 Bit color
Direct3D 9 hardware acceleration

Update has been pulled by Microsoft: Latest Windows Update May DELETE ALL YOUR FILES

Advanced Technical Forum / Sayat Bug?
« on: 06 Oct 2018, 16:21 »

I don't know if this is a bug... but:

I use SayAt which positions and works ok at the top of the screen... but if I do a Save Game the SayAt drops down...or Restore Game...


1280 X 720

edit: It's ok in Sierra...

General Discussion / Edge or Chrome?
« on: 03 Oct 2018, 14:50 »
Edge or Chrome?

Completed Game Announcements / Jason and the Golden Apple
« on: 28 Sep 2018, 11:10 »
September MAG competition 2018

Mesopotamia is on the outbreak of an epidemic of disease and many are dying. The Golden Apple is said to bring peace and cure all disease's. So the Khalif of Baghdad commissions Jason to sail to the island of Ghoul to obtain the Golden Apple that he as been informed of and that it is somewhere on Ghoul island.

Jason sets sail with his loyal crew to the Island of Ghoul. Unbeknownst to Jason Ghoul island is habited by flesh eating Sirens whose beautiful wailing voices drive men insane who crash their ships onto the sharp rocks only to be eaten alive!

Can Jason make it safely onto the island of Ghoul and find the Golden Apple?

Or will Bob Bones and his cut-throat skeleton crew get it?

Gameplay: about an hour.

The Sirens:

The Island of Hesus

Mysterious green smoke

1280 X 1024
32 Bit color
Direct3D 9 hardware acceleration


resolution 1280 x 740

32 bit colour

AGS Editor .NET (Build

Video shows in preview but not full screen.

It is an mp4 file.

also tried avi and ogv

Recruitment / [AGS HELP WANTED] Proof reader for Jason and the Golden Apple,
« on: 22 Sep 2018, 09:30 »
Look for a proof reader for Jason and the Golden Apple.



General Discussion / Winzip or 7Zip
« on: 20 Sep 2018, 15:26 »
Simple question

Winzip or 7Zip:

When i run my game using the phylactere module i now seem to be getting a rectangular black line around the text inside the speech bubble..

This has only recently beg to happen and i have not touched the module prior...

Any ideas?



This line:  phylactere.is_transparent =bool ; was set to false..I set it to true and it seems to have taken the line around the text away...

For some strange reason my player will not lose any inventory when instructed.

3.4 0.16

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. cJason.LoseInventory(iFlower);
  2. cJason.ActiveInventory=null;

EDIT: I amended the item inventory width in window by -4 pixels and it's fine now (nod)

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