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Hints & Tips / The House without Windows
« on: 26 Aug 2017, 17:07 »
So after fighting myself through this weird game, I am finally stuck...
Spoiler: ShowHide
I found the cat mummy and cut it open. But where is the purring filling material to please the spider? Do I need the part of the curtain for that or the sick making ipecacuanha (Brechwurz) plant I found?

I have a variable that serves as a counter and works like some kind of process bar. Now I want to create a save slot with this exact current value as its name. Just doing SaveGameSlot(PBCounter,"%d", PBCounter) doesn't seem to work when I test the game. It says I have the "wrong number of parameters". Doing "" instead gives me a blank list item at the list of restorable save files.

How do I autoname a savegame like this then?



as my 2012er notebook is as good as dead now because the video card seems to be broken (chess board pattern und BSODS everywhere but in safe mode), I switched to an even older one until I can afford a new notebook. But when I tried to return to coding my game, I noticed the keyboard is missing the ">","<" and "|"-key (usually left from the y or z key).

Do I really have to use ASCII code combinations all the time to get these basic symbols for coding? (wrong)(roll):-X

Have you guys ever encountered this problem? How did you help yourself?

Do you guys have any idea or know a software that makes it possible to create custom shortkeys for these 3 symbols in win 7 so that I can use them in the AGS Editor?


Is there a command to check if a speech text overlay is visible atm?
If not, do you guys see another solution for the followng problem?

Little prologue:
I have a TwoClickHandler game with a not automatic speech (click to continue, needed in my educational project). The player character can sit on a chair if I click left on the hotspot. While sitting, the character gets a new speech view and of course should not move. But the player can still look at things and talk about them or "use" a wall clock to wait for his appointment (which is the little puzzle).
If the player wants to stand upand walk around again, he can click with left on the ground and the character stands up.

I coded it like this:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. //function hChair_Interact()
  2. if (...)
  3.   {
  4.    player.Walk(335, 175, eBlock, eWalkableAreas);
  5.    Wait(20);
  6.    player.FaceDirection(eDirectionUp, eBlock);
  7.    Wait(5);
  8.    player.LockViewFrame(70, 0, 0);
  9.    waitphase = true; //true if player sits.
  10.    player.SpeechView = 78; //Sitting view
  11.   }
  13. //function rep_exec()
  14. if (waitphase == true)
  15. {
  16.  if (((mouse.IsButtonDown(eMouseLeft)) && (GetLocationType(mouse.x, mouse.y) == eLocationNothing))) //leftclick on the walkable area or
  17.  {
  18.   player.ChangeView(9);
  19.   player.SpeechView = 10;
  20.   player.UnlockView();
  21.   player.Walk(player.x, player.y+2, eBlock, eAnywhere);
  22.   waitphase = false;
  23.  }
  24. }

Here is the problem with this setup:
When the char looks f.e. at a sign, he talks two lines of speech about it and if the player clicks away the last line of the speech while the cursor is on a walkable area, the char stands up. This is annoying because now the player needs to sit down the char once again before he can proceed.

What I want it to do:
The player should be allowed to click away the speech with both mouse buttons (standard with TwoClickHandler)
At least one gameloop after the last speech overlay caused by the char instead of at the same time of the overlay disappearing, the game should recognize a left click on a walkable area.

My Idea:

1. if the player character talks while sitting (waitphase=true) // would if (player.Speaking) work in this case?
  --> Lock the "standing up" option in r_e_a // player won't stand up while clicking away the speech

2. if there is a player speech overlay happening and if "waitph ase=true"  // How to check the first condition?
  --> Start a timer in r_e_a that expires a very short time after the last overlay disappeared. //player won't stand up while clicking away the speech

3. if the timer is expired //second left click needed as intended
  --> Unlock the "standing up" option in r_e_a //player can click left and stand up again

How to code this?

I don't really understand the reason for this problem, but the game somehow cuts of the last few miliseconds of several of my autonumbered speech files that are played without problems in the editor's audio test window.

I already tried the command "Speech.DisplayPostTimeMs" because I thought the display time is just not enough for some files, but this seems to affect only the displayed text if it isn't linked to a speech file that the engine is playing.

Do I have to add some miliseconds of silence after every speech file now or is it a game setup configuration problem on my end or maybe even a sound driver software/hardware thing?


Let's play crime riddles in here!
Some of you guys may know the game principle from the playing cards series called "Black Stories".

The rules are:

1. The narrator gives a short version of the case he has in mind.
2. You can ask everything, but the person with a case can only say "Yes", "No" or "maybe/not relevant"
3. You can try to give an answer in one or two small sentences which is either "Correct" or "Wrong"
4. There is only one solution (because a person can't die in two different ways (roll))

Let's get killing!

"A man gets in A-Town into a train waggon and when the train is on his last station, he is found dead by the train guard. What happened to him?"

Competitions & Activities / Coloring Ball: Ads'n'Brands
« on: 11 Mar 2017, 15:12 »
<< Coloring Ball: Ads'n'Brands >>

I got a really hot new product, but I am too lazy efficient to think of a cool name and logo for it.
All I know is, on the packing of my most awesome new invention there is space for one of these three shapes:

As I am also too poor, I can only pay you with these nice, simple and clean "trademark law"-themed trophies:

To earn them, just follow the design rules below:

1. Fill in a shape of your choice (multiple entries are allowed) until the 25th of March.
2. You may color the outline.
3. You may leave holes AND (small) indentations, as long as the shape in a whole retains its character.
4. You may flip and rotate the shape.
5. Please explain to me in one sentence what you think my hot new product is and why you chose this name.

Happy coloring!

Hello dear Sprite Jammers,

since we are living in times, where old leaders are dying, and new leaders are on the rise, where elections are colliding with emotions and populism is on a new all time high all over the globe, I want this thread to be about people in power.

You can recreate living or dead tribe leaders, dictators or prime ministers of the world as well as invent the next Big Boss of a utopian (or dystopian for the pessimists...) future. Or perhaps you are more into monarchs, and/or - allegedely - godsend people like kings, emperors, tzars, sultans and anyone else whose head is big enough for a crown or a bonapartian hat. Your character could also be the Cockroach queen of a bug state in your basement if that is what you've been worried about for all your life... (wtf)

The only rule is:
The character must have any kind of political power (No magic, jedi-force and stuff like that!)
If it isn't obvious, what kind of power he or she or it has, please explain it in one sentence.

For your endless efforts I can offer you the following sweet trophies !

King of them all!

All hail the merkelian rhombus!

POTUS of the Month!

You have time for participating until the 27th of december 23:59 MET.

Happy Spriting! 8-)

It's time for more "Lost in the Boondocks"!

After achieving the 2nd Place in the glorious MAGS May competition and with great feedback I returned to the project...
and the new, polished version of my MAGS Game "Jump! Jack! Flash!" is coming along nicely!


After getting caught cheating on his girlfriend with the neighbor and thrown out of the apartment in Toronto, a young canadian rolling stones fan drives off to the USA, where he wants to sort his life and maybe find a new job. But in his haste he forgets to fill the tank of his '97 Honda Legend, takes a wrong turn on a national forest road and breaks down in the middle of nowhere near the canadian border. From now on he has to face not only his car problems but also all these small lovely cultural differences and the harshness of washington state citizens. Will he overcome all obstacles, fix his car and finally get to his destination or is he forever doomed to wait for help in the boondocks?

Here are the current features:

- 320x240 pixel art fun!
- neat light effects
- game lenght somewhere between 30min and 1 hour
- includes Rolling Stones covers!
- one scrollable outdoor location to explore!
- Three characters to get to now and love (or hate) (or both)!

What's new in Version 2.0:

- Moar SFX!
- Moar animations!
- Moar puzzles!
- Moar cinematic intro!
- proper game ending!
- Custom made start menu!
- Custom made inventory bar!
- Finally a save function! (1Slot only ^^)!!!

What's also planned:

- Talkie Version in English! (featuring the voices of Gfreezie(Glenjamin), SinSin and Cat)
- German translation


currently working on:

- language check
- voice recording

Downloadable 4 free soon!

Recruitment / [AGS HELP WANTED] Voice Jobs! Testers! Translators!
« on: 25 Jul 2016, 19:10 »
Hello dear community,

my polished version of the MAGS Game "Jump! Jack! Flash! (MAGS coming along nicely. If anyone wants to enter and give this small to medium lenght all for free "lost in the boondocks" adventure a voice or a tester's try or a translation, feel free to post your job interest. Voices also please tell me the language and which role you wanna voice :)


male hero (franco canadian, twenty/thirtysomething, slightly cocky)
female voice (oldish, seedy, kinda crazy)
male voice (redneck, middle age, best with hard accent)

The male voices are casted!


eng -> german (would do that myself but if someone wants to...)
eng -> french 
other languages you are interested in ?

Who wants to play a nearly bug free game? :D


Hey there,

I am working with and I am having a problem with setting up the walk or/and movement speed of a char.

I began doing all movement with Char.Move because he is not fully visible in the game, but after noticing that the AGS engine seems to be missing a command for setting the general movement speed of a char via code, I changed it all to char.Walk. Now the weird stuff began. First the char got his walkspeed via char.SetWalkSpeed and it worked perfectly, but I missed a few char.Move's and these started behaving strange. The char started moving very fast (like speed 10 and more) now and the value 1 in the option "MovementSpeed" at char properties didn't change that. So I changed that move too but then every "char.walk" also started to have the movement speed. I then tried to reduce the speed with char.SetWalkSpeed and used negative values. At first the char walked as it should, very slow, because I used "-10". But after trying to speed him up, he now ignores every change. Neither SetWalkSpeed(10,10) wouldn't speed him up, nor seems MovementSpeed with any value to make a change.

I also tried enabling/disabling the other option like UniformMovementSpeed, MovementLinkedToAnimation or AdjustSpeedWithScaling. Didn't work either.

Is this possibly a bug in the beta or am I missing something here? How do i reset my char to walk/move in normal speed again?

Not completely related but also weirdly behaving command in is the new char.SetLightLevel (Awesome command!) which seems to be scaled from -100 (formerly value 0 for very dark) to 100 (very bright, formerly value 200) with 0 for normal light(formerly 100). Is this wanted by the developers or did something go wrong here?

Hey guys,

got a problem playing a very short sound (less 0,5secs) in Beta

Illegal exception
An exception 0xC0000005 occurred in ACWIN.EXE at EIP = 0x778D3306 ; program pointer is +77, ACI version, gtags (4,0)

AGS cannot continue, this exception was fatal. Please note down the numbers above, remember what you were doing at the time and post the details on the AGS Technical Forum.

in "GlobalScript.asc", line 372

Most versions of Windows allow you to press Ctrl+C now to copy this entire message to the clipboard for easy reporting.

An error file CrashInfo.dmp has been created. You may be asked to upload this file when reporting this problem on the AGS Forums. (code 0)

#9 is the line in question

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  2.  //GlobalScript
  4.    cCar.LockViewFrame(8, 2, 0);
  5.    AudioChannel *sfx = aEngineIdle.PlayFrom(1000, eAudioPriorityHigh, eRepeat);
  6.    sfx.Volume = 20;
  7.    object[5].Move(cHag.x-30, cHag.y-21, 4, eBlock, eAnywhere);
  8.    aFireWorkWhistle.Stop();
  9.    aHit.Play(eAudioPriorityVeryHigh, eOnce);
  10.    object[5].Move(cHag.x+10, cHag.y+10, 7, eBlock, eAnywhere);
  11.    object[5].Visible = false;
  12.    object[3].Visible = true;

Can someone tell me what the problem is?


I have once again a problem with my interview situation. Before he goes to the interview, the character has to choose which documents he wants to take with him. I made a dialog with 12 options (dDocPrep) from which he can choose. Now I want these options to be transferred to another dialog (dDocInterview). I made one, that has the exact same options (but not the same dialog script content) of course initially with no option shown.

Now I tried to save the decisions and transfer them to the second dialog in two ways:

1. I put an array bool DocsChosen[12] in the global script  and let it check in r_e_a via
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. int k;
  2. while (k < 13){
  3.   k++;
  4.   if (dDocChosen[k] == true){
  5.     dDocInterview.SetOptionState([same array number],eOptionOn)
  6.   }
  7. }

result: No option is shown.

2. In dDocsPrep I saved the option number in an int var "opt".  In the sub-dialog where the player can choose if he wants to take a document or doesn't (Yes/No) and he chooses "yes", I coded "dDocInterview.SetOptionState(k,eOptionOn)".

result: No option is shown.

so what am I doing wrong?

<<    The Movie Night     >>

Hey Guys,

I hope you can help me!
I wanna do a movie night. Now I invited all my friends, bought tons of popcorn
but I have really no idea which flick would be okay for them.

Maybe it could be a very popular one...
Or some really old stuff. My friends are definitely into cinematic art.
We also love these trash movies with cheap monster costumes, rubber masks and lots of ketchup, you know?
Home vids are cool too (as long as they are NSFW :=).
Actually I really don't care, which genre you are choosing.

C'mon! I trust your good taste for movies! Give me your film suggestion until 30th of April. EXTENDED to the 6th of May!!


Please be nice, tell me the title (choose one screen and draw the movie title in it)
and describe two scenes of the movie I am looking for (draw two different scenes from the movie in the other two screens),
so I can find that movie on netflix, or at my favourite video rental shop.
And I would love it, if you could give me a short explanation of what this movie actually is about.

You can rotate the snippet 180┬░ and/or flip it, if you want. 90/270┬░ degrees is okay too, but then please explain to me your decision for that weird movie format (roll)

Please draw only inside the screen areas and not in the film roll holes! It could break my projector!!!

When I have a list of movies the community will decide which flick my friends and I are going to see.


For your efforts I can offer you these cute projectors!


Let the show begin!

For my translator situation I want the player to say something in a dialog and soon after he started talking (or at least after the first line is said) the translator has to say "*He translates*" to a third person" via some code in r_e_a . But it seems when the player is speaking even r_e_a is getting blocked from it. Am I doing something wrong or is player.Say not the right way to do it in this case? Do I have to customize the speach-event for the player to bypass this game blocking event of Say?

Here is the code in Global Script's r_e_a that should start inside a players speech but atm starts right after the last Say line:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.  if (player.Speaking == true) // Checks if the player says something and deactivates a switch
  2.   switch = false;
  4.  if (switch == false) // If switch is off
  5.  {
  6.   if (BgSpeech.GetIndexLength() == 0) // and if nothing is on (BgSpeech=)backgroundspeak's stack
  7.   {
  8.     BgSpeech.Pause(20);
  9.     BgSpeech.Add(cDolm,"*├╝bersetzt auf Deutsch*", eBgSpeech_Animating);  // add new stuff
  10.   }
  11.   else
  12.     BgSpeech.Start(eBgSpeech_NoLoop);   // if the stack isn't empty, start the BgSpeech.
  14.   switch = true;                        // activate switch
  15.  }
  16.  else if ((cDolm.Animating == false)  // if translator has finished speaking
  17.   {
  18.    BgSpeech.Stop(eBgSpeech_ResetPlayQueue);  // Stop BgSpeech
  19.    BgSpeech.Reset();                         // and clear BgSpeech stack
  20.   }

For my refugee adventure The Refuge I want to create a situation, where the arabian player character talks with a german official supported by an interpreter/translator sitting in the same room. My idea is now to let the official say some stuff with talk animation (e.g. "Hallo Herr Hamri, .... ..... ..... ..... ...... .....") wait a few cycles and let the translator say it in the language the player understands while after another few cycles the official stops talking (as in a common translation process).

I tried to solve this problem in several ways but never found a solution that a) includes speech animation when the official talks and b) shows the two speeches in parallel with the staggering disappearings.

Anybody got an idea how to code this translator situation? Any ideas are welcome! (nod)

Is it possible to read out text the game is just attempting to display?

The idea is to change outlandish looking parts of the displayed text into readable words immediately after being displayed to give it a look of instant decyphering.

I guess it would be most practical to let the game read out every displayed speech text of a specific character and store the text in a string variable, then search for the word/s I want to have decyphered in that string and change it via r_e_a in global script with a yet to develop sophisticated process of shortly displaying animated SayBackground speeches leading to the finally decyphered speech text the player can click away as usual via cCharacter.Say...

Something in the kind of:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. //
  2. function repeatedly_execute_always()
  3. {
  4.  if (cGuy.Speaking == true)
  5.  {
  7.   if (GetDisplayedSpeech.IndexOf(" test ")
  8.   ...
  9.   ...
  10.   // Do the decyphering effect and return the result
  11.  }
  12. }

Inside of a Use-Inv-on-hotspot function I want the player to put something in a panel, talk with a guard and take it back. All this happenes in the up-right direction.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function hFach_UseInv()
  2. {
  3.   if (player.ActiveInventory == iBAMF1Brief)
  4.   {
  5.    player.Walk(137, 185, eBlock, eWalkableAreas);
  6.    player.FaceLocation(cPfoe.x+2, cPfoe.y-2, eBlock);
  7.    player.LockView(3);
  8.    player.Animate(0, 7, eOnce, eNoBlock);
  9.    Wait(30);
  10.    player.UnlockView();
  11.    //Display("%d",player.Loop);
  12.    player.FaceLocation(cPfoe.x+2, cPfoe.y-2, eBlock);
  13.    player.Say("Hallo. ...");    
  14.    cPfoe.Say("Okay. ...");    
  15.    BAMF_schr = true;
  16.    player.LockView(3);
  17.    player.Animate(0, 7, eOnce, eNoBlock);
  18.    Wait(30);
  19.    player.UnlockView();
  20.    //Display("%d",player.Loop); //
  21.    player.FaceLocation(cPfoe.x+2, cPfoe.y-2, eBlock);
  22.    player.Say("Danke.");
  23.    dPfoe1.SetOptionState(7, eOptionOff);
  24.    player.UnlockView();
  25.   }
  26. }

But always after the animation, when the required UnlockView() is on, the character jumps to loop 0 of the NormalView which turns the character for a splitsecond to the down-direction and immediately back to the up-right-direction. How can I fix this?

I had the impression that AGS stores which loop was active before some forced change of direction happened and goes back to this direction when the view is unlocked. Am I wrong and AGS always uses loop 0 after UnlockView()?

Or is my animation in loop 0  the problem which makes AGS think, the normalview loop has to be the same?

After months of flawlessness I suddenly have a strange problem with the BgSpeech module which forces the playercharacter to stop moving when BgSpeech is happening on screen. Maybe anyone of you guys knows what the reason could be?

Even a clean new project (Downloadable here) with only the demo room, the imported BgSpeech module and this added code:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function room_FirstLoad()
  2. {
  3. BgSpeech.Add(cChar1,"Test",eBgSpeech_NotAnimating);
  4. BgSpeech.Pause(30);
  5. BgSpeech.Start(eBgSpeech_Loop);
  6. }

has the same problem for me, stopping the player's movements everytime the Test speech is shown on screen...

What do I miss? Isn't that module non blocking in every way? Why does it suddenly makes the player stop moving?


while testing what causes this, I just noticed that the module now behaves like this:

After starting the module with BgSpeech.Start(...);
Using the indexed BgSpeech.Pause(...) causes the player character to stop moving when the pause starts.
Using BgSpeech.Add("...") only and non_looped causes the player character to stop moving only when the BgSpeech text disappears(?)
These codes block everything regarding the player character: Speech animation, walk animation, idle view. Even a blocking command like player.Walk(x,y,eBlock) is being stopped by it and is not continued when it's done with its hellish influence?!

There must be dark magic at play here, right? :shocked: 8-0 :confused: ???

(I knew i shouldn't have watched that creepy movie "Unfriend/friend request" about a hacker witch...)


I want to make a table tennis ball move a certain ballistic way and wrote down a list of vectors. How can I put this heap in a format like "(vecX,vecY)" in one line and let the programm execute every vector as oTTBall.Move(moveX,moveY...) without writing every moveX & moveY down one after one another?

I hope you get what I mean :D
Cheers Kumpel

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