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Critics' Lounge / Another Attempt at 3D
« on: 15 Apr 2008, 04:01 »
Heres is my latest attempt at 3D modeling.

Its not very good, but I like to think it is much better then the first one I put up here.
So anything you can say would be welcome, but informed critiques would be most beneficial.
Thank you


I created this character to be like a swashbuckling rat man. I worked hard to try and work on my foreshortening and stance, as well as folds and drapery.
I think its OK, but I wonder what you people think.
 It took me about a day, not including the time it took to come up with the basic rat folk type.
The stance is based on the figure on the right in this picture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:0408_USA_Olympic_fencing.jpg

 Wow, thanks for all the responses. I agree He could look more rat like. In fact I have made some edits to the image, both for stance, and for rattiness. He can't look too ratty, thats not part of the character or the people, but he should look MORE ratty. Here he is

Note the new non-sword hand and the slightly changed sword.

My newest background for my oldest project, I am resurrecting it it because. . .I want to. This is the bed room, some objects , such as a door, will be added as well, objects for animation purposes. Other then that, I want your opinion and critique, especially on the color scheme and perspective. This took me about an entire evening  to do. The character walking around will be very green. The poster at this time is placeholder, but I like it anyway. ;)


I made these for a MAGS game I never completed. they are.. The Three Deaths. Instead of just one grim reaper, three. The one on the left is the Death of Warrior, harvesting the souls who die mankinds wars. The one on the right is the Death of the Many, a catch all death for the multitudes. In his book is written every name assigned him, he guards it well. And in the middle, crying blood, is the comforter, the crib raider, the bringer of the quick peace. She carries away the children never born, those recently born, and mothers who die of childbirth. she is bone under her dress, though few see it. I worked on many thing I hadn't doen before for this one. The fabric folds and foreshortening I am especially proud of.
But what do you people think? I would like mature and well thought out criticism, if you can spare the time. Not "I like it  :)" or "Bad   >:(" So if you are going to respond, please may I remind you it is your comments that drive me to improve my work and how. Thank you.

edit: Thank you for the long and detailed critique. monkey_05_06 I don't mind people liking my work, I just don't like a pat "I like it" post. I put a lot of thought into this, can one give the courtesy of doing the same when they critique the piec?. Evidently you have ,and I thank you for it. I will get to work right away.

edit: I  I will make this visually noticeable in the edit, but under her dress, she is just bone. should have mentioned it in the description. that is why she is so thin in the waist. And yes the Mass grim clothes are all one colour, I wanted him to have the effect of a walking silhouette or shadow. But I will try editing it for more 3D look, and see how it turns out.

General Discussion / Did we go to the moon?
« on: 19 Dec 2007, 04:34 »
Did we go to the moon? I think we did, and I think many hoax believers resort to manipulation and outright forgery to prove their point. The name calling and mockery on youtube on any video that states either opinion is just atrocious. They harp on about small effects that if taken alone might mean something, but if taken in the larger picture prove nothing. Refuse to listen to evidence, and are downright rude if someone remotely disagrees with them. To me the evidence is overwhelming, and though questions deserve to be asked, the disgusting attitudes of all parties involved as well as the stick their hands in their ears "lalala" stance many take when presented with countering evidence frankly disgusts me. Can we do better? Can the brave men and woman of AGS, pull this off? Can we be more mature the a bunch of youtubers? Lets find out!

General Discussion / Wanted: Web Wizard for Commission
« on: 10 Dec 2007, 03:57 »
Hello, My Name is Joshua Sinclair, or Lo_Res_Man as I am known here.
I am looking for some one to redesign my blog. Someone who knows html and is a rather good graphic artist as well. I have good idea what I want, just not how to do it. I like the basic construction of it, but I would like some added features that only html can provide. As well I would like a graphical overhaul. Though the design is sound, millions of others I am sure use the same template. SO I want something new, different. If interested please post relevant examples of your work. As well as time goes on I will go into more detail of what it is I want. As well we can discuss payment options. We can do barter and trade, I do some work for you and you do some work for me etc. Or payment by check or money order. Sorry I can't do Paypal, don't have a credit card. Thank you for your time and I hope we can reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.
Yours Truly
Joshua Sinclair

This should make you laugh, I know it made me laugh so hard, I got told off by my landlord. Enjoy.

General Discussion / What about The Others?
« on: 19 Nov 2007, 09:55 »
This thread is MEANT to discuss any questions and ponderings any people, and AGS users, might have,about aliens.  Lets say we finely meet some, what will we do then? Will they exterminate us, will they answer all our big problems? Will we even be able to understand them? Will they in any way be like us? Some say they will be benevolent, and I think that's bull. But I don't think they will be slavering monsters from beyond, cuz we are not slavering monsters and we've barely got our feet off the ground. AS a personal though I think they will likely be benevolent, TO THEMSELVES, but will be very resource hungry. But what are your thoughts? Are some  UFO's alien spacecraft? who knows? I think its most likely bogus, but hey I could be wrong. One thing that irks this Homo Sapiens is the common reason to live in harmony with the rest of the human race is... that we are all brothers. All well and good, FOR US. But what about when we meet something that is in no way related to us WHATSOEVER. What then? Does that give us license to kill them all, does it make them not PEOPLE?. These and other questions as they arise are what I hope to talk to you all about. SO get a chair and start typing, could be a long night.

General Discussion / What are your Halloween plans?
« on: 30 Oct 2007, 02:11 »
Happy halloween Peoples!
So, whats are you plans for the coming suger fest?
Getting Ready to wear some goofy costume, or are you going to just pass out the goods. Or maybe youve gone or are going to go to some great party. Or maybe your just a big halloween humbug.
So tell us, what are your plans on this most cavity inducing of days?

As for myself, I'm going around, doing a little trick or treating, doing some schmosing, but I have a preatty good costume. I'm going as a calavera. Not Manny Calavera, A! calavera, one of those day of the dead dolls. I got a poncho , a karate outfit (with the poncho on top it looks like tradional   mexican farmers garb. a sombrero, and a calavera skull like mask I made out of plaster cast strips. hopefully I'll get my picture taken so I can show you guys.

General Discussion / Scanner or Tablet
« on: 21 Oct 2007, 22:54 »
I have a question for all you landlubbers and artist and other victims of society, as follows.
I am wanting to do a high qualety digital comic on the computer should I get a tablet or a scanner? On one hand a scanner would also let me do photos, but a tablet would allow me to do more direct editing as well as use computer paint programs with much more potential accurassy. so what do you all think?
scanner or tablet?

Critics' Lounge / High-res anime-type sprite for C+c
« on: 19 Sep 2007, 00:19 »
Hello, I have yet another sprite for you to rip to shreds, I am SUCH a masochist.lol Anyway here it is her legs are kind of like a satyr but with toes rather then hooves. Its meant to be in a animeish kind of style. well here ya all go, tells me whats you think, please?!

PS the whiteish marks on her body are scars and I am seriosly not pleased how they turned out, HELP!

General Discussion / Can you tell me about this organ?
« on: 17 Sep 2007, 07:18 »
Hello, I found this little electric organ called an emenee audion at a thrift store, in fact i have been able to find a pic of it But not much info, anyone know anymore about this cute little piece of junk?

I was hopping around newgrounds when I found the audio portal. OYG (Oh your god)! The classical section had some of the most emotional usic I ever heard, and much of it is free to use,within limits of course, lots of grand themes and such, beutiful stuff. check it out very inspiring!

Hello,  it is I, Lo_Res_Man or LRM as I have been called recently.
I was wondering how one would implement a dragons lair type action scene? Not as detailed of course but still going with the idea of pressing the right button at the right time. What would be the easiest way to implement this? and remember I am a complete programming noob.

This sprite jams topic is... (drum roll please!) Draw what you imagine another user looks like when you see a post by them. It can be realistic,  cartoony or completely abstract. You say "But I've never SEEN them before? And I say "Well DUH!" Use your imagination.
 max size 450 by 450 max. 1x1 min. 60 colours. be sure to tell us who they 'are'.
Competition closes August 31
(Ps You CAN have met them irf, just don't let it influence your work)

The attention whoree in question is me, and I thought I would do a little self promotion :D http://restroomwall.blogspot.com/
So cheers, either post here or on the blog and tell me what you think.

I don't like to enter company funded contests, but this one, well, something says, OH GODS YES!!! Sorry for the yelling, but crest is having a contest to give away a seat on a suborbital shot.Now I don't know how many space junkies there are out there on this forum, but I am one of them,  if someone said hey we are trying to set up a  coleny in space and your living space will be the size of a japanise coffin hotel room, and you might die in some horrible disaster and it will GREATLY increase your chanses of getting cancer...I would say BEAM ME UP SCOTTY, WHERE DO I SIGN!? :-[ *ahem*so I think this so wicked cool, and if anyone knows any goddesses or gods demons or similer creature with influance on personal events hook me up, cuz I wanna go!

Critics' Lounge / My VERY first 3d
« on: 02 Jul 2007, 04:46 »

This is my VERY first 3d image, well the first I am happy enough with to show anyone.
I made it using anim8or (not a misspelling) and added the water post-production
Its lathes and smoothed stacked blocks, whats ya all think?

General Discussion / Free Firewall Software
« on: 01 Jul 2007, 02:57 »
Does anyone know of any good  free firewall software? And I don't mean a 15 day trial or anything like that, I mean, free to download and keep firewall software? If you do it would be great cuz I am on a totaly small budget. thanks in advance. :)
In related news, does anyone know of any freeware for demuxing video and audio? and if so instructions on how would be helpful.

Critics' Lounge / Poem/Monologue (possib 18+)
« on: 07 Jun 2007, 01:59 »
hello all, I wrote this poem-slash monologue in a fit of inspirattion last night, basicly its a question of what a holographic gigilo would feel li, enjoy ( I hope) and PLEASE tell me what you all think
By dust and ashes,
By death and darkness,
I do not live,
My life is but a fiction,
But never lived,
These hands never felt,
These lungs never breathed
This heart never beat
I am but a shade,
 Nay, less then
For did not the murky spirits of the past?
Once live and breathe as mortal men?
I am but a fixation,
A cunning delusion,
Some might say I love,
But that truth is false,
For any who enter my parlor,
Be they men woman
 Tall short
Thin as sticks,
Obese as toad
Frailer then newborn babe
Muscle bound as meat upon the block
Dark as night
Pale as moonlight
I have loved all, and have not loved any.
To all comers I am theirs alone
I could not be unfaithful if I wished it for a thousand suns deaths
Until my next visitor
I be what they wish, whatever that may be.
Be it spurning lover or regretted lover spurned
What ever their dreams conjure upon the light
I weave my form and mind to that heated fantasy
 Have I true mind at all?
 Or just some assemblage of random sparks and currents,
Flowing from nothing to nothing
The figment of a thousand imaginations

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