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I recently realised if I hold down the enter key while testing the game, the framerate stutters terribly. Upon looking for the cause, I realised in the ASCII quick converter, every number was unique EXCEPT for return and Ctrl+M. I haven't touched this, it's how it was to begin with in the (buggy) verb coin template.
By disabling the Ctrl+M line of code, the stutter is no longer a problem. But as I don't understand what the ASCII thing is, will that affect my game? Should I assign a new number to Ctrl+m?? Doesn't that save screenshots? I recall I couldn't get that to work in the first place..

I have a second problem! In my custom save gui, in the text box. If I type a save name, when I hit Enter, nothing happens. I thought this was my tinkering, but it isn't. You can click the save button, but I think having Enter save it is essential.

This is probably more of an advanced problem, but I am not an advanced user.

For reasons unknown to me, as a few days ago in this one room (I haven't needed to test the game in any other room since then), whenever I tell AGS to run the game within the editor, most of the time it now shows the expected pop ups, but then nothing. you click on the program window and it now fades out and says (Not Responding), but I've found if I wait about 30 seconds or more, it will eventually run the small window (in full screen mode, it behaves the same).

I have tested this same room quite a lot previously when I was building the "skeleton" of my game.

I don't seem to have a crash dump file generated if I close AGS when it's not responding, although I don't have a program that can read those anyway.

This is both worrying and frustrating.

I don't know whether to risk upgrading to the latest AGS or what, I didn't want to upgrade with this project, just incase.

I'm using AGS 3.4.1. Windows 8.

I always have iTunes running playing music which on occasion makes AGS say "audio hardware failed to initialize" or something like that, which I assume is because I'm listening to music on my pc. But that hasn't caused me any issues as my game has no sound yet. Just thought I'd mention that.

I just tried testing my game with Ego starting in a different room, and it seems to run fine, from running it five times. So it's possible it has something to do with starting in that room.

Any ideas??

A few years ago, I was running a video game store, and this kid came up to the counter. He'd learned a tongue twister and had likely gone around bedazzling people with his ability to say it quickly and clearly.

He said "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?".

I smiled, and replied with equal speed and clarity. "A woodchuck wouldn't chuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood because a woodchuck doesn't chuck wood."

His face of amazement was priceless!

I love that of all the people he could have said that to, how many would have fired back with that reply?

Have you ever found yourself using an adventure game phrase or line without the context of that game?


I realised when I have the character use an inventory item that results in the inventory item being removed, the label hotspot I have with floating text still says "Use (item) with (object)" when I no longer have the inventory item. I suppose I could tell AGS to relocate the cursor, but that would likely annoy the player.

Both of these codes do not fix the problem:

player.ActiveInventory = null;

I suppose it's not the mouse, but the label not refreshing. You have to move the cursor off the object and then the label behaves as it should. Is there a nice simple piece of code to tell it to refresh this? I'm not using the newest version of AGS, and I'm using a verb coin system.

I can't find any solutions for some reason, on the forum. Maybe I'm typing the wrong words. Help please!

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / The Danger of Verb Coins!
« on: 24 Jun 2018, 23:42 »
This is making me worry, my current project uses the verb coin. I didn't realise there was so much dislike for it. But I would struggle to replace it even if I decided to change it to something else.

I was planning on having a text box pop up explaining how to use it, at least.


In 1695, Tew and his fellow pirates pursued a Mughal ship. His ship, The Amity, attacked the ship, the Fateh Muhammed. Tew was disemboweled by a cannon shot, and died instantly. Or did he?

Present day. Private Detective James Labbett takes a missing persons case, which unexpectedly leads to an adventure of discovering the truth of what happened to the pirate Thomas Tew, but he isn't the only one who has an interest..

This is a somewhat short game, Possibly coming to Steam, or itch, in 2019.

The main character:

I am developing this game by myself, and I am going to create the music with a gentle feel, using a harmonica as the main instrument. I am also going to do my own voices, but with the choice to turn the speech off! (I can't do the female voices though obviously, I'll worry about that at a later date.)

To follow the game some more, please like the Trails and Traces Facebook page!

Trails and Traces Facebook Page

Or follow Because Because Games on twitter!

Because Because Games

Story - 95%
Graphics - 65%
Scripting - 60%
Sound/Music - 5%
Speech - 0%

Okay folks, I didn't realise I had this problem until last night. I have some code in my global script that keeps the text on hotspots etc from dissappearing off the sides of the screen. However, when going to the inventory screen and clicking once on an inventory item and going back to the game, the hotspot text isn't affected by my code and goes off the screen. Is it not a part of gOverhotspot? If it's called something else, I should be able to add it to my script, but I don't know what it is.

It's important to note I am using the Scumm Verb Coin template.


Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function repeatedly_execute()
  2. {
  5. gOverhotspot.Visible = true;
  6. gOverhotspot.SetPosition(mouse.x-198, mouse.y-90);
  7. if (mouse.x<70) gOverhotspot.SetPosition(mouse.x-90, mouse.y-90);
  8. if (mouse.x>540) gOverhotspot.SetPosition(mouse.x-260, mouse.y-90);
  10. if (mouse.y<70){
  11. if (mouse.x<50)
  12. gOverhotspot.SetPosition(mouse.x-90, mouse.y+20);
  14. if (mouse.y<70){
  15. if (mouse.x>540)
  16. gOverhotspot.SetPosition(mouse.x-260, mouse.y+20);
  18. if (mouse.y<70){
  19. if (mouse.x<540)
  20. if (mouse.x>50)
  21. gOverhotspot.SetPosition(mouse.x-198, mouse.y+20);
  23. }
  24. }
  25. }
  26. }

I am using the verb coin system. When I click, for example, look at locker, the overhotspot label disappears, which is how I like it. But for some reason,when using an inventory item, the label remains, which I don't like. One way i found to get rid of it, is in the code below. But to enter this every single time is a lot of extra work, when I get the feeling it can be permanently adjusted in the verb coin script to hide the label everytime, until the commands have stopped? But I don't want to go messing with it without knowing what i'm doing. If anyone can help, thanks.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function Locker_UseInv()
  2. {
  3. if (player.ActiveInventory == SmKey)
  4.   {
  6. gOverhotspot.Visible = false;
  7. cEgo.Walk(74, 161, eBlock);
  8. cEgo.FaceLocation(cEgo.x, 50);
  9. cEgo.Think("I tried using the key in the locker.");
  10. cEgo.ChangeView(8);
  11. cEgo.Animate(3, 2, eOnce, eBlock);
  12. cEgo.ChangeView(1);
  13. gOverhotspot.Visible = true;
  14. }

When my character walks across the screen, he seems out of focus, and it sends my eyes funny watching him! The link to a video isn't all that helpful, I couldn't seem to get a high quality capture so the whole thing looks blurry anyway..


Here is my settings:

Critics' Lounge / Background and two Sprites
« on: 01 Apr 2018, 10:52 »
Alright, I drew this background and two angles of my main character, to get a feel for what my style will look like before I design the whole game. My character will have 8 direction angles, this is forward and down right.

I've provided two images, one without any sprites (Oh I plan on adding a person feeding pigeons on the bench, and the clouds are going to gently drift across the screen if I can recall how to do that in AGS or find out how on the forums. it's been a while..) ..and one with both to see them in their environment.

So feel free to crit both background and/or sprites before I do more backgrounds and sprite angles/animation. I work with layers on both background and sprites, something I never did in my previous two games.

General Discussion / Bishi and the Alien Slime Invasion!
« on: 31 Mar 2018, 11:33 »
Alright AGS peeps! Some of you might remember me. I created Secrets and Limbo the Adventure Game with AGS. Last year, my job of ten years had turned sour, the poor working conditions had taken their toll on me physically, and I was also treated poorly and undervalued. The last straw was a paid for holiday being approved and then told I cannot take it nearer the date because another manager in a different branch had broken his hand playing football. So I resigned and had my holiday with my partner. (Who provided the 'voice' of Bishi!) Fortunately I had saved during that time and I am in a situation where I can try and make a go of it selling indie games. I started with a platformer in September using GDevelop. It was harder than I anticipated! It is finally finished, and on Steam due to be released in a few weeks. If it looks like fun to you, you can wishlist it! It has my typical humour, but I made it family friendly, with no swearing or gore.

Bishi and the Alien Slime Invasion Steam Page

As for my next game, and the reason I have suddenly popped up on the forums again, is fueled by my decision to work on another adventure game with AGS! When I have something to show, it'll appear in the production thread! Cheers!

Arkus: Forver Knight

Guys and gurls, I made a movie with a mate! The acting is terrible, the special effects, awful, the plot, full of holes. Am I selling it to you yet? Come see! I was very embarrassed walking around in public in a king/knight's outfit, but I did it!

General Discussion / Advice on making a short film?
« on: 07 Aug 2015, 08:14 »
I think I am very prepared, but just in case, I thought let's get some pointers from creative minds!

Me and a mate (plus someone who will be cameraman) are going to do a short film. It is purely for fun, and seeing what we are capable of. I have written a script, and I have been growing a beard for the past 2 weeks for my character, much to my girlfriend's displeasure! I have bought some props and even a costume! We have two cameras (though one is just back up) and a shotgun mic. Also an umbrella incase it rains to shield the camera, although I hope it doesn't rain, that will make continuity hard!

Anything glaringly obvious I haven't thought of? Anything when actually shooting is a good idea to do? For example I've realised I personally stop acting the second I think the scene is done, only to when it comes to the editing I could have done with some extra seconds to spare in that scene! Doh!

We're also gonna go the whole hog and burn a copy each to dvd for ourselves, complete with cover, and dvd extras on the disc! There's likely to be outtakes after all!

Here's two quick movie posters that were made in a matter of minutes. I did the lightning one, my mate did the castle/grass one.

It's been years since I did any cartoon strips, but I came up with these two animal-like humanoids and I like them enough to start something!

However I feel they need a bit of work in the design department, although I like to keep things simple so it's not too much to redraw them over and over. Also does anyone have any suggestions in making a digital comic? I think Paint will be too blocky. For this picture I actually drew it on my 3DS (Which is why the photo isn't cropped), but the program lacks a lot of tools like copy and paste (So I can just edit their faces or poses and minimilise redrawing!) and I'd also like to add some colour.

General Discussion / Steam's rapid price changes!
« on: 12 Jun 2015, 19:51 »
So there's a big Steam sale going on right now, and yes, I bought a few games. Maybe a dozen or so. Maybe more.. I've lost count.

But what's this? That game I bought for about £3.79 in a steam sale is now £2.19 a whole hour later!! what the hell!

Steam has recently made it so you can request a refund so you can buy it again at the cheaper price - in a limited period of time, and I think, if you've played it for less than two hours.

If this a normal thing on steam, dropping the price of something, and then dropping it AGAIN really quickly? What, is it not selling quick enough for them?? It makes me not want to buy anything unless it's less than 1.99 just incase it gets dropped again the same day.

General Discussion / My latest music video with a twist!
« on: 06 Jun 2015, 19:36 »
A twist or two, is what you'll see in the story in my new videooooo!! Starring me and my best mate Hits, find out why I'm ignoring him despite his best efforts to get my attention!


If you like my shizzles, please subscribe!

General Discussion / Brave or stupid.. maybe both?
« on: 04 Jun 2015, 22:26 »
So there I was in McDonalds eating some quick food with a friend when two loud blokes started punching each other! I put my fries down and ran up to them, one guy punched the other in the face, blood coming out of his nose from the blow. I held my hands up to both and positioned myself about halfway in front of them both and said "It's not worth it guys!" they carried on trying to fight but I'd made it a lot harder for them. A staff member manager came up to tell them to stop, and another man then came up and said to them "I've got kids in here!!" and then they stopped. One left the building, then the other. They then seemed to shake on it and left together.

My friend told me I was brave, and that he couldn't do that. The staff didn't say anything to me at all regarding it.

So I think to myself.. what caused me to rush to interfere, and was it really that stupid? It's just in my nature, I suppose. I'm told "what if one of them had a knife? You could have got hurt."

Maybe. But maybe not. I think if I had sat there and did nothing I would not be comfortable with myself.

So that's my "good Samaritan" act. So my devil's doing would be the next day when I went into a charity shop, found an Art of Thief hardback artbook for 7.99 in pristine condition! Went to buy it, and the cashier asked for 2.99. I didn't question and paid 2.99. Well.. that particular shop has greedy prices compared to other charity shops anyway, like 2.99 for a cd that would be 1.99 or a quid in others. Ahem.

This has likely been covered before but times change and so do popular websites, so I'll ask!

What places do you guys use to promote your games? We're talking freeware here. I've got my game mentioned on the completed games thread, and I put it on facebook, and some point and click facebook page, and that's about it. I want more people to play it!

General Discussion / Robert Downey Jr interview spoof
« on: 26 Apr 2015, 12:56 »
Did anyone see the Channel 4 interview with Robert Downey Jr? It's a good watch, the interviewer shows having done little research on the subject matter and the interview quickly turns from dumb movie questions to personal questions.

So I HAD to spoof it!

Upon reading Retro Gamer's Amiga special magazine, there was an article on Monkey Island; and Ron said they didn't have a script ready for dialogue, they just had an idea of where they were going with it and wrote it on the spot. They said you couldn't do that today. Maybe not in commercial games, but I did just that when creating Limbo The Adventure Game!

I had the vague story planned, the main characters imagined, and knew how my game would start and end, and what was in the middle. I pretty much winged most of it, I find it's more fun to just create as I went along, and I think I'm funnier when I come up with stuff on the spot than trying to force it out of me in planning stages. Puzzles. They were planned to some degree, I think you have to think backwards with that. What does the character achieve, how can you put something in the way of that, to be solved?

Do others merticulously (Er.... that's spelt wrong isn't it.) plan every detail or get a rough idea like I do? My game even ended fairly differently to my imagined ending. I was going to have more puzzles as a last chapter, but as time went on and it became harder to push myself to finish it, the ending was arguably "rushed" with the ending being pretty much "on rails" with no puzzles to solve, but it meant my game was out the door, finally!

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