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Critics' Lounge / Main character sprite for Time Kid!
« on: 01 May 2007, 17:47 »
Yes, I am still working on Time Kid. ;)

I will be redrawing the art into a cartoony look. I know some people liked how it looked originally, but since going on Work Experience to an animation studios (which was brilliant), I've learned a lot about drawing cartoons and animation, etc.

Here's the main character in a more cartoony look. I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out, but I think something could be done to improve it. Particularly the hair. I would like the character to look like it's from a cartoon tv show. Kind of a cross between DOTT and MI3. I also haven't used many colours and too much detail. It'll be easier to animate like that. He's also wearing his school uniform.

Anyway, tell me what you think.

Spoiler: ShowHide
Alright. I have the envelope, mirror, tickets, stamp, hair, spice rack, key ring, purse, nest, 20 bucks, chair, sheet of paper and biro. I have given Wierd Ed Edison his hamster, the ring to Mr Miller and opened the shower door to find Doctor Fred. Does that have anything to do with the game?

I've heard from another thread that I need to get glue from somewhere, but I have literally looked everywhere I can look. In the rooms, inside the inventory items and more.  ???

It's a great game, one of the best MMM games I've played in my opinion, but it's one of the hardest! Please help.

AGS Games in Production / Time Kid!
« on: 04 Feb 2007, 19:33 »
Fenton Games Entertainment Presents...

Fourteen year old Jacob Taylor was just your average teenage boy, into rock and pizza and girls...

...but his parents forced him to follow in his families footsteps, and become a historian. The single thing in life he doesn't want to be.

For the next six months, Jacob attended St. Henrys school of History and Fact, where his parents are also history teachers there, and failed all of his exams and tests. And just when he was about to be kicked out of school by his medieval teacher, Mr Henry, his parents found the solution to his success. Time Travel is possible...

But how, and when, and why was it possible? Jacob was thinking the same thing, but he steps into his time machine for the first time and tours the entire universe, from the past... the future...

...and around space...

...and he realises. History isn't only books and reading, it's an adventure!

This game features a point and click interface with a resolution of 320x200. Cartoon style backgrounds and an original soundtrack, composed by Mark "m0ds" Lovegrove. Everything else made by James "fentonfilms" Fenton. Graphics made on Photoshop 9.0 and The Gimp. The game will be in the Short or Medium Length category. And hopefully, this can be the first game I will finish!

PROGRESS REPORT (Last updated 2nd March 2007)
Story - 99%
Graphics - 42%
Animation - 8%
Puzzles - 40%
Programming - 11%
Music - 0%

The game will be finished around April 2007. Visit my site here:

...or you can email me at


UPDATE (2/3/07):
Mark "m0ds" Lovegrove has decided to compose for me, though since I am working on a deadline, he is having to make the music quickly and I've been having to cut down on the tracks that I would like in the game!  :)

Hi! I have a character sprite here for C+C.

This is a sprite for one of the main characters of my game, "Darren and James: The Fast Food Chase". The first image is the sprite itself and the second image is the character with a cartoon outline around the black lines, which is how all sprites will look. I drew the sprite originally by hand and scanned it into the computer and drew the sprite on the Gimp. I'm not sure if I like the image too much, so I would like constructive criticism on it. I would like the sprite to look like it could be from a cartoon TV show. How do you think this looks?


Fenton Film Games Presents
Darren and James: The Fast Food Chase

Darren and James is a game about two teenagers who live a normal life, in a normal house, in a normal town. And a brand new cafe called "Daddy Over There Cafe" (don't ask how we came up with that name), has been opened by Mr Grovebury, an ape (it's true) with a Jamaican accent who cooks fantastic food for anybody at anytime. Until today that is. His cafe later that night, had been robbed by two evil creatures, one called Boglin (a purple sloppy thing) and Ictornas (a dinosaur that survived the asteroid) robbing the cafe of all of Mr Grovebury's food and possesions. Boglin and Ictornas are the two villains of the game. After the cafe is robbed, Mr Grovebury disappeared, He was a great friend to Darren and James and he made great food. So it's up to Darren and James to save the day, find Mr Grovebury, catch Boglin and Ictornas, re-open the cafe and save the world. But that isn't all, the story has only just begun here! Literally!

This adventure will take these two teenagers deep into the caribbean, into the entire country of spain and 100 foot into a dungeon. So in Spring 2007, enjoy the craziest, funniest and biggest adventure game of all time. With the two funniest characters of course.

Darren and James in their house getting ready to begin the adventure!

Darren and James looking around the mountains of spain (rough image)

Image of the opening credits sequence.

Latest and most time consuming image made by me.

More up to date images coming soon.

Features of the Game:
.Two playable characters
.Original story, music, characters and hi-res cartoon graphics
.Full voice acting
.Logical and illogical puzzles
.Five parts, some longer and harder than others
.Fully animated cutscenes

Progress Report (PART ONE ONLY)
Graphics: 0%
Music: 8%
Story: 100%
Scripting: 60%
Programming: 0%

Part One will be released as a demo so that you can see what the game is like.

In around Summer 2007, expect to see this game on the Long Game category on this site and mine.
I'm currently working on a new site though, entirely devoted to Darren and James. It'll be great. I want to eventually turn this into the best game ever!

See you around.

btw, sorry about my HP games, I stopped working on them a while ago. But I might return to them one day, after everything else. I probably won't though.

Anyway, see you around again.

I have made a new art style for my H:P (Harry Potter) Game, and I have drawn characters in that style. Here they are. Remember these are not final.






These were drawn from one body template that I created, so that all characters are the right size and look similar. For the child characters, I have made the neck to feet 16 pixels shorter than the template is. For each new game, the characters will grow 4 pixels taller. The head remains the same in the whole series though.

Darth Mandarb has already pointed out that I have missed the scarves and house colours from the uniform, so I'll be sure to remember to draw them later, but here they are for now. Please comment on them.

Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum. And this is the first game I've ever made with AGS. It's a fan remake of Harry Potters adventures at Hogwarts. The game is based on Chris Ushkos M:I-2: LeChucks Revenge (made in Klick and play), which can be found here
These games are alternate versions of JK Rowlings novels: Harry Potter. The same story, but a brand new twist. Join Harry as he picks up his gun, sunglasses, snazzy jacket and help of his two best freinds, Ron and Hermione. as they battle the forces of evil together.
The game will probably be rated PG for mild language and violence. Just thought I'd let you know.

- graphics 7%
- puzzles 15%
- scripting 20%
- music/sound 10%
- overall 13%
The first of these games is set for a mid 2006 release.


As I said, this is the first game I ever made with AGS. So it probably won't be perfect. And if you don't like these images, tell me why.

If you like, you can register at my forum to talk about my game and some of my other projects (movies mainly) that I'm making.
The link is:

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