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Your challenge is to create a sprite to the same specs Gary Winick had to work to when creating the very first versions of the Maniac Mansion cast.


You must use exactly three colours or less not including the background

As the lovely Syd models for us here; technical limitations mean his hair, shoes and shirt all have to be the same shade of yellow and his skintone has to double up as an outline for his arm.

The colours must be in a similar range to this shitty palette:

I couldn't get a 100% authentic one but AGI's seems similar enough to my untrained eyes at least

The sprites must be usable for a 320x200 game with doubled-up horizontal pixels

Essentially Maniac Mansion is a 160x200 game that's been stretched out across the screen. You need to think of every pixel you put down as a rectangular block. You see how Razer's eyebrows have a subtle one-pixel slope in the version on the left? That effect's not possible on the right version.

The guy on the left was drawn normally, a 1x1 grid of squares that make up an image. The guy on the right was drawn using a grid of 2x1 rectangles. In other words every 'pixel' he's drawn with is actually two pixels of the same colour placed side by side. I hope this makes it clearer what I'm going for?
If you don't get this rule please feel free to ignore it, stand strong with Grok, reclaim this contest for the people and overthrow my tyranny.


These limitations are a lot of keep in your head at once but a fantastic way of creating art like this is with AGI Studio, if you download that and click the 'new view' button then the colours and doublewide pixels will be set up for you and you can just focus on creating the most appealing sprite you can.
I've used it to make a bunch of goofy gifs and such this year and it's lots of fun. Promise!

Your sprite can be a Mansion Kid, Monster, Totally original character, Character from a different franchise, Inanimate object, ANIMATE(d) object, Whatever you like. No restrictions at all on theme or content. Just so long as you stay within the technical specs.

Winners announced on the 16th. Have fun with it, peeps!

Hey guys?!! What do you do if you've got a promising but woefully unpolished game under your belt?
A) Fix that shit up

Presenting THIS DANG GAME!! It's a sequel to THIS DANG GAME! And this time you get to play as Aergia who it's much more in character to write dumb Lookat jokes for!

Scylla and Charybdis: A Grecian Ship From Olympus U has many fine features including

Over 900 frames of character animation Woah, slow down! That's a whole 75 seconds worth of cartoon goodness stretched over, what, 20 minutes of gameplay. What a treat!

JOKES! I wrote a really good joke about pole-dancing and a really good joke about a fig tree and some other jokes that aren't as good! Jokes!

Coding???????? Or something that very much resembles it but don't look too closely! Haha! Your brain will die! Goodbye, brain!

Basically one puzzle! It's kind of a bullshit puzzle! It's kind of exactly the kind of vague puzzle I always hated in 90s Adventure Games. It's also I realized today, basically unsolvable if you're red-green colourblind. Last year I released a game unplayable by deaf people. What minority group am I going to screw over next? Maybe I'll do something that gives seizures to epileptic people?? Who knows???

Really good title art! It's by my friend Eliot, he put it on his blog here. Here you go, you don't have to download this game now.

I'm tired I wrote 'a really good joke about pole dancing' as 'a really joke and pole' and could very easily have not caught that. Boy I should not have been making last minute, untested code changes with this tired brain let me tell you!

Bye guys??!!?


  • A point and click adventure that reimagines the Greek gods as students at a University.
  • Help Hypnos, Majoring in Sleep Studies, get his lazy goldang roommate to go to the party with him using his horrifying powers of dream-manipulation!
  • Features many animations!
  • Some of them aren't broken!
  • The last act is pretty much one long cutscene because I cut out two major puzzles
  • I don't know how to write feature lists



In a world where every man, woman and child's worth is measured by the quality of their facial hair: You, The Player, are without moustache. Will seeking the help of a notorious mobster be the answer to your prayers? Can you finally become worthy of the affections of your old lover? Can I think of anything interesting to say about the fourth character? They are a pianist? I guess not.

Finally, the most taxing question of all... Why is a one room game over 200MB? Find out the answers when you play Play It Again! And then play it again!


* Dialogue conceived entirely by the voice cast, I wrote not a word down for these talented mofos
* Four characters, ten actors, thirty six wildly different performances. A different combination of actors with totally different dialogue in each playthrough!
* Nine randomized appearances for both The Player and the moustachioed NPCs they meet
* Haunting 'randomized' original music by Bluke4x4
* Intrigue!
* Murder!
* Moustaches!

Huge big special thanks to the voice cast/ writers: HanaIndiana, Bluke4x4, CaptainD, Krazy, Oraxon and Claudie and non-agsers Eilavamp, 0lliewells, Ed Atlin and Rob Turner. You guys were all GREAT!! :D

The almost-finished Beta of part 1 came out yesterday. I came here fully expecting ten pages of discourse and it turns out no-one even made a thread.

Putting it side by side with it's spiritual contemporaries I am liking it better than Lilly Looking Through and worse than Primordia and where exactly it fits on that scale I guess I'll figure out in the next few hours.

Here is something! Was not expecting Vella to be mean! Was kind of a shock, not sure how I feel. She looks all wide-eyed and innocent but she's Simon the Sorcerer in a cute dress! Don't be fooled! Watch out for her! Man!!!!

Edit: Oh okay, not hours. I'm done. I liked it! Mostly...

I know it's not an adventure game but I know for a fact there's people on this forum who've been following this project and are as excited about it as me


For those who don't know: It's a tactical RPG set during a zombie outbreak, directed by the writer and quest designer of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. It sounds amazing, guys. And it's the perfect antidote for those disappointed that the Walking Dead game wasn't fraught with a bit more peril.

I know this thread's going to have the usual stuff from people who didn't read the page, the "Geeze, Zombies again. I bet they'll be all fast and terrible too. Booo", "Well so long as it's not a cheap first person shooter", "I cannot be interested in this because I see the character portraits do not contain enough blue" etc etc but... just read the thing, look at all the smart and cool features they have. Look at their commitment to ol' fashioned turn based gameplay and deep, multi-layered storytelling. These guys are the real deal. They are our people. Embrace them.

AGS Games in Production / The Adventuring Men!
« on: 19 Feb 2012, 16:03 »
From Alex Scobell (Krazy), Alex Whitington (Eggie) and William Miracle (Bluke4x4) the makers of Do Me a Favor And Die, Cherry Insomniac, and House of Chills, here come...

Meet Alex and William, two teenage best friends who are obsessed with adventure games. Obsessive to the point of actually believing their life is an adventure game, much to the confusion (and occasional endangerment) of every "NPC" they encounter. Join them as they solve the everyday problems of the world in the most contrived ways they can imagine in a new series of lavishly animated, fully voiced graphic adventures that's much easier than the one they think they're in:

Episode 1
Design: 99.8% Dialogue: 60% Scripting: 75% Graphics: 90% Music: 0%

Will the boys puzzle-solving abilities win the heart of their teacher Mrs. Williams? Not if their arch-nemeses the RPG Guys have anything to say about it.

How many men can stand in the men's way?

What inventory item will win her over?

Episode 2
Design: 100% Dialogue: 40% Scripting: 90% Graphics: 70% Music: 0%

The boys find themselves facing their toughest quest yet. Throwing a football across a small backyard.

Looks like there's puzzles afoot

Enter the dark and terrifying world of the casual games market

Two short 'n' sweet packets of quest-soaked adventurefuns that, if all goes well, will be done in a few short months and ready for your delectation.

Critics' Lounge / My arch-nemesis: The Walk-Cycle
« on: 25 Aug 2011, 19:38 »
Heeeey, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on these walk animations I made in Flash. I'm going to keep tweaking and tweaking forever tomorrow probably starting with her fringe in the front view there but I wanted to put them up here as well, see if any problems leapt out at people.

The idea behind the animation being completely symbol based is that by re-drawing the various symbols I can quickly create spritesets for alternative costumes, pretty smart huh? Pretty smart if I can STOP THE BASE ANIMATION FROM SUCKIIIIING.


*Dial down hair movement
*Make front-view hair swing side to side
*Make fringe stop jittering
*Make feet in front view less inward facing

I'm following Obi's example and posting up my third year project from my animation course.

Like Obi did, we wanted to buck a few of the trends of student animation and do something with dialogue and jokes and that rather than flashy showreel stuff (though it must be said Anna's character animation is pretty damn lovely). We also made made it seven minutes long, which is a record for our young course. Anyway, here it be:

The group consisted of me, John Bowen and Anna Pabian. And Scavenger was there too to make us feel good about ourselves by laughing at the jokes.

We wrote the story together.
John did all the backgrounds and music (and animated 'You cowards!')
Anna animated the bits that look good.
I animated the bits that look insane.
The voice of Tambourine Man was a local actor, writer and youth theatre organizer called Martyn and he is probably the best discovery since electricity.
I am proud of all of us.

My co-directors don't share my concerns but I'm a bit dismayed by the quality and the 30 seconds of black at the end so we might be uploading a new version next weekend.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. I haven't shared it anywhere else so far!

It's a little known fact that I have been making some: http://TastefulComics.tumblr.com

Don't tell anyone about them, though. They're a secret.

What? Adjusting compatibility settings made it work?
But that NEVER works.

I feel dumb now. I'm going to fill this post with a picture of a horse:

Well, here's the code I used:

struct NewCharacter {
  int health;
  int maxhealth;
  int strength;
  int defense;
  int speed;
  int time;
  String type;

NewCharacter shelley;
  shelley.health = 100;
  shelley.maxhealth = 100;
  shelley.strength = 10;
  shelley.defense = 8;
  shelley.speed = 10;
  shelley.time = 1000;
  shelley.type = "Human";

And here's the error I get when I try and build the game:

characters.asc(15): Error (line 15): Parse error: unexpected 'shelley'

Out of curiosity I pasted in the example code from the manual, which goes:

struct Weapon {
  int damage;
  int price;
  String name;

Weapon sword;
sword.damage = 10;
sword.price = 50;
sword.name = "Fine sword";

Same thing happened.

Any idea what could be causing this?

Sorry about the delay, it didn't occur to me I might have won.

What is a Photoshop Phursday?

Photoshopping isn't drawing a completely new image -- It's editing images to create a new image, such as editing one image or combining several images. The contest usually lasts for a fortnight. Also, you don't have to specifically use Photoshop -- Paint Shop Pro, MSPaint, or any other programs can be used. Please make sure your image doesn't exceed the width of the screen.

Since awards season is coming up, this thread can act as a companion piece to 'for your consideration':

Your mission is to run a smear campaign against a rival AGS game from this year or it's creator, be as brutal as possible. Even if you didn't make a game this year, just act out of the instinctive hatred that boils within us all.

Winner is whoever manages to lose their chosen game the most votes, bonus points for turning the public so against a forum member that they are forced to go into hiding.
Or... I could choose one in seven days based on what makes me laugh the most. We'll see how it works out.

For Inspiration

Basically, I have a large scrolling room and the verb coin won't pop up unless I'm clicking right in the top corner.
My first question is: Is there a way to fix this?
My second question is, if it's not practical to re-jig the verb coin code (the inner workings of which I have no idea about) then what would be the easiest way to adapt a game made with the verb coin template to the more traditional cycling through options interface.




-also censored-

(The game's called Dracula's Underground Crypt... I think I'm allowed to tell you that)

General Discussion / Channel 4 Talent Arcade
« on: 16 Jul 2008, 16:38 »
Might be of interest to some of you... maybe. I don't know:


Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Insecticide?
« on: 04 Jul 2008, 16:17 »
Has anyone played it yet?

It looks a bit like a Beyond Good & Evil rip-off but it's got some good people working on it and a nice look about it.

General Discussion / Some stuff I have up on Ebay.
« on: 27 May 2008, 10:55 »
Selling some of my un-needed possessions before I ship out to university next year.
I have some old games and stuff which might be of interest to people here, or might not be depending on what sort of thing you're interested in:
I have high hopes for my original copy of Gabriel Knight 1.

And, because it feels a bit douchebaggy to start up an entire thread just to advertise my Ebay crap, if anyone else wants to share something they're seeling online; feel free to do so here.

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