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Captain Disaster meets Troll Song would be fun... sadly I don't think I'll be able to do MAGS this month though.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Tardigrades ©
« on: 06 Jan 2019, 17:13 »
I'm no legal expert but that defence sounds a little flimsy to say the least.  Anyway I hope it goes well, must be nerve-wracking for you!!

For the non-adventure game category I would like to put forward Space Tunneler Deluxe.  This is an updated version of an old MAGS game I made with several key enhancements, including autosave and high score table.  It's a retro arcade game where you have to, you know, avoid crashing into walls.  With the way the controls work however, you need to employ strategy as well as have decent reflexes.

Download Link

Nothing like hearing a lead character with a local accent (ish). The Saleswoman's jokes about Brummie are spot-on. Ya'm done good there, mate.

Looking forward to keep on playing, arr.

I can only imagine what my attempt at Brummie sounds like to you!  :grin:  The Saleswoman at least IS an authentic Brummie.  Hope you enjoy the game. Please leave a rating on Itch if you do!  ;)

CaptainD, just to be sure, can you do a CTRL+F5 hard refresh on the page?  I made some small tweaks yesterday, so very surprised you're still seeing the delete option!

I'm afraid it's still there.  Tried the hard refresh, also tried in a different browser.

I mean it's not a huge problem, it just means that there's an irrelevant comment about a special offer that's no longer active.  But it IS odd!

And exactly which game are we talking about?  Can't see any obvious cause why you're seeing this!

Just checked and still seeing it.  Does it make any difference that it's my own game?

Also some older comments seem to have disappeared (or, the "see older comments" link is just not showing?).

Not sure if this has already been found, I tried to delete a comment on my game's page (it was about a sale that's been and gone so no longer relevant) and got a "Page incorrectly accessed." error.

Yeah, you aren't meant to be able to do that (and never have been). I'll fix the bug that shows you the option when I get home.

Has the option disappeared now?
Sorry, still seeing it. Tried logging out and back in but it made no difference.

The Rumpus Room / Re: 2019 is on!
« on: 03 Jan 2019, 20:36 »
Can someone explain to me what happened to 2018?   It all seemed to happen so fast... I'm getting old...

Not sure if this has already been found, I tried to delete a comment on my game's page (it was about a sale that's been and gone so no longer relevant) and got a "Page incorrectly accessed." error.

The Rumpus Room / Re: *Guess the Movie Title*
« on: 03 Jan 2019, 10:50 »
Jimmy Neutron?

AGA, I just want to say thanks for all your hard work doing the upgrade and sorting out issues - I'm sure the entire community is with me on this  :cheesy:

I've decided to start the year with a bang so Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots is available as Pay What You Want - yes, even if what you want to pay is nothing! - for the next 48 hours.

Also both ebooks on Itch are PWYW for the same period:

AGS Games in Production / Re: The Rat Pack
« on: 29 Dec 2018, 16:57 »
​Following a poll on Twitter which was overwhelmingly in favour of the idea, I will be launching an open beta of The Rat Pack in the near future.  This will effectively be the full game but without polish added and without achievement.  Feedback from this will help me considerably with testing and balancing and game. 

I plan to give testers whose feedback I use a mention in the credits and a discount on the full game when released; if a tester's feedback is particularly valuable, I will gift them a copy.

The open beta could potentially start as early as January 2019, but... watch this space.

AGS Games in Production / Re: The Rat Pack
« on: 22 Dec 2018, 14:44 »
Thanks lorenzo and slasher!  Keeping at it.  Thanks also for the PMs, lorenzo, I have filed them appropriately...  :grin:

Got some new artwork from the nearly rehabilitated Kastchey for the mission intros, so here is the first one in its probably almost final state:

The Rumpus Room / Re: Photoshop Fridays
« on: 21 Dec 2018, 20:01 »

From my own (admittedly limited) experience with this, I think you'll probably be okay with a small patch as long as you haven't introduced any new ints / bools etc - probably the same goes for sprites, sound files etc.  At least that's what seems to have broken savegame comparability for me in the past.  Obviously keep a backup of your original version just in case!!

AGS Games in Production / Re: Beyond The Edge Of Owlsgard
« on: 20 Dec 2018, 08:58 »
Ah yes, I remember seeing this one on Twitter as well.  Looks extremely promising!

This looks amazing. Congrats on the release and for being so shiny! ;)

Looks cute! Congrats on the release. :)

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