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Completed Game Announcements / Re: The Burgomaster
« on: 31 Aug 2018, 09:26 »
This looks great! I love medieval games and looking forward to play this!


How a year works in Pandor: Pandorians (peasants) work for a whole year to obtain food and wood. If they gather more, they will provide it to the main supply (if there is more than 11 of one resource it will be sold for gold). Before winter everyone tries to get one wood and one food to survive. They lose 1 life for each missing resource, so if they have nor wood, nor food, they end up losing 2 life. They can also lose an additional life if their dwelling is damaged. With the coming of a new year, Pandorians heal 1 life (if not afflicted by Plague).

A bit less poetic description of all the characters in Pandor:
Carpenter - upgrades and repairs houses
Beggar - begs for coin
Brute - can take goods (food or wood) by force from others, if they have none, takes one life from them (if they have more than 1), can also steal from houses
Killer - can kill one person and take all their gold (only 1 can be killed in one year)
Lord - improves "mind" and "strength" stats for other characters, takes food and gold from the main supply before anyone else
Medic - heals others for goods or coin, also sells medicine
Merchant - sells goods from the main supply and receives a coin as provision
Miner - mines for gold
Monk - improves "kindness" and "hardworking" stats for goods or coin
Peasant (man) - gathers wood and food
Peasant (woman) - takes goods (including gold) from peasants and miners and gives them boost so that next time they work, they gather two of each resource instead of one
Soldier - takes 1 life from brute, killer or thief (if they have more than 1), takes coin once a year if there is some gold in the main supply
Thief - steals up to 2 coins from any character, can also steal from houses

PS: I am thinking of implementing an interactive mechanism where a player could play God and take goods from the main supply to give them to a certain character they favour and wish to survive. Or maybe directly heal or hurt a character? What do you think?

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Pandor
« on: 30 Sep 2017, 13:14 »
Would love to but I've lost it myself. I think it is gone for good :f(.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Pandor
« on: 30 Sep 2017, 07:31 »
That was the game I was looking for. Sunset over Imdahl! I played it long time ago, than forgot about it and couldn't get the name. Thank you! And someone already offered help with the background, so it should get better.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Pandor
« on: 29 Sep 2017, 16:59 »
Hello Mandle and thanks for the feedback, you are the first one to do so because this wasn't even tested before. To answer your questions, this took about a month to finish. I was always inspired by artificial intelligence, Middle Ages and so I combined these two and created something that could run on your computer while you are away or do other stuff. I am not a game designer, just an amateur but I drew the background and did all the graphics myself. I'm so glad you like it and please, if you have any ideas on how to improve this, let me know.

Completed Game Announcements / Pandor
« on: 29 Sep 2017, 14:16 »
UPDATE: This is the latest and probably last version I will be uploading since there is little feedback.

Welcome to the town of Pandor. A remote mountain town that the king decided to repopulate. Choose nine Pandorians and start... watching. Wait, what?! That's right! Pandor is a simulation game that you watch and let it run itself. Pandorians are talking to each other, liking or disliking each other, giving blessing, buying and selling, working, stealing, building their homes, inspiring each other and much more. Will your town endure Viking hordes, plague, famine or storms? How long can Pandor survive for? See for yourself how it all plays out...

The game features a great soundtrack by Kevin MacLeod ( and can be downloaded on the game page in AGS:

PS: If you like the game, you can donate to my PayPal account and include your ideas for sentences that will be spoken by the characters in later versions of the game. I will also try to improve the game and add more stuff if there are some good ideas from the "players".

Hm... I did a system restore and now it works fine. Don't know why exactly this was, but I'm pretty sure it was because of the Comodo antivirus.

No, but I did install Comodo antivirus right before it occured. I've uninstalled it already, but the error doesn't seem to go away. What is causing this?

So this thing seems simple. When I try to test my game, either with the button or F5 shortcut, it runs fine, the first time, than I get this:

Unexpected error: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

Than it might run fine the third time or give me this:

Unexpected error: Access to the path 'C:\Users\MyName\Desktop\Game\_Debug\Game.exe' is denied.

And than it runs fine again. Any idea what is causing this?


so I've noticed a strange thing today. I had a walkable area looking like this:

The original walkable area I had was the blue one. What I have now is the straight grey line underneath it. I have a code checking, whether player char is colliding with another character. If he isn't, the game will move him to the character's X and Y. Now, when I had the original walkable area (the blue arc), the code just decided to skip the part where the player character moves. All the rest of the code ran fine. I had this problem before, but it was because my walkable areas were too thin. Now I made sure that the original walkable area was wide enough. However it did not help this time and I had to draw a straight line to the character. It works now and I'm okay with it. It is just a bit weird. Do you have any idea why is AGS doing this?

PS: Yes, I made sure that player was ON walkable area before moving him.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Re: Ghost GUI?
« on: 29 Dec 2016, 15:46 »
Thank you! Combining all your ideas, I was able to find what was wrong. It was another GUI that is invisible and that I've forgot to make invisible. However, the interesting thing is, that there shouldn't have been any reason for this invisible GUI to run that function. Than I realized, that in the past, one of the buttons on the invisible GUI had the same name as the button that currently runs that function on the visible GUI. Thank you for helping me find this!

Beginners' Technical Questions / Ghost GUI? [SOLVED]
« on: 29 Dec 2016, 12:57 »
Hello, yesterday I've encountered something with my game. Don't know exactly what is going on. Simply put, my game has a function, that can only run when you click buttons on a certain GUI. This GUI only shows when a player clicks a button on another GUI. However, I try to click a character that is in the game and this function runs like the GUI is visible. But it isn't! It is like a ghost GUI. When I click the edge of the character, the game runs fine. It is like the GUI is there but it is invisible. I checked the script and there is no way I made this GUI appear or run this function from elsewhere. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Well a single place consist of multiple "rooms". These are not actual rooms, just levels, that are set using integer whenever player enters a room. So I just decide which level is the Enemy1 going to be in and when player fights it and win, the entString for that place will have "enemy1" appended to it. And I define the enemy when the place is opened. I use function for that.

Thank you all for help. I'm trying to implement as much as possible to the system I already have. You guys are a great help! Much appreciated!

Thank you, everyone, for your ideas.

In my game I have many places, that player can explore. While exploring, he can encounter three kinds of puzzles, enemies or items. For each place I have a String assigned and this String changes everytime a player solves a puzzle, defeats an enemy or finds an item. So for example if he enters a place where there is an enemy and the String does not contain the word "enemy1", a fight will start. If he defeats the enemy, than word "enemy1" will be added to that place's String (the same can be done with loot, I just append "chest1" and puzzles, I just add "relicpuzzle"). Not every place has the same type of puzzles, numbers of enemies, items etc. Also it is very easy to reset the place from the start and make all the puzzles, items and enemies alive again, I just set the String to "". I will definitely use the Game.DoOnceOnly feature, and will also look at structs as I haven't use them so far.

Edit: Also, I only have one room in the game (not counting the main menu).
Edit2: I searched the forums and the internet, but I couldn't find any tutorial on structs in AGS. I tried to declare them in my game, but with no luck. Can anyone tell me if there is a complex tutorial for beginners on how to use them. How and where to declare them, how to get and set their values? Thank you.

I'm sorry, I don't understand. I have a String defined in Global variables. Now I want it to change when player click on a GUI button. But when he clicks the button, it can always be different String that changes, depending on "where" the player is right now. How do I do this? I mean, what to put under button click code and what in the function?


I have various dungeons that player can explore and find loot in them. For example, he ventures deep into the dungeon, opens a door and finds a treasure chest. When he clicks the treasure chest an inventory window shows up with a single item, that was added to the inventory when he opened the door or clicked on the chest. I have this code for this:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. if (eventPlace1.IndexOf("gold")==-1) {
  2. place1.AddInventory(iGold);
  3. eventPlace1 = eventPlace1.Append ("gold");
  4. }

This is to ensure the item will only be added once. And it is working, but the problem is, my script is getting pretty heavy. I was thinking if I could use a function that would fit these lines into one. I don't know if you can make a function that would refer to a String already in the game like you do with characters or inventory items. I tried but the game said "Invalid use of pointer".

Thanks for any help.

Bloody hell. That did it! At least for now it seems like it works. Thank you Cassiebsg and everyone else. Sorry for being such a drama queen. I'll be more calm and give more detail in my next topics if there are any. Thanks for the varning Snarky. Will have to bear that in mind.


A, B, C, D - places (characters) - not solid
player character is behind place A and is the only one moving around - solid
What I've noticed so far in this placement. Player starts at A, can travel to B and C no problem and back as well. Can travel to D, but only from A. If he tries to go from B or C to D, code skips the move player command. Also skips move player when travelling from D to B or C. When I move D to Y:80 like so:

A, B, C, D are not solid, the character can be solid or not (doesn't seem to matter), everything works fine, but I cannot have D on the map where I want it.

This is the walkable area:

I apologize, I know I can sound a bit chaotic, and I always keep in mind, that when there is something wrong, it is not the AGS, but me who made the mistake. OK, so let me clarify. I use characters as locations, because I want a lot of locations and in AGS there is unlimited number of characters but not hotspots, objects or something else I could use. Also I have each character's properties defined neatly in the Custom properties section. One of those properties is a text property TravelChoice, lets say character A has a TravelChoice "B C". This is to limit player character to a certain location he can travel to. When he clicks the B location, the string Destination is set to B. Than TravelChoice of current char (current place) A is compared to the Destination. If TravelChoice has the destination in it, than player can travel there. As I've mentioned earlier, I have a lot of locations planned, and they will all be in one room, so I don't think there would be enough regions. I really appreciate your help guys, I'm just a bit frustrated because of how much work I've already put into the game.

So, I've solved the issue with getting the character's text property, now just the previous one remains. I will try to post another image explaining it.

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