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Hints & Tips / Re:stuck in 5 days a stranger
« on: 01 Oct 2003, 17:11 »
Thanks - I'll give that a try.
It better not be a book that wasn't there before!
Otherwise I'm going to join the Yahtzee haters' club :)

Just because something looks professional doesn't mean it is...
For example, I downloaded the demo of "Sherlock Holmes - Mystery of the Mummy" last week. Don't.
Garbage like that deserves coverage much less than, say, Zak2.
for dimi http://lucasfan.zak2project.de/


Hints & Tips / Re:SPY III (Ron) Trouble
« on: 01 Oct 2003, 12:08 »
Cue Elaine & Guybrush theme, plus Ren & Stimpy style closeup...
It's almost worth an update for that.
No! Must work on new game!

AGS Games in Production / Re:Awakening of the Sphinx
« on: 01 Oct 2003, 08:45 »
So the Princess Marian games were just a bribe?
Good idea!

I'm looking forward to this game.
I'm curious to see how a game set in ancient times plays out, since I'm working on something like that myself (not Egypt though)...

That main character has character! Did you consider drawing everyone side on, Middle Kingdom stylee?


Hints & Tips / Re:SPY III (Ron) Trouble
« on: 01 Oct 2003, 08:38 »
Okay, invisiclues below - reveal one line at a time.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Elandra will tweak the plan if she sees it's going to hit the moon.

Can you disable the flight plan screen?

Kick the computer.

DON'T play with the rotary knob afterwards.

(Sorry... there was nothing in the box! Did you really want to see Elandra and the bum kissing?!)


Hints & Tips / Re:stuck in 5 days a stranger
« on: 30 Sep 2003, 00:22 »
I've just started day 2, and I've got no idea what to do.
It does seem like this game is pretty directionless.
I love the atmosphere and the animations though...

Spoiler: ShowHide
I can see something in the pool, which I have to drain.
Also, the treasure hunter says he'll give me the metal detector when he's found the crypt.

Any clues?


You could take the Mika character from Reality on the Norm and draw long hair and long trousers on her, then recolour her top. Shouldn't take too long if you cut and paste the hair. Oh, and you should probably change her eyes and remove the notepad :)


Completed Game Announcements / Re:New RON game - III Spy
« on: 28 Sep 2003, 09:25 »
Take a look at Reply #4 above.

netmonkey - I'll change the credits next version - REALLY sorry I got your name wrong!
Particularly since I used your RON template, and "borrowed" the Blast Off plot... :)

Completed Game Announcements / Re:Pilot Light
« on: 27 Sep 2003, 18:16 »
Lovely - thanks!
Some great details in there.
If this is what you can do in two weeks, I look forward to your next game - next month!


Completed Game Announcements / Re:New RON game - III Spy
« on: 25 Sep 2003, 09:28 »

Spoiler: ShowHide

He likes it so much, he reproduces!
(Terrible bit of copy and paste coding there.)

Yeah, I'm currently at www.nuclide.com. Check out our great games!
Last year I worked for Nintendo :)


Completed Game Announcements / Re:New RON game - III Spy
« on: 24 Sep 2003, 19:25 »
It's the first game I've written for free :)

That conversation was one of the first I scripted.
I was tempted to draw a 3/4 view of Gower to get it right, but sanity prevailed.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Completed Game Announcements / New RON game - III Spy
« on: 24 Sep 2003, 13:05 »
I just finished III Spy, the third game in the I Spy series set in Reality on the Norm, starring Mika Huy.
You can get it at:
Note that I didn't write the first two, nor do you need to play them, or any of the RON games, to enjoy this one.*
Here's a screenshot:


* Although of course I recommend you do, because they're great!

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