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Any comments are of course welcome.


In AGS tutorials, they always point out that your puzzles should be ORIGINAL and innovative, and not always just use a key and lock, key and lock, key and lock .. so my puzzle is original and imaginative at least, but also perfectly rational and logical.

Another thing you hear a lot about creating puzzles is that you shouldn't expect players to have an information outside of the game; like your "pearl dissolves into wine/vinegar" example. Everyone doesn't know that nor they should. If you want to use that info, you should put the info into game. Like DOTT tells you that when you wash a car, raining starts and the game doesn't expect you to know it yourself.

Edit2: I think if you didn't respond with insults, things would be better. Insulting players isn't a good option. I hope you don't delete your game and won't give up on the real game you plan.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Beyond The Edge Of Owlsgard
« on: 19 Dec 2018, 16:44 »
I was following you on discord(errr...) and love your art! Nice to see an announcement! That owl walking feels so good btw.

I wonder if you will post a percentage of the completed game(can someone fix this sentence, thank you)? My only complaint is Sierra style deaths but it is personal preference.

Oh, many people guessed me right! Probably because of poor usage of language but doesn't matter, it is good to see.

I think maybe I should tell more about it being set in a future where everyone is selfish? Idk, I was thinking about dystopian stories where trust is not a thing and you should be cautious all the time. I also would change the last sentence, it was a sudden decision and not well-thought.

I can't really criticize others, they are fun though.

We need that Verb Coin one. Sounds similar to many puzzle games i cant name.

Competitions & Activities / Re: Artjam Thread
« on: 26 Aug 2018, 21:11 »
Ok, after spending 10-15 minutes on kitchen cleaning, 25-30 minutes on door(lost my save), I managed to do this unfinished pic.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Future Flashback
« on: 02 Jul 2018, 02:34 »
I heard you have some new screenshots to show! Sorry that you can't show.

Competitions & Activities / Re: MAGS June "Ice" (OPEN)
« on: 02 Jul 2018, 01:16 »
Congrats everyone who made it! I hope voting will be cool!

AGS Games in Production / Re: Trails and Traces
« on: 20 Jun 2018, 11:08 »
Do people think Broken Sword is ONLY about a broken sword?

For years i thought Broken Sword is a middle age game, similar to King's Quest and even thought it is same with King's Quest (laugh)

Anyway, looks good Matt. Keep up the good work.

Wow, people love rats... That's cool!

I am having problem with android port.

First of all, it didn't installed. Crimson Wizard sent me debug version and I installed it.

Second problem is hardware renderer doesn't work. So I switched to software renderer and games kinda worked. Let me show game's name and screenshots:

It didn't show menu GUI. Crimson Wizard said windows version on 3.4.1 engine also showed same problem. It also didn't work on older android port.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Sleeping Beauty
This also ran too slow on older port. Here it runs extremely slow and I think that purple part on right too is GUI.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Trilby's Notes
I have no explanation on this.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Crimson Wizard downloaded both Disgust and Trilby's Notes and got same result. So I downloaded the game I played before and I am sure it worked before.

A Landlord'd Dream
It only show black screen but plays music on hardware renderer but works fine in software renderer(idk if there is a problem with colors, GUI is showing but it is not readable). I installed old apk(3.4.1_debug) and it only showed black screen with sounds on both hardware and software renderers. That apk also didn't play other games at all.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Also I couldn't complete A Landlord's Dream before because there is no keyboard option in app but there is a par set puzzle on game.

Competitions & Activities / Re: Artjam Thread
« on: 10 May 2018, 20:58 »
An evil Celtic princess clown with dragon tattoo and pearl earrings disguises into burka to walk inside the castle of Arabian princess freely. She plans to kill the prince and conquer the city.

(Eren Ceylan, 1348, random brushes on white canvas)

Edit: oh we can post 2? Ok, this is the second one(thanks for info)(damn I forgot the mouth):

It is the last day. What happened to games? Where are games?

Anyone has a list of people who will stream the ceremony? I heard silver spook and gamewalker will stream and gurok will record for uploading later.

Actually i never touched it again. For 2 days i was so sleepy, and then realized nobody is interested in helping because nobody answered. Felt bad and stopped

Working on something! I hope it fits to theme. There is 3 character you can select and 1 NPC. The only difference is views and monologues actually.

It is very simple game without puzzles that inspired by saw series. You all are kidnapped and 1 of you has to decide who will die. You learn their relationships and thought on each other while progressing.

The problem is I don't have any PC to create the game, so I need someone who have one and want to be my teammate.

Also I work very slow on art, but since there are not much art to do, I can complete it before deadline. It is day 3 and this is what I have for now. Work in progress background and 1 of 4 character's portrait(which sucks):

Is it still on for voting? Hmm...

1st: Rocchinator
2nd: Creamy
3nd: Matti

Can you see mine? If so you seem to have a problem not with imgur, but with https imgur (just remove the s from the https):

Wow I can see it! Was it that easy to see them? Weird... Thanks a lot Cassiebsg.

Concept: morganw
Playability: Cassiebsg
Artistic Execution: Glenjamin(I even missed you had an entry, sorry)

May someone share non-imgur versions of Glenjamin's and Matti's works? I don't want to vote before seeing them :~(

Competitions & Activities / Re: BACKGROUND BLITZ: Eerie
« on: 06 Mar 2018, 00:41 »
That is wonderful concept and I checked forums in March 6th unfortunately!

DBoyWheeler that's lovely. Reminds me of Adventure Time, I can even bet that bridge is the Dog from the cartoon. Wait... Is that a dinosaur getting out of it's egg on the moon?
morganw that gave me the feel of Hostage movie, that one with Bruce Willis in it.
Mattie sorry I can't see imgur links... :~(
Cassiebsg hi... I said "wow, is the up a floor too!"(second language activated)

Recruitment / Re: Penga & Obcster's Christmish Adventure
« on: 17 Jan 2018, 04:12 »
Take your mines to pub day!
Participate in an award winning tradition!

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