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I'm still slowly working on mine. It's going to end up being more condensed than I'd have liked, but I'm going to do what I can the remaining days.

He's... not a very powerful demon.

Just have a large image of Simon and make a game to see if you can pick his pockets without him noticing (nod)
That sounds like a joke, but I'm not completely sure. If it's not a joke, then I have absolutely no idea how to do coding for such a thing.
But I am about to work on graphics for awhile. So I should have something to show by the end of the day.

I tried this method because it seemed the simplest and most direct method I could think of for the desired effect. Using it as an object that covers the room instead of a background means that the lighting changes affects the character and other objects added after it.
But yes, it does get into coding advice.

^ Awesome :)

But how would one use this as a background?... Too many frames, no?
It looks like it can be done entirely by making 2 different images with the different light levels. Create an object and set clickable to off. Then create a view and use the images. Set the object to the view and then animate the object. Playing with the object animate function and the frames in the view should be able to get you the desired effect.
Adding the 2 images into the view more times can make the blinking more erratic. Like 1,2,1,2,2,1,2,1,2,1,1.

This is the script I used for testing.

function room_AfterFadeIn()
oBlink.SetView (3);
 oBlink.Animate (0,  13,  eRepeat,  eNoBlock);

The two images I used in my test.
When importing make sure to use the alpha channel and change transparent color to as is.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines at the least has such stuff talked about on tv and radio in the background. The overall plotline of the game may even count depending on which clan you choose (Malkavian probably the most) and which options you choose.
I haven't actually played it, but the MMO The Secrer World is all about that kind of stuff. Directly from the Steam page: "Imagine if every myth, conspiracy theory and urban legend was true--a world where you align with secret societies and face the looming darkness."
I'm sure you can probably find a campaign for one of the Shadowrun games which fits.

The Edna and Harvey games may even fit. I haven't finished The Breakout yet, so I don't know how deeply it delves into things, but it at least falls under the "weird" part.
Idunno if I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream truly fits or not. I've only managed to finish with one character and it's a very dark game. Harvester might count. I've only played a few minutes, so I don't know how well anything is actually handled. But it most definitely has the weird part covered.

Even Fallout 3/New Vegas could fit depending on your perks, choices, etc.

I find the current flicker to be more annoying than anything. It's too fast. Also there should be a greater contrast when it flickers. As it is, it just seems to alternate between a black and white halo. I'd also suggest lengthening the animation to include a short period it stops flickering and to also include 2 or 3 slightly different flickering patterns.

Edit: Here's a quickly made example. I achieved the darkness using GIMP and creating a new layer that was all black, used the ellipse tool to create an oval, and used feather.

I still I have 2 weekends to work. Since I'm not struggling with my own art style like I was in the past and I should already have the knowledge for doing the majority of the stuff for the game, it shouldn't be a problem.
I did finally get around to setting up the base GUI yesterday, but I need to make it look nicer. And none of my backgrounds are finished, so all I have that I could show are images of Simon...

We've over two weeks to go... put in extra time and finish it...
Luckily I got ideas last night on how to do some of it. So I plan to at least do some rough sketch backgrounds and setup some rooms today.

My name is a horrible pun of vampire bat.

Hey gang. It's quiet in here. Any news or progress? (wtf)
I still haven't finished any backgrounds or even figured out how to even make the game actually work. So... no. Not much progress at all. But I do hope to get 1 or 2 backgrounds finished today.

What if Sam and Max Hit The Road were done in the style of Paul Verhoeven
What if the Edna and Harvey games were done in the style of David Lynch.
What if Day of the Tentacle were done in the style of David Cronenberg.

I'm not too familiar with Phantasmagoria, but I am familiar with Phantasmagoria 2 and Gabriel Knight and I just re-watched Death Note last month. I kind of question why the choice of Death Note in particular, but I suppose I can kind of see it working. Of the anime I've seen/own, I'd think of Tokko or d.Gray Man over Death Note.

But how about taking it one step further and doing a graphic novel using an art style of Death Note? That would make it fit the MAGs rules and could be quite interesting.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Porcine Walk Cycle
« on: 04 Oct 2016, 14:40 »
After looking at some pig game sprites, most I found don't have a bounce. Probably due to pigs having such short legs.
And looking at your images, I want to say that maybe on the side view you should make the but a little more rounded and move the tail down just a pixel or two and reflect those changes on the back view.
And maybe raise the head by 1-4 pixels on the side and front view.

As for the walk cycle, I suggest watching some videos of pigs walking and slow them down if you can.

Actually, here's my modifications since I'm not sure if I explained things right.

I beg forgiveness from any Castlevania fans.

My guess is... Alex Kidd?

Unfortunately, I've come to a realization in the last few minutes. Despite the extension, there's simply no way I can finish the game in time. There's simply too much left to do to possibly finish in 5 hours.
I do still plan to finish the game sometime in the future and I will expand upon what I was already planning to do.

I wish those still working on their games luck finishing by the deadline.

And I will probably try at least one of the finished games this afternoon.

Thank you for the extension too. I had planned my game to be finished more or less the last minute tomorrow, but having the weekend to work on it means that I will actually be able to do some shading on my backgrounds, have better walk cycles, and make my GUIs not look like they were designed by a 4 year old.

You could leave it as "big city" just restringing it to a smaller area of the city?
Unfortunately, not really. It's borderline if it could even work in a small town near a smaller city.
I may end up just having to scrap the whole story I had planned, but keep the characters and play style.

Edit: Actually, a bit of thinking and I think I can make a compromise of using a small town. It requires replacing the main place where things will happen, but it should still work.
Thanks for getting me on the right track.

How are things going?
Any updates?
Sadly, I'm still in the planning process of mine. Yesterday I decided to make the Halloween game I've been planning for months into a prequel for the MAGs game. So now I'm having to figure out how to make things work since it means changing the location from a big city to a small town.
But I have figured out how to do 90% of the coding I'll need for the game.
Later today I do plan to make a walk cycle for the main character and make at least one background.

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