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Wonderful, will update to this once it's stable!

I may be missing the line/function but is there a way to change the color of a listbox (for the selected and the non selected) during run-time. If not, and sorry to ask, but you think it'd be too complicated to implement, it's okay if it is, I'll work around it, just wondering.

Crash is fixed!!

But that is not the case here, I'm trying to create one and i'm unable to. I'll send you files and instructions so u can replicate and see im being dumb or this is actually an issue.

Uploading has begun

If it's gonna help I can start uploading the whole game project for you

That's all i get

Edit: I can get you a same one with the version

None of the two ways produces any log/dmp file anywhere (root project folder, editor folder, debug)

I'm opening the game project through the editor that has the acwin.exe replaced with the one u just sent me, I click on play, I load a savegame and do a set of moves and get the crash. I'm gonna try a rebuild/build the game see if that will give me a crash file.

Alright this one works perfect. So, how do i get you a log, or a dmp? It doesn't seem to generate anything when it crashes.

Yes, you sent me a custom acwin, i don't remember when exactly, so the editor in game (when i clicked about) says the but then I remembered, so, apologies for the miscommunication!

So the version I have been using is

No matter what i press it doesn't generate it. How can i check what the previous one is, do i check acwin.exe?

14 Not sure if this is of any help

However, because of the way the crash happens (the window becomes unresponsive and says "it has stopped working, debug, close, look online and close") how would i force a generation of crash dmp file?

I removed 2 extra font and it's running at least to get us that crashdmp file.

That version has a hard limit of 30 fonts and crashes because of that. I'm sorry im giving u such a hard time.

And ....

I upgraded to 3.5.0 (took the mediafire off the first post)

So, my savegames don't seem to work, they all also appear named as "invalid saveslot"

Great then <3

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