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AGS Games in Production / Re: Limbo
« on: 09 Jan 2007, 22:21 »
Ok this game sucks it's the worst looking game I've ever seen and I am a liar. good job mate. I hope it's free or something. Good work mate ok, i am gonna shut the &&&& up now. If you need help lemme know. About that speech thingy. My voice is kinda like Dominic Armato.

i don't know if anyone did notice it but that character looks like wally b. feed. From Curse of Monkey Island.

If you need any help fell free to pm me.
Anyway this game looks like the westerner. You know Fenimore Fillmore. The first game. PERFECTION. Well done mate

My game will be on the awards?(MI: Carniaval of the Damned)
No that it's gonna win anything. ;D
Please let me know.

Hints & Tips / Re: Carnival of the Damned
« on: 30 Dec 2006, 11:06 »
I could try and make my original game idea.
A game short like Class of 99.
Thank you.
But these days I am trying to recruit people for an idea of me check the recruit section( you might as well think that the idea sucks).

Hints & Tips / Re: Carnival of the Damned
« on: 30 Dec 2006, 10:50 »
Yes I have used AGS, and I made the game "Secrets" with it. Feel free to seek thine retribution and slate the game if you so wish.

I also had a team of beta testers who found terrible bugs in my game before I realised it.

It's easy to fix, yes, but it's a hassle for others to come across the bug, and then have to patch it.

Your game might have come under less critiscm if you had made an original game with your own graphics. It's only becuase you ripped from a game loved by so many that people will be harsh on you. You raise the bar for expectations by immitating a Lucasarts adventure game, rather than a homemade effort. I am basing this knowledge from reading past game threads of similiar fan-made games. Or heck, just see what people's reactions were of the new Sam 'n' Max, people were harsh because they expect it to match the quality of the previous game.

About that outburst of mine ... sorry. But I loved the Monkey Island series more than any other. Yesterday I was playing again Le chuck's revenge and I noticed something. My game sucks. Honestly. I wanted to make a game with atmosfere. There is none or little. For example the carnival is like a cemetery.
Except for some dialogs and the Voodoo/Le Chuck fase and some movies jokes I think there is nothing to find in my game.
If only I had achieved the 10% of the atmosfere of a Monkey island game I would be hell happy. About those bug things I must admit that I should have used some beta testers(they make nice credits by the way).
 This game was made by a real fan (hm...), If the game is not even close to being a Mi fan game I accept that. And about that background rip... although it bothers many I wanted to rip them just to help me get an atmosphere but I think I failed that sector.

Hints & Tips / Re: Carnival of the Damned
« on: 29 Dec 2006, 21:05 »
If you ever uh, re-make another game Dualnames, I strongly reccomend you recruit some beta-testers, as you don't seem to be very good at beta testing it yourself!  ;)

By the way the game had like 1 major bug. Have you ever used AGS?
It's a bug that's so easy to fix.and i did fix it.
Oh my god you are like...
One day after I posted the game all made the conclusion the game sucks.

General Discussion / hey
« on: 29 Dec 2006, 20:57 »
Do you have a small brother?

Hints & Tips / Re: Carnival of the Damned
« on: 28 Dec 2006, 21:58 »

After the dialog finishes walk to the upper deck then re-enter the bar but this time from the window. Pick up the cheese and knife then use the stew buttons till they are jammed to get the nails from the stew. Then head to the laundry and give the cheese to the rat. Then exit and head to the right till you see a plank. Pick it up then go to the woodsmith's hut. talk to him for a job. Then talk to him again and give him the nails stick and plank.
Then head to wally's house talk to him once then exit and head the bar. Give him the id then ask for something strong and buy it. Then head to the hotel give the mix to the innkeeper then pick up under carpet and head to the laundry. Then talk to marty and ask for some clothes then quit the dialog. Then look at the shirt and talk to him again asking for a refund.  Then exit woodtick and head to the swamp. once there use the coffin then walt to the right.

Head to monkey island. go to the cannibal village and pick up the bucket. Go at the fort pick up the gunpowder then at the pond use your knife with the roots the combine them with the bucket then walk to the beach fill your bucket with sand, go to the dam and use bucket with lava. Then go to the theme park use gunpowder on the mailbox then combine mix with shirt then ligh up your molotov bottle and use your coin on the automatic ticket provider( not the kiosk).



Spoiler: ShowHide

From this board's rules: DO NOT ask for hints for a game in its release thread. There is a separate forum for that purpose. Release threads are for comments and criticism only.

Sorry about that, but some of the videos seem a little frivelous in the game:
Spoiler: ShowHide
 particularly the one of the three men of low moral fiber waking up

It resized itself in my screen, so the magic of the animation was kinda lost :/

Also, shouldn't a game company logo NOT contain scenes from a game that the company didn't make? (or entirely made up of scenes from said game....?)

Sorry this was done in purpose. Although the result was not what i was hoping for.  I must admit that I ripped many things. Arts, backgrounds characters but... IT"S my first game so I could not make it all my own since nobody from the community here was interested to help me.  And those videos are kind of a rip off.  This game was made by an adventure fan- a true rogue- although the result is not so good (except some parts of course).

About that key thing there is a txt file in the docs folder, named keys ,so you'll find all the shortcuts.
I 'd like to thank TROVATORE for his good words, honest. Thank you.

Hints & Tips / Re: Carnival of the Damned
« on: 20 Dec 2006, 23:01 »
thanks for that cheese thingy
anything else i should be aware of except the wally thing and the knife1 and knife2?

Hints & Tips / Re: Carnival of the Damned
« on: 20 Dec 2006, 21:01 »
The game now is fixed.

Well, IANAL, but it looks like this game breaches copyright left, right and centre... saying it is fan fiction and freeware and putting copyright notices in it doesn't mean you can use other people's work in your own... that's what copyright is for. Unless of course you are one of the original authors. If you are not, then you're breaking copyright law and Rapidshare's terms and conditions.

Anyway, aside from that, the bug is still not fixed. I looked at Wally, and it said "A pair of matches" (?). I went to pick him/them up and it crashed with the error mentioned above. When are we likely to see a working version?

Sorry for that double post but in order to answer your question please check the mi licence in the docs ok?

Made some addons.
your savegames will work with the patch and have the patch changes.

By the way for those wandering I am playing the guitar on the intro.

Are all the bgs ripped? I'm not wasting disk space if they are...

Look since I loved the MI2 I decided not to make my own scenes.
It was done in purpose.

I don't mind if you don't like it.
The big size is because of the videos

General Discussion / Re: HELP
« on: 18 Dec 2006, 23:38 »
I did it
Thank you
Be welcome to download the game if you want it

Completed Game Announcements / MI: Carnival of the Damned
« on: 18 Dec 2006, 22:29 »
It took me more to get this link than make the game(no just kidding)
The link is

Sho-Ryu-ken corp.

General Discussion / Re: Someone
« on: 18 Dec 2006, 21:53 »
do you know any site?

General Discussion / Someone
« on: 18 Dec 2006, 21:06 »
I have one problem I finished me game and I can't give it to you.
I ahev my game files int the folder B:\downloads\MI
what should I do?
My game is full version so if you help me you'll download it.

General Discussion / HELP
« on: 18 Dec 2006, 19:49 »
I have one problem I finished me game and I can't give it to you.
I ahev my game files int the folder B:\downloads\MI
what should I do?
My game is full version so if you help me you'll download it.

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