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AGS Archives / AGS Archives archive torrent
« on: 27 Oct 2018, 16:39 »
Here's a torrent of everything ever hosted on AGSA:

Both the legacy and the current AGSA website will stay as is until end of year, in the new year the website will be replaced with just a link to download this torrent.

There might be duplicates, and typos etc, a lot of file names also are just the original file name and might make it harder to know exactly what game it's for.
I'm open for outside contributions to adding any missing games and for cleaning up naming etc. (Not really sure of the best way to do that though)

AGS Archives / Notice: AGS Archives is shutting down!
« on: 01 Feb 2018, 21:18 »
The time has come where I no longer have the energy, time nor interest in continuing work on AGSA, so as of today I'm officially announcing that AGSA is shutting down.
If you've relied on your game being hosted on AGSA it is important that you download your games and find another place to host them!

I will no longer update the database with any new games released effective immediately,
and the service will go offline by the end of the year or when the current library is fully available on, whichever comes first.

What about MAGSAN?
For now I'll continue releasing a new issue every month, but instead of adding the games to AGSA and linking to those pages,
the newsletter (as you may have noticed in the latest issue) will link to the AGS db page or forum post of the games instead.

Hey guys, we just did a server upgrade today also pushing the PHP version to 7.0, however the mysql_ extension is removed in this version.
This is causing the website not to load, you'll have to upgrade the code to use or

I'd be willing to help out if needed.

- Peder

AGS Archives / HELP WRITE GAME BLURBS!!!1111!1!
« on: 02 Dec 2017, 19:13 »
Bicilotti has been writing blurbs for any new games being released for MAGSAN, these are also the blurbs I use for games on AGSA.

I'd also like to have this done for the whole backlog of games released before MAGSAN got started, but it will take a long time if Bici would be to do them all alone :O.
So wanted to see if anyone else would be interested in writing ~140 character blurbs?

Not sure yet how to do it, I might make a "moderation panel" for AGSA that would allow doing it directly to the live database, or if not, perhaps just use github issues or maybe google docs.
For now though I'm just interested to see if anyone would be interested to help or not. I'll figure out the way to do it later on (probably in the new year).

Recruitment / [NON-AGS HELP WANTED] Looking for designers (web/logo) copywriters and backend/frontend devs!
« on: 20 Apr 2017, 14:23 »
Can't share much details here but if you are, or know any designers (web/logo) copywriters or backend/frontend devs give me a shout!
I can share more info over PM, on IRC ( #clubgalen) or in the Club Galen discord:

For backend/frontend, it will most likely involve usage of:
CoffeeScript (or possibly babel/flow)

It's for a project related to AGS hence why I'm posting here :)

Recruitment / [AGS HELP WANTED] MAGSAN Content Writers
« on: 13 Mar 2017, 23:14 »
Hey guys/gals!

Are you interested in writing? I'm looking for more content writers for MAGSAN to help come up with and write new interesting sections!
If you'd like to help push the best selling* AGS newsletter out there, you should join the MAGSAN team!

Get in touch here, via PM or on IRC if interested!

- Peder

*MAGSAN is actually FREE

« on: 15 Nov 2016, 12:39 »
Hey guys, so far MAGSAN has used the AGS Archives logo, I'd like to change that so if anyone is able to help out with LOGO/VISUALS please get in contact! It's urgent and not at the same time, I'd like to have some visuals done by tomorrow really so I can get some last minute t-shirts printed for AdventureX (weren't originally planning on going, but due to some friends going I decided to go after all last night...) but that doesn't really leave much creative/idea time... So if it's not doable it's not doable and I'll just have to skip the t-shirts.. Then it no longer is urgent.

I won't be able to offer much, but I'm sure I can scrape up some money if needed. Also if I make t-shirts I'll obviously send a couple your way :).

EDIT: I've gone with something temporary for now just so I could print a couple t-shirts for AdventureX, I'm still looking for help with logo/visuals for the newsletter though, however it's no longer urgent! :)

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / MAGSAN Announcement!
« on: 13 Aug 2016, 22:49 »
I'm hereby announcing:

You might be asking yourself, what is MAGSAN?
Well I'll tell you!

It's the Monthly AGS Archives Newsletter, which will have a new issue published on the last day of every month.
It will showcase each game made in AGS released that month, announce next months MAGS rules, and feature articles written by AGSers.
(If you're interested in writing any AGS related articles at any point give me a shout!)

It will also announce any new AGS releases (possibly even as a standalone "issue" if it makes more sense), and any other AGS related news from that month.

Some of you stumbled upon it when viewing the new AGS Archives site, for those who didn't, you can all sign up via the form in the footer on the site:

If anyone feel like helping in any way, give me a shout! Any extra help will be highly appreciated :)

AGS Archives / hosting shutdown
« on: 17 May 2016, 21:12 »
Due to several reasons I've decided to no longer support hosting of accounts, and will now purely be a subdomain service (plus email for a selected few).
I'm not renewing the AGSA server and rather setting a new one up due to the recent outages (

I'll be backing up all the websites and offer a zip download to those who want it. If anyone want to keep their domain and have it forwarded somewhere else just let me know and I'll sort that out!
(Contact me via #clubgalen or any social account you know of mine, put please don't PM me as I no longer frequent these forums)

It's possible that I'll relaunch at some point in the future, but I can't promise anything as it's not just costing me money but also valuable time.

Site & Forum Reports / Moving to new server
« on: 17 May 2016, 21:05 »
Due to recent issues with the server I've decided not to renew it for another year and rather set up a spanking new server instead.
I'll be working on setting it up this week and probably start moving over all the sites next week and the week after.

If you follow AGSA on twitter or facebook you'll get a notice of any expected downtime related to this move.

AGS Archives / The future of AGS Archives
« on: 19 Feb 2016, 22:42 »
Last month due to multiple personal reasons I decided to discontinue the development of AGSA as the platform I once envisioned, and instead make it just a pure archive manually updated by myself.
I'm currently going through the process of adding all the games to the db, starting with all the games without a release date in the AGS db.
(so now at the start it's taking quite a bit of time, but once I get to the ones that HAVE release dates I should be able to implement some more automation to get the job done faster).

You can view the progress and a "preview" of the new site here:

Once I've added all the backlog of games I'll be adding new games once a week, or on demand, and at some point I'll hopefully add some filtering options etc.
After that I'll also possibly add more sections (addons, engine, resources).

Please take a sneak peak at the new AGSA and leave any feedback/suggestions you may have.

Also if anyone is interested, a lot of the games have really low res/quality screenshots, if you feel like spending time making new ones (one or more) please do!
Once done please upload them and paste them here along with the link to the game they are for.


"You are a young technician working in an undersea vehicle extracting minerals.
It's your first day, but a serious accident happens.
You are trapped.
Will you survive? Will you escape?
Be quick, chose wisely, time is running out...

Atavismus: Story
Hobo: Gfx
Jonas Thiem: Music
Peder Johnsen: Code

French translation should come soonish... (until when is it accepted?)

[RAR] / [ZIP]

Recruitment / [AGS HELP WANTED] Need some sound effects for a MAGS entry
« on: 25 Dec 2015, 10:50 »
Hey guys/gals, we're going to need some sound effects for our MAGS entry and was hoping someone here might be interested in helping out?

I love finding special "covers" of songs played in a completely different genre than the original, especially when the songs are actually enjoyable now because of it.

For example jazz versions of Studio Ghibli themes:

Or jazz fusion versions of songs and artist I don't really care for

Or electro swing versions of songs that just sounds so much better this way:

Anyone else enjoy finding gems like this? :)

When, why and who decided to remove it? 8-0

Hey all,

I need to go London to renew my passport (as I can only have it done at the Norwegian Embassy) and was wondering if anyone living around London would be interested in having a drink/pizza or something in the evening? I'll probably be in London up to about 8ish.

- Peder

AGS Archives / New logo by the awesome AprilSkies!
« on: 09 Jul 2015, 08:22 »
AprilSkies just provided AGSA with a new take on our old logo!

I think he just made it a million times more awesome! :)

Hey everyone!

As part of my recent activity mapping all AGS games etc I've now generated a list: for all games without a release date and would love any help I can get to find out when these games were released!

I'll be updating the list as games are updated with release dates! If you find that any of these entries are NOT a game please notify me about this so I can remove them from the list.

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