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I was also desperately searching for this in the basic AGS Tutorial on the main website. Maybe adding this there will reduce the frequency this question is asked ;)

yeah, the intro to the complete game looks so cool and the improvement made from the demo is such a great leap! I really want to play this game now! :D

Coloring Ball: P_aint A_nother C_ool MAN

the S_hape:

the T_heme
At first I wanted this to be: Food that isn't pizza.
But as this is too narrow you may draw anything related to a hospital inside the shape.
May it be sexy nurses, wrinkled doctors, deadly injections, crippled patients,
mental asylums are hospitals too, whatever is on your mind and has a hospital theme.

the R_ules
Don't resize or change the shape. You may rotate it though.
No color restrictions besides: Use at least one red cross in the image.
wakka wakka wakka

the T_rophys


Second place is shared by

Cool, thanks for all the votes, sadly I completely missed the voting... :P
Will start a new thread later on. I have an idea but need some more research ;)

damned, the winning trophy is grey ;D

Completed Game Announcements / Re: <3
« on: 01 Jun 2011, 21:07 »
that's quite a clue, now I'm through :)

nice game ben, I like the title and the elaborate explanations of all the items.

Some typos in it: draw a room on the floor should read draw a rune on the floor I guess. And I red this very often ;)
And there was a missing letter in one of the lines of the opening dialoge. But I can't remember what it was :P
Now that I watch Othello talk with Vani after opening the magic gate he is standig right in front of her, so that Vani is covered by him more than 50%. Looks strange.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: <3
« on: 01 Jun 2011, 20:42 »
damned, I just got the 6th knive and
Spoiler: ShowHide
cut Othello

and they were talking so much, that I maybe missed a clue on what to do next.

This looks so cool. You're doing a great job on recreating these EGA Gfx.
But what do you mean, you play as a PC. PC as in Personal Computer?

AGS Games in Production / Re: Technobabylon - Part 4
« on: 16 May 2011, 21:55 »
I need my TB fix :(

cool, thanks for the pointer to Game.GetLocationType again Khris :)


I have it over a semitranparent GUI and enable and disable the semitransparent BG of the GUI, or actually the whole gui with this.
How would I add @OVERHOTSPOT@ to normal gameplay without a gui anyways?

thanks, This works and is really easy to handly. I had to remove the Game. from Game.GetLocationType(mouse.x, mouse.y); though to make it work in AGS3.1.2.

What I'm doing is a simple gui with @OVERHOTSPOT@ shown when the mouse hovers over a hotspot, no fancy mousecursors, but this is an interesting idea, but I think maybe in my next game, if I ever finish this one ;)

I was just searching and only found a bug tracker report for the Mouse moves over an Object function. Is this somehow possible easily?
I by now disable clickable on the object and draw a hotspot over the area the Object fills. But this is annoying. Any other suggestions?

I wanted one of my games[...] to be able to post to face book stuff that happened in the game that is impotent like for example:

Are you making an Anti - Leisure Suite Larry game? o_O

AGS Games in Production / Re: Technobabylon - Part 4
« on: 10 May 2011, 21:03 »
*checks post date*

*recognizes it's Tuesday after the post*

*can't wait*

General Discussion / Re: Image linking into Forums
« on: 06 May 2011, 21:07 »
I was rather looking for imagetags, linktags and maybe spoilertags. bold and italic are also nice.

There are also some typos and letters that don't belong there in the speech. Even though I'm no native english speaking person I would volunteer as a second translator or for proofreading a second version of the demo or a second demo (but must be a third then I have a small ROTLA demo already on my hdd :))

Other than that I give up on the game. I have finally

Spoiler: ShowHide

put the one hold rope to somewhere near the fence and the other clothes but the other end is still hanging around.
I have the pieces of rope in my inventory.
When looking at the mast Indy has an Idea (me too) but I can't get the second end or another rope onto the mast to finally dry the dress and get rid of Ahmed. I can't knot the pieces of rope to the loose end.
All these interactions without Indy saying something or giving even a small subtle hint is also quite demotivating : (

cool stuff and nice graphics.
The rest needs more work. What I mean:
Bigger hotspots.
More interactions.
Better translation.
I didn't hear any sound at all.
When clicking use+Item and then clicking open I still have open Item with in the Actionline.
The small empty bag is placed in an inventory spot where it shouldn't be and leaves one inventory spot empty.

General Discussion / Re: Image linking into Forums
« on: 06 May 2011, 19:49 »
for bb-code. Bulletin board code. as in like so:

makes formatting your post so much easier ;)

General Discussion / Re: Osama Bin Laden dead? Hmm...
« on: 06 May 2011, 19:46 »
This whole thing stinks and leave so many questions...

imagine Osama was still alive. Why would a proud seals team kill him instead of capture him and drag him to Guantanamo and ask (and waterboard him) about 9-11 and other terrorist acts? Why not show the world you finally got him?
Okay, so it was 1 o'clock in the morning, he was annoyed by the helicopters flying around his house in the middle of the night and fought in his pyjama and had to be killed (don't taze him!) and noone from the special forces team with hightech equipment has a helmet camera with better quality than a y2k cellphone? all the world gets to see is a lousy picture of some people in the white house staring at an edge of the room where they might be watching Wag the Dog or something.

So what is it that this announcement from the white house wants to tell us:
We are mighty, we get everyone, we are the good christians that fight the evil muslims, but we respect your conventions as contradicting this might be.

what it tells me:
we are stratetic liars and kill random people (not sure if Osama) unjustified and disregard international law. We have forgotten about our 10 commandments we want to defend but fear your (our selfplotted?) revenge acts even though we already monitor everything.

what I think:
Osama is definately dead. If he was still alive he would use this to make a new video to embarress the US. This whole thing is just another message feeding the plot for the war and taking away civil rights. What a funny thing a gouvernment can and does control the history books used in future classes.

General Discussion / Re: Image linking into Forums
« on: 06 May 2011, 18:44 »
why are there no clickable bb-icons used in this forum like in every other smf forum :(
As this makes posting a pain in the ass I tried everything in the settings and didn't find anything. We all like 90es Adventures games, but forum software is more interactive in the 2010s >:(

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