Welcome to the Adventure Game Studio forums. These forums are a place for users of AGS to meet and discuss the program itself, adventure gaming in general, and other wider general discussion.

The AGS community is a very friendly place and we get along really well. So well, in fact, that a real-life meeting called Mittens happens annually. So far we've been to the UK, Sweden, France, Spain, Greece, Canada and the USA!

In order to maintain the friendly standard of the forums, we ask all newbies to answer a few simple questions before they can register. This is not a hard quiz - it is just intended to make you think before you post on the forums. All the questions should be able to be answered with a bit of common sense and browsing the boards beforehand.

Sorry if this seems a little intimidating or patronizing at first, but we're sure you'll have a great time being part of the community.

-- CJ and the AGS forum members.

P.S. If you're having troubles understanding anything forum-related, have a quick read of the AGS Dictionary, maintained by Andail.

You MUST be at least 13 years of age to join the forums.
16 years is the preferred minimum age, but if you act maturely we accept anyone from 13-16 too.
Legally, we are not allowed to let you join without getting your parent's permission, and we do not wish to get involved with the associated hassles.

1. You are having a problem getting SetAreaLightLevel, a script command, to work properly. Which forum should you post it in?
Technical forum
AGS Talk and Chat forum
Critics' Lounge
Completed Games and Announcements
General Discussion

2. And how should you title the thread?
Question for Chris
Scripting help!!!
Scripting problem with SetAreaLightLevel

3. You are just starting out, and you have a technical question you feel is too simple to ask. What should you do?
Post in the Advanced Technical Forum right away
Post in the Beginner's Technical Forum right away
Read the Getting Started guide and re-check the manual, and if it doesn't have the answer there, post in the Beginners' Technical Forum

4. You are looking for team members to work with you on your great new project... what should you do?
Don't bother
Make a fan game instead
Make one post in each forum, saying "I need team members for my awesome game"
Make a small game first so that you have something to show for yourself, then post in the Recruitment forum providing enough info on your project to give us an idea of what it is.

5. You want to ask for hints for an adventure game, such as Larry Vales. Where should you post the question?
Technical forum
AGS Talk and Chat forum
Critics' Lounge
Completed Games and Announcements
Hints and Tips
General Discussion

6. You have just decided to start work on a new game, and you want to tell us all about it. What should you do?
Post in the Announcements forum
Post in the Talk and Chat forum
Don't post about it until you have something tangiable to show for it

7. You wonder if anyone else from your country reads the forums. What should you do?
Post a new thread, asking 'is anyone here from Russia?'
Nothing at all. The internet is a multi-cultural place, there are forum members from all over Europe, the Americas, Australia, Asia and the rest of the world, and more than likely there is someone from your country. Besides, why does it matter?

8. All posts in the forums should be made in what language?
Chinese, it's the most spoken language in the world
English, it's recognised as the language for international communication
Whatever you like, post in your own language

9. Someone has posted a piece of artwork in the Critics' Lounge that you don't really like. How should you reply?
"That sucks, you suck at drawing"
"Good first attempt, but here's how you could improve it:"
"Not one to be rude, but this looks like it was drawn by an epileptic monkey!!! Learn how to draw and try again!"

10. No-one has answered your post in the 2 hours since you posted it. Should you:
Post another thread with the same question in it, in case people didn't notice your first one
Post a reply to your post saying "is anyone reading this?"
Just wait, remembering that board members span 24 hours of time zones and someone that knows the answer may not read the board for another 22 hours

11. Someone replied to your question, but they didn't quite give the answer you were looking for. Should you:
Post another thread with the same question in it, to make some other people read it
Post a reply in the original thread explaining what exactly you were after

12. Quake and Counter-Strike are adventure games.

13. You feel the need to reply to a thread, but you don't really have anything to contribute - what should you do?
Just reply with a smiley or 'zing'.
Reply saying "I don't really have anything to add but I thought I'd better post".
Don't reply at all.

14. Someone replies to your post in a sarcastic manner or seems to be making fun of you. What should you do?
Get all worked up and respond by swearing at them and questioning their parentage.
Respond by stating how offended you are at their remarks, and ask why they are being so mean.
Have a laugh and get over yourself. If you can't make fun of yourself, you've come to the wrong place.
(Please note that abusive behaviour is never tolerated on the AGS forums. Sarcastic humour is welcomed, but offensive and hateful behaviour is not!)

Finally, please note that the majority of forum members are 16 years of age or older, and that the General Discussion forum may occasionally contain some adult content.
If you are under 16: please try to behave in a mature manner on the forums. Internet forums allow you to come into contact with people of all ages from all round the world. Please respect other forum users, and don't criticise people for having poor English - after all, how well can YOU speak THEIR language?
I am 16 years or older
I am not 16, but I agree to act responsibly. I am, however over 13 years of age.
I'm underage, don't let me join the forums