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'Billy Bob's Wild Night' released

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1 the blue cup thing

2 you can walk on the desk in the club

3 It boots you out of th game if you try to touch the hag

4 a few minor spelling errors (eg. "shure" = sure)

other than that i agree re-improt the graphics in hi-color
Nice first game keep up the good work

The creator:
Tack så mycket, grabbar!

Ok, some newbie questions then: Do I need to re-import ALL the images if I want to turn it into hi-res? That is a boooring job. And the big question: The game is actually baptized as 'test3', but that was so boring I re-named it to 'TheWildNight'. But that gave the effect that I am unable to use the WinSetup-program with it. I went back to the editor and looked for a way to re-name it so that Winsetup you grasp the new name, but I found none. HOW DO I RENAME IT? It looks so much nicer in a standalone window, see. I am glad you gave me feedbacks of the bugs, since they seems to be minor ones (except the graphics-issue) that I will try to correct. I had some initial problems with the 'Interact with' command and got lazy using the 'Any touch...', and that give some confusion here and there. Ok, all help is good help, so keep posting, guys!

A regular designer: "If the game work, dont touch it."
A hardcore designer: "If the game works, it need more features."

BR/Daniel (Z)

Rename the game folder to the name of your choice, then open it up in AGS edit and compile it.

Also, yes, you must re-import ALL the graphics. The first rule of everything is to set up your palette (or ditch it and use highcolor) before doing ANYTHING AT ALL. :)

Also, being lazy is EVVVIILLL! These things take time, let them take it. I've been working with my project for a year+ now, and it's not even near completition. Sure one get bored. But you don't work all the time, and now and then you feel the inspiration bubble up and you get loads of work done :)

I shant play this game until i'm reassured that it stars Billy Bob Thornton.

;) :p


I like what you have tried to do with this game... The idea of puting 3d Graphics in is good, if you could get the pallete right. Personally, I'd of changed to Hi-Colour, just to make it look nicer and that would mean that all the effort you put into the graphics wont be wasted.

Found one bug, when you click on the door to the left of the screen in the XXX club, it says: "Display Message could not be found". Also, I'd add more hotspots, you cant use the eye for anything in most scenes...



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