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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #40 on: 11 Feb 2004, 10:35 »
Today has been shitty.  I was in the music building for 6 hours writing this damn waltz, and I didn't get home until midnight.  Now it's 2:30 am and I still have a shitload of other work to do before my 9am class.  What the hell is going on!?
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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #41 on: 12 Feb 2004, 10:33 »
Been bloody hot everyday for a while now, still thunderstorms almost everyday, still not a lot of rain with them.

Tonight is the biggest awards show, don't worry about these fake Oscars or Grammy Awrards they are too subjective, these are pretty much performance based so you get a real outcome.

The Allan Border Medal, Crickets night of nights in Australia.

My Predictions:

One Day player of the Year: Ricky Ponting

Test player of the Year: Ricky Ponting

The Allan Border Medal: Ricky Thomas Ponting

well, I don't think I even have to watch it, If I'm wrong, the awards are Rigged

Edit: well it's all over and my predictions were not correct but I was fairly close

Actual Results:

One Day player of the Year: Adam Gilchrist
Ponting was a close second equal with Brett Lee, so it was closer than I thought

Test player of the Year: Ricky Ponting

The Allan Border Medal: Ricky Ponting

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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #42 on: 14 Feb 2004, 13:10 »
Thursday 12th of February:
I woke up somewhere around 6.45am, had some breakfast, took my luggage and left to school. When I got there, I wore my Brotherhood of Carnage-robe, because it was my last school day and we wore funny costumes and did pranks to younger students. There were also some traditions which can be seen every year in Finnish high schools when the oldest students have the last school day.

We were going on a cruise and the buses to Helsinki left at 10.00am. The bus trip was rather annoying, it lasted almost five hours, we stopped only twice. Almost everyone was atleast a bit drunk. I don't drink, and it was a problem for a one girl who was on my class (the one with the "I want to find my own sam wise" shirt in my class photo". She came to talk to me and after a small chat she came to a conclusion that I don't like her (which is true) so she left (hurrah!). Then someone started showing karaoke-videos in the bus.

We finally arrived Helsinki. Terminal was really flooded, because there were hundreds of students who had a last school day today and they were going on a same cruise as we were. My friend Mikko was really drunk in the terminal and then he had a hickup. He started panicking that what if he can't get in to the ship now so my other friend Tuomas tried to help. He suddenly said "Boo!", trying to scare him and repeated that several times. And suddenly Mikko's hickup was away! There were no trouble while getting into the ship and we got into our room somewhere around 3.30pm. There were supposed to be buffet at 4.30pm so we stayed at our room for an hour.

After we had eaten we went shopping in the Tax Free. I spend almost 30€ to candy. After that we met our friend Mikko again. He wasn't as drunk anymore as earlier. Then he started chat with a mirror.

Later we went to a bar. My friend gave me a sample of her drink and it tasted good so I decided to buy similar. After all, the last school day was a big happening so why not drinking some alcohol? Then my yet other friend Antti came. My roommate Anssi doesn't drink, but Antti ordered him several drinks and what happened? Anssi was all drunk the rest of the night. Man, that was so funny.

One of my favourite bands, Don Johnson Big Band, was supposed to play at 00.15am. I bought another drink before that and had fun, while listening Anssi's stories. Nothing special really happened, except that we had a "meeting" with my friend Lari and he gave us some beer. Usually I don't like beer, but that one tasted different.

Friday the 13th of February:
Whoo, Don Johnson Big Band started playing! Man, they were awesome. After that we just wandered around the ship, until two of my roommates went to bed at 3.30am. Me and my friend Ville then went to a club. We went to our room somewhere around 5.00am and saw several persons sleeping on the corridor floors. I went to shower, first the water was freezing cold and then hot as hell. After that I went to bed.

I had set my mobile phone to wake us up at 8.00am. Breakfast was at 8.30am so we wanted to woke up early. Anssi had almost threw up, and the whole thing about him being drunk was so funny because he even didn't drink much.

After the breakfast there wasn't much to do. The ship arrived back to Helsinki at 1.00pm and after that we had another five hours bus trip coming. But now it was more calm (I wonder why...). Only one person in our bus had such a bad hangover that he threw up. We stopped once to buy burgers and I was home at 6.00pm. I went to bed at 10.30pm.
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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #43 on: 15 Feb 2004, 04:24 »
This thing really dosen't move, does it?

Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #44 on: 18 Feb 2004, 09:52 »
I was watching The Simpsons, and it was one that they went to England. Although these episodes that they go overseas can be funny, they obviously don't do much research and confuse things with wrong countries. I sort of feel strange each time I see one of these episodes cause I know it will make me cringe at some point, and also Dame Edna is not from England. There seems to be a common thing that happens when they go overseas, they get into trouble, end up in court and go to gaol for something that they probably wouldn't go to gaol for unless they were in America. It is just a cartoon, but sometimes a bit more research would make for a more interesting episode.

I was watching 'Natural Born Killers' the other day and I was trying to figure out what accent Robert Downey jr was trying to do. To me it sounded like a combination of South African, Zimbabwean, Aussie, Kiwi & Pommy, and none of those correctly. He tended to slip between them & when he shouted a bit of American slipped in. I love the movie though.

And when is this thread going to fucking move, um, hello moderator, it's up to you...

I guess a moderator probably hasn't read the first post????


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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #45 on: 18 Feb 2004, 20:23 »
Or m0ds could change the title to 'Trip on this. A stationary thread'


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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #46 on: 18 Feb 2004, 22:11 »
Well. Today was my last day in Brighton.
I went on The Sizziler (it's a ride on the pier) which is always fun. I also went on a simulator thing which was also fun but a little too silly to be believeable, plus, I think the video was out-of-synch with the movements.
Wow, that last paragraph had some really sucky punctuation..
Anyways, I went into a shop called 'Davids Comics' and I bought a copy of 'The cat with a really big head' by Roman Dirge (that man truly is a genius). i also bought a CD-ROm with a bunch of fonts for comic-making.
Um...I also bought some chocolate fudge...


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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #47 on: 21 Feb 2004, 23:12 »
Thread's still not moving but maybe if it's bumped up someone will remember to move it.

Had a quadruple date last night. Went out with 4 females to drink & dance.  Seemed like it could go interesting places, or at least improve chances.  Two were light-weights and had to leave fairly quickly.  I blew about 80 bucks on drinks and went home.  Had an absolutely excellent time but paying for it today.  Ouch.  


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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #48 on: 22 Feb 2004, 19:01 »
I've been on a break from school for the past week, and I just got back to residence.  And I'm not going home again for a MONTH!  This may not seem like a lot, but I usually go home every weekend.

So I booted up my computer (yay! I get a computer to myself again!) when I got back into my room, and realized that this thread has finally decided to move.  In celebration, I posted in it.

Yup, that's today so far.
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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #49 on: 22 Feb 2004, 20:34 »

You know, it looked like a cool concept on paper, but now that it's actually moved, it's just.. It's beyond what words can explain!

Where will it be TOMORROW?

Had a quadruple date last night. Went out with 4 females to drink & dance.

I thought a quadruple date was four couples going out, not four chicks doing stuff with some dude. I'd just call that a fivesome.. Either way, it deserves a high-five.


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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #50 on: 23 Feb 2004, 00:00 »
OsUltimos Journal: Entry #4

I am currently in TAFE, I'm kinda tired and I have just wasted the last of my money on food...

I watched Weekend at Bernies last night, laughed my ass off pretty much throughout the movie. I hadn't seen it for a while now, and it's gotten me ready for Weekend at Bernies 3 which I hope they do end up making, even though its really going to be Bernies brother, Ernie. :P

ps. OMFG!!! It's moved! :o
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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #51 on: 23 Feb 2004, 01:00 »
Timosity: My first reaction to reading your reply about playing cricket during all that stormy weather was "Uhoh, remember that guy who was struck by lightening and killed while playing cricket in stormy weather". I suppose, lucky for you that you were doing it at around the same time, so I guess the lightening was busy on the other guy and had no time for you.

Also, I had the exact same thoughts about that Simpsons episode in England. Personnaly, I usually hate all the overseas vacation episodes because they either really offend me ^_^ (ie, Simpsons in Australia) or they are just completely unresearched and ... pretty lame. Of course it has to be funny, but things are funnier when you do make an attempt to get the facts right to a certain degree. Laughing at what's actually there in life, rather than just inventing things to laugh at. Why DO they always end up in court?? It's like watching a National Lampoons movie rather than the Simpsons.

To anyone else, let me tell you than Brisbane just experienced it's hottest temperature ever over the weekend (and it can't be much better right now) and it's just freaking awful here now. Apparently 23 people died from the heat. I found that extremely freaky. This summer, Queensland, if not most of Australia, has experienced some of the worst weather everywhere. Record high temperatures, an entire week of extremely violent storms...

Check these out for photos of the park near my house during one particularly wet storm. I repeat, this is a PARK. Not a lake. Not usually, anyway.

Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #52 on: 09 Mar 2004, 09:33 »
Geez, Floods Hot weather, cold weather, everythings been happening lately.

Today was bloody hot, the hottest day in Sydney since December and it' was 0.7 degrees C from the hottest day in March (in recorded history).

It was Still 39 C at 6pm (103 F)

It's odd, there's always really hot days, just before and after Summer, I suppose it's not really that strange.

An interesting fact, as the Earth moves around the Sun in an oliptical orbit, the Earth is closest to the sun in the sothern Hemisphere's summer, The Northern Hemisphere's Summer is at the earth's furthest point from the sun.

Therefore the S.Hem's Summers are generally more intense and the Winters are also more intense, but It's more noticeable the further away from the equator you are.

It's 8.30pm now and it's still bloody hot.

As for the fucking weather, I was pissed off on Saturday, cause it rained and Cricket was called off, so I didn't get to play the very last week of my season, therefore I have to wait until September to play again.

rain, and we're still in the same drought as we have been for the last few years, why didn't it just rain today instead.

The thing that was most annoying was the rain was predicted but it only started at 1pm when cricket's supposed to start and stopped after 6pm when it finishes, perfect fugging timing.

At least we made up for it in the Pub

Edit: A cool change just came through, It's really pleasant outside now (1:30am) it's still 27 inside (80 F) probably 3 or 4 degrees cooler outside

Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #53 on: 10 Mar 2004, 00:20 »
I totally forgot about this thread.

and i'm shocked that it moved.  :)

Well, not much to say except that i bought a PS2 game last Friday called Disaster Report which may be one of the best games i have ever played.

A friend and i stayed up all night playing it and taking turns. We finally beat it (well, i beat it) after 8 hours of game play.

If you own a PS2, and have a liking to games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, then this is a game you should check out. I found it for 20 bucks (USA).

I know this may sound like an advert for Disaster Report, but i'm still shocked at how much i liked this game.

Oh, and for the weather in my neck of the woods. Some light snow and i think it was in the 30's today (F).  But on Friday, we were in the 60's.

Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #54 on: 10 Mar 2004, 16:05 »
talknig about games, i bought a game called 'beyond good and evil' at the weekend, i like  ;D

Ohh and i got a loadda my skating moves back, i dropped in a half-pipe nd i can rock and roll fakie rock ect..

yup it moved!


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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #55 on: 11 Mar 2004, 19:14 »
I bought a gamecube about a week ago.  I've been mostly sitting around playing the Resident Evil remake and Resident Evil Zero.

I have to work 7 to midnight tonight.

I need to get my tires changed because my tread depth is 3/32.

When is spring finally going to get here?  About a week ago, it started getting warmer and all the snow was melting.  Then we got dumped on about a foot and a half... last night it was pretty warm too, so all that crap started melting.  Then this morning we got a dusting of snow (not a whole lot), but now the wind is blowing so hard that the dusting of snow we got is just blowing all over the place.  I heard a lot of people in Appleton went in the ditch because of slick roads.

I miss my girlfriend... :'(  I haven't seen her in about a month because of my new job and all...  her birthday is monday and I have to go pick up her present, but I can't drive in shit like this...
Watch, I just killed this topic...

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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #56 on: 13 Mar 2004, 07:41 »
I'm still waiting for the thread to move...
Okay - so I'm impatient. But if I see a thread that says "Moving Thread" I want it to move a little more frequently... or am I alone on this one?

My diary entry: Today I was a bum. Figuratively speaking, of course. Being an actual posterior would require major facial reconstruction. I did nothing all day, and I mean NOTHING! I didn't say hello to a single friend, I only left the house for about 10 minutes MAX, and I read about every thread there is in AGS history.

Tomorrow shall be no different (aside going to church, of course). I have to wait until Monday to meet all my friends at uni.

That sucks.
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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #57 on: 13 Mar 2004, 09:16 »
Today I am bored and bored. Tomorrow I'll be bored and sad and bored because I have to go to school on monday. School is boring and monday is boring... This is boring



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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #58 on: 15 Mar 2004, 20:15 »
This week will probably like last week; no school because we're supposed to work on our projects which I don't since I'm a lazy bastard.
Instead I have gone into some sort of hyper-mode - I workout every other day, lift weights until my muscles ache and do hundreds of situps, and run around the lake every other day.

Beside this I have entered a wonderful period of creativity, so I paint roughly one big achrylic-painting a day, with rather nice result.

was on a party this saturday but I think the host is still annoyed with me because I brought too many friends; it turned out pretty segregated and most people just kept to their small groups, except for me who ran around trying to socialise with everybody and make them taste my home-made punch.

The night was rather boring on the whole, and I was awfully hung over on Sunday.
Me and my sister (who was also hung-over) hung out and visited a museum for design, and spent some time in their work-shop building funny things in plastic.
Our hands shook so much from our dehydrated the-day-after-bodies (and a lot of coffein) that people made comments about the youth of today and their unsteady mobility.

Over and out.


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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #59 on: 15 Mar 2004, 23:58 »
Yeah I guess I cold spare a minute...

Woke up, wow, it's fuckin 2:45 a.m! Sit around till 3:00. Too lazy to get up and walk to shitter so I fall asleep on th floor watchin t.v in my room. Wake up again at 5:00. Sister is awake, wants me to get baked with her so why the hell not? I get up I go to the shitter take a duece on the royal throne and wipe. Flush, brush teeth, and go to her room. Put blinds down and smoke myself retarded. After that I get on the computer and look at porn. Sara scratches her tit. We watch Bad Boys II and I fall asleep. At 10:30 I wake up once again and my brother Zakk is laughing his ass off. I tell him to shut up and he goes to his room and pouts. Call g/f and she comes over and gives me head. After I check the time. 1:30 or so. Go outside and try to play basketball but I cough up my lung. Actually I just coughed alot. Go inside cause im freezing. Get on shitty dial up AOL and go to the greatest site in the world, Ags Forums. Look at latest topics, reply to some. Get this thing called UnFREEZe and make my new avatar which is what mine is now. Hmm... 5:26 must be hungry cause my stomach is yelling at me. Get some soup and heat it up in the microwave. After its done I take it out and take a spoonful of soup. I burn my tounge and soon I am drinking a big glass of Mountain Dew. I sit around till 8:30. Sara gets me wicked baked and I pass out while watching Super Troopers.
Yeah this is all true.