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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #60 on: 17 Mar 2004, 16:26 »
This morning, after watching "Dora the Explorer" with my daughter, I was singing the "Map song" to her, because she always gets excited when the map comes on. So I sang:

"Who's the one you need to know when you've got a place to go? What's my name?"

and she said "Map!" (well, more like "Ma(glottal stop)" but its good enough for me)

so I carried on,

"Say it again!"

and she said "Map!" again, so I continued to the second verse:

"Who can help you say, 'Hey, I figured out the way!' ? What's my name?"

and again she said "Map!" and again after "say it again!"....

Maybe it was a fluke, and it was also very funny so I phoned my wife to tell her and she did it again over the phone for her! And again various times today! And she's 16 months old today... I'm so proud of my clever wee girl.

Sorry to bore you all with my "proud father" stories. I also did some work on my next AGS game PMV which will be out by Sunday... (Sphinx postponed until PMV out)

Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #61 on: 17 Mar 2004, 17:45 »
That's so cool, SSH!  My 13 month-old daughter doesn't really say any coherent words yet (though it's still obvious what she wants to say...the other day we were at the park and my wife went across a bridge.  Katie saw her across the stream and yelled, "MAAAAAMAAAAA!"), but she dances like nothing else, and she has been since she was about 6 months old, before she could even walk; back then, it most mostly waving her hands to music.  Now it's reached to doing some dance steps, mostly just waddling around to music.

She especially loves the new Britney Spears song "Toxic."  I don't know why she loves it so much, but whenever she hears it on the T.V. or whatever she goes into a dancy frenzy.  She stops doing whatever she's doing and starts waving her arms around in the air, doing the moonwalk, and shaking her booty.
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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #62 on: 17 Mar 2004, 17:49 »

Bored out of my wits, but scared to tell anyone because they might make me do house work, I changed my avatar, personal text, and sig in some kind of celebratory type-thing because of the hundredth Strong Bad Email. Now my sig is a self promotion about to happen, and I think I look like an illiterate fanboy. Maybe if I changed the personal text..... Got a new comic on Drunk duck, but scanning and inking on the computer is such a pain. I wish it was faster, seeing as I got six long comics and they're getting longer. B-O-R-E-D.


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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #63 on: 19 Mar 2004, 12:47 »
Author of this post:

** thinks about this strange thread **
** congratulates himself for succeeding in killing himself and dying while young **
** looks at clock **
** it's 14:46 **
** realizes that last 22 hours have been too unproductive, CPU is overheating, both biological and electronical, so It's time to get some sleep before collapsing **
** lies to himself about all these great AGS games he's going to finish work on tomorrow, such as stopped february MAGS project, life-time work DreamWalker and so on **
** Clicks on "Post" button while being a bit worried noticing that 2 packs of cigarettes have vanished into young, spoiled lungs of his' in last 22 hours **
** edits post to sweep out some typos **
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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #64 on: 20 Mar 2004, 05:15 »
Balmy +2 Celsius.  Marked latest midterms from first year (read freshman in USspeak) geomorphology class -rare excitement indeed.  Wondered idly why they don't just use a computer for that kind of rote testing, but then realized that thousands of unskilled floaters such as myself would then be out of a "living".  Played a bit of shinny at the rink this evening, then watched a surprisingly exciting professional game on TV while drinking unexciting domestic beer and trying to convince my girlfriend to go habsies with me on a property out in the bush where we could indulge in our (my) dream of pioneering.  Perhaps it was the beer talking, for whatever would I do without my computer and AGS??

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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #65 on: 20 Mar 2004, 08:31 »

*Borrowed a Friend's University Text Book and read about One Hundred Pages

*realised the previous point contained mostly capitals at the beginning of non-nouns.

*experienced severe boredom while reading these pages

*commited death.
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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #66 on: 22 Mar 2004, 14:06 »
I went on a Fishing Surfing weekend spanning a whole 40 hrs

included 8 hours travel (4 each way)
5 hours sleep

Stayed at my mates, parents holiday house at Batemans Bay which is about 310km (193 miles) south of my place. Great house right on the beach, literally (well on the small hill just above the sand about 15 meters back)

The surf was dead, so fishing was the answer. We went out in the Dinghy and ended up catching about 20 fish, 9 of legal size which we kept.

While we were sitting in the boat, 2 Dolphins came past not more than 5 meters from the boat, awesome.

It was just great to relax in front of the ocean for a couple of days.

The weather was great until Sunday afternoon about 5pm when it started raining. So when I eventually had to leave, It rained the whole way home, 4 hours of driving at night in the rain, you really have to keep alert, especially when you're not too familiar with the roads, but it was actually a really enjoyable drive.

I wish I could have gone for a whole week or 2.

Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #67 on: 22 Mar 2004, 14:42 »

A diary (you can skip to the next post and you won't know anymore or anyless than what you arrived here with, as this post is absolutely pointless.)

Spent a weekend at Rockland Christian Camp.

Spent 5 minutes writing an absolutely pointless post.

Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #68 on: 27 Mar 2004, 00:43 »
Yeppers, i'm moving this baby back to the top.

Today at work went well until about 4:30, when a co-worker and i started yelling at each other.  He's usually a cool guy, but for some reason he must have been stressed out, so he decided to take it out on me.

I work for a family owned company, and the owner must have heard what was going on, so she called a meeting at 5:00.  I thought the meeting was brought on because of me, and i started mouthing off during it.  But it wasn't.

I work for a small Awards & Trophy shop and we run on a small staff and everyone gets really stressed out because we are constantly busy.

But to make a long story short. It wasn't the greatest ending to a work day, and i'm just wondering how my fellow co-worker is gonna treat me come Monday.

I hate confrontations, and i was was steaming pissed off when i left work today. But nothing a few beers won't be able to help.

If i never post again, it might be because my co-worker crushed in my skull with a large trophy or something.



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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #69 on: 27 Mar 2004, 04:27 »
Wow. I'd forgotten about this.

I handed in my second last essay today.  I have one more due on Monday, Then it's time to start cramming for exams.

As of tomorrow, production week will have started for the play I'm in- A Midsummer's Night Dream- so basically my director owns my soul until next Saturday.  

I also have to worry about applications for limited enrollment classes for next year.

Le joy.
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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #70 on: 27 Mar 2004, 04:50 »
I woke up and prepared myself for a completely useless day...

I drove over to the wal-mart and bought myself a new cordless phone and got about 500 rnds of ammo for my gun on sale. Then I cam e home and cleaned my guns and sat around staring at this cursed screen because I could not get myself to do anything actually crank out another game....

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Re:Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #71 on: 27 Mar 2004, 07:55 »
I woke up today at 10.  I got dressed and got in my car to go to the gas station to get some cigarettes.

The fog was thick today... it always is in the first week of spring time around here.  I couldn't see very far in front of my car, but I was just speeding along through the country side, singing along to Enter Sandman.

Then something ran out in front of my car.  I didn't even have a chance to depress the brake pedal.  I felt myself being pulled towards the dashboard as I slammed into it.  I could hear the sound of breaking glass... the impact tossed the thing off into the mist.

I was like, "Shit!".  I knew the front of my car was totaled.  I got out of the car and pulled a bat out of my trunk.  If whatever I hit wasn't dead, it sure as hell was going to be... (I don't have the money to be buying a new car right now!).  I walked up towards the figure on the road, thinking it was a deer, but as I got closer I realized it was a person, a man.  I was like, "Aw shit...  Dude, are you okay?"

The man lay there... he didn't appear to be breathing... suddenly I realized that the cost of automobile repairs were the least of my worries.  I was just about to reach down and check the guy's pulse when he rolled over and grabbed my hand.  Half the guy's face was gone... he let out a gurgle-y groan as blood started to pour out of his mouth.

I shoved the guy's hand away, and I took a few steps back as he got up off the ground and started to lurch toward me.  One arm was outstretched toward me, while the other arm was hanging from his shoulder by a thread.  He continued to shuffle towards me, until his fingers were just inches away from my face... a wicked stench perfumed off of his fingers... like he had just finished picking his ass...

I reared back with the bat, and took one hard swing at his head.

I could hear his head bouncing off in the distance like a soccer ball.  His body slumped to the ground.  A thick puddle of blood pooled up around his body.

I tilted my head forward, squinted my eyes, and pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration.  I turned to look at my car, it wasn't in that bad of shape, a busted headlight, a broken grill, and the hood was pinched upward in the middle slightly.

I walked back to my car in a huff... I tossed the bloody bat into the passenger seat and got in.

"Damn zombies..." I muttered to myself as I threw the lever into drive and sped off.
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Re: Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #72 on: 17 Jul 2004, 02:56 »
I found the moving thread again, and wanted to get it moving again.

Well, i bought myself a new computer a couple of weeks ago, and it certainly beats the crap out of my old computer.  But i seem to be brand loyal and have bought my 2nd emachine in a row.  My old computer couldn't run anything with its puny 96 MB of Ram and Intel Celeron Processor, so i had to go with an emachines T4852 computer with a P4 2.8 ghz, 512 MB Ram, 120 GB HD, one cd-rom drive, and one DVD drive.

Thank goodness for that $1,000 bonus i got from work or i wouldn't have bought this computer.

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Re: Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #73 on: 18 Jul 2004, 06:09 »
Speaking of bonuses, I could really use one. :)

I pretty much wasted the day.  I made a poster to help get rid of some of our puppies (pug/boston bulldog if anyone cares)  They're really cute, but we can't keep all five of them plus our adult dogs. 

Then I messed with AGS forums a bit, found a PM from someone who has offered to help me with a project.  For the first time in months, I'm actually considering working on Mask of Eternity again.  It doesn't help that my sierra-style art bites butt, but I'm getting better.  Does anyone have some suggestions to make good rocks/cliffs?  I'm trying to make the waterfall from MoE in 2d.

I spent some time working on a background for another pal, but its not finished.  I am pleased with it, but know I could do better if I spent a few more hours on it.  Of course, that's my life story.  That's why I've never released a game, just a couple skimpy demos.

Helped my mom work on some customer orders for her sewing, wish a few more orders would come in.  Darn I'm broke.
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Re: Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #74 on: 10 May 2006, 14:01 »
Is this thread really this old? seems like yesterday, just happened to find it on a search, so I figured I may as well revive it.

Just wondering if anyone round the globe heard anything about the trapped miners in Tasmania that were freed yesterday from a collapse about 1km underground

They were trapped for 14 days and it was about 6 days before it was known they were alive, then another 8 days to drill in and get them out.

It was major news here, pretty much all the news for the last 2 weeks, and the typical story that will be made into a movie at some stage. No Australian has posted about it, I was just wondering if it made any headlines elsewhere.

Re: Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #75 on: 10 May 2006, 17:15 »
Ensigns Log, supplemental.
Saw something fun yesterday. Went down to local airport and saw Canadian F-18 fighters land, then a while later, after some other great stuff, saw heard AND FELT THEM take off while PUNCHING afterburners.(in typical Canadian Military fashion, 1 in 4 didn’t take off.) It was great, one of the highlights of my year, which tells you something.
today? woke up, ate cereal, a mixture of Raisin Bran and All-bran. Biked to school and am now here typing, what joy.
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Re: Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #76 on: 11 May 2006, 07:05 »
And for the last two years, I thought I had completely killed this thread with that stupid zombie story of mine.  ::)

(...just watch... I just killed it again...)
Watch, I just killed this topic...


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Re: Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #77 on: 11 May 2006, 12:16 »
I am going to break my heart at school today.

Re: Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #78 on: 11 May 2006, 16:45 »
When the school vacations arrive, I'm going for a month to Croatia. there I met mateja, the girl of my dreams.  :)

Re: Trip on this. A moving thread.
« Reply #79 on: 11 May 2006, 18:07 »
This week I found out that my job's contract is to be terminated on friday. Company is making cuts. :(