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Author Topic: April MAGS  (Read 13152 times)

Re:April MAGS
« Reply #40 on: 26 Apr 2004, 22:45 »
Its done,

This were the hardest 2 weeks of my life so far, and i could not implement even half of the ideas, but i guess this is not unusal.
So here it is: Airbreak

Hopefully its understandable cause i finished the text yesterday (in fact today), and so was not enough time to correct and control the whole text grammar.
Thanks to Scuth who has try to do it.

Here you can download the game:  

EDIT: Sorry I found an bug and repair it, now a better functioning version is downloadable.
If someone have the first version:
The bug was in the first screen, if you try to go in the building without solving the puzzle with the parking-meter, the charakter stucks. So dont try this if you havent paid the parking-meter or download the hopefully buggyfree new version, again.

EDIT: German version included


A few words to the game:
i used 800x600 with 32 bit so its rather huge with 13,6Mb filesize.
But it contains 1 complete song, and a few soundfragments.
So i guess its worth downloading it.
The plot: The player want to be the new funk-guitar player, at the band from maestro
Francesco van K. Airbreak, so he had to step through the musicschool, improve your music-ability
to finally get on stage with The Maestro himself
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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #41 on: 27 Apr 2004, 04:46 »

I have finished a game for april MAGS and would like to post it. It is my first game and I worked a whole week on it.

It plays in the future in the year 105346 AD and is located in a futuristic music akademy. One of the Maestros there turned completely mad and built a gigantic tuning fork that is able to destroy the whole universe just by its sound.

You play a young student, who tries to defeat this guy, but before you can do that you have to find the so called "Horn of Resonance" an ancient and mystic instrument with unknown powers.

I hope it works, I didn't have much time to test it...
It also contains some music played by me on the piano.
It should be possible to download it here....(5 MB)

I hope these links work if not tell me please.

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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #42 on: 27 Apr 2004, 06:30 »
I never expected any more games coming before it was over. Oh well, it did happen to MAGS November as well.


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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #43 on: 27 Apr 2004, 08:39 »
After approximately a week's worth of experience with AGS, I offer a wee
little adventurette for the April MAGS competition.

Biwa of Blood really completely avoids the competition theme (`Funkadelic'),
being based on a story from Japanese folklore.  It does, however, meet
the competition requirements (although only if a bachi---a biwa pick---can
fill in for a guitar pick).

The story is loosely based on a segment of the film Kwaidan (1964)
by Masaki Kobayashi.  The film in turn was based on a book of the same
name by Ladcadio Hearn, in which he collected Japanese folk tales.

The entire game was implemented in somewhat less than a week, so it's very
short.  It has also seen very little playtesting, so it is possible the game
contains bugs.  Feel free to contact me if you find any.

Obligatory screenshot:  

The game may be downloaded from here:



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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #44 on: 27 Apr 2004, 14:25 »
spb: I love the atmosphere/whole design of the game. However, the standard speech font fits with the graphic style.

VAN_WOLTER: Unusal plot for an unique universe...maybe the intro is a little bit too long (some interactive parts would be interesting)...erkk I'm stuck.

Spoiler: ShowHide
 I had the horn, "loaded" twice - book+rabbit trap -

Rocco: I have a 56K modem...I'm thinking of commiting suicide (less than 2% completed...argggg)

Re:April MAGS
« Reply #45 on: 27 Apr 2004, 15:27 »
Yes I was worried that the intro could be a bit too long.

On the other hand I needed a long Introduction to explain the strange plot and to introduce all characters.

Spoiler: ShowHide
 Knollo has to change the horn a bit. The mouth piece of the horn is too small. He can find a bigger mouthpiece in his own room at the pupils quarters.

If you already did that, you should be able to play the altered horn by looking it. Try too use it somehow in the laboratory for example.

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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #46 on: 27 Apr 2004, 17:17 »
Okay. Time is more than up now. I wanted to wait for ElaineMc but nothing's in so far.
Also this time I'd like to especially remember these famous words:
I'm going to definatly enter.

Anyway - let's start. For voting please visit the MAGS site or make your choice right here:

van K. Airbreak by Rocco
Once upon a time in the 70s by Petteri
Masters of Sound by Van Wolter
Biwa of Blood by spb

Please vote only once and be sure to have played all games before sending your voice! Good luck to all participants.
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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #47 on: 27 Apr 2004, 18:42 »
VAN_WOLTER: I finished the my point of view, the music would fit an old black & white movie (metropolis...)  ;)

Rocco:  I managed to download the game but I couldn't figure out the earing puzzle (it's a little bit hard for non musicians)

Klaus: Don't be rude with releasethefrogs: his game "5 O'clock Lock" was finally done...Moreover, the entries are due by have to wait til midinight :)

Re:April MAGS
« Reply #48 on: 27 Apr 2004, 19:14 »
The ear training is no puzzle,its a lesson - it have do be done, no matter how good or bad you are.


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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #49 on: 27 Apr 2004, 20:32 »
yep, I realised later than it was only a lesson.

I made some basic research t understand the "lesson"...I think that it would be interesting to explain in the .txt the basis of intervals.

(or at least, please, reduce, the numbers of possible answers -prim, octave, perfect 5, perfect 4)

Re:April MAGS
« Reply #50 on: 27 Apr 2004, 20:51 »
I had it aimed in little pieces, but run out of time to split it up.
But maybe i work further on the game and make all the things i planned in the beginning, but then i need for sure at least another month.  :)

Re:April MAGS
« Reply #51 on: 27 Apr 2004, 21:18 »
Thanks for playing my game nope!

Metropolis is an ecellent film I think. I would have been proud to make the music for it.

I just thought, that I could use this game instead for living up my late-romantic music ambitions to underline the drammatic moments of the completely pathetic story.


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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #52 on: 27 Apr 2004, 21:30 »
Metropolis is quite good (and long).

Maybe you could make a game based on some silent films...or something like noir games (Cruise for a Corpse)

Your backgrounds style fits with "retro-futurist design" (metropolis, Blake & Mortimer comics).


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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #53 on: 28 Apr 2004, 05:26 »
spb: I love the atmosphere/whole design of the game. However, the standard speech font fits with the graphic style.

You mean it DOESN'T fit with the graphic style, yes?  Or at least that's
what I thought---but I couldn't figure out how to create an inverted font
from a `standard' font (in the couple of days I had to complete the game).
I would've prefered to use the same (TrueType) font throughout the
entire game (all ten or fifteen minutes of it).

Glad you liked the look.  For a thoroughly amateur artist such as myself,
the line between `minimalist art' and `something that looks like a
coffee stain' is narrow indeed.

Re:April MAGS
« Reply #54 on: 28 Apr 2004, 07:50 »
Klaus: Don't be rude with releasethefrogs: his game "5 O'clock Lock" was finally done...Moreover, the entries are due by have to wait til midinight :)
I see - that game is done in time but it's not a MAGS entry: It's not posted to this thread and there's no info about a participation on MAGS in his completed game announcement. So no...

For the deadline: The stated day is to be seen just an approximate time. Therefore always an info is posted some hours before the voting starts. This time 24 hours, with extension even 30 hours before. And if you actually need some more "minutes" to finish your entry you usually get these after a short message :)
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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #55 on: 28 Apr 2004, 21:43 »
Klaus: ok, I was wrong.  :-X
I really thought that Evil (or Elaine) could finish in time.
(In fact, due to the lack of entries, I started "Who killed bambi II?"; just to make MAGS a real competition)

Spd: Yes, I mean DOESN'T.
Don't depreciate your own work: I love the way you draw rabbits ...what? It was a "monk"? Erkkk...  ;)


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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #56 on: 01 May 2004, 09:28 »
It's that time of the month again....
*Magintz looks at all the female AGSers...*


...OK, It's that OTHER time of the month again, when we get to announce the winner of this months MAGS, but this month is a little different because I am leaving MAGS. I shall begin to tell you about my life with MAGS.

*insert dream like scene*
It all happened a while back, I remember it as though it was yesterday, but considering I don't remember yesterday I shall make it up.

It was a cold and stormy night, we had been sailing for months in the high seas, with no food, no water and more importantly no AGS. My fellow crew member, DGMACPHEE, and I had landed ourselves in sticky water; sticky, salty water. The air was thick and so was the crew. Our sails had been torn apart and it was only a matter of time before we all went down to Davy Jones locker (the bottom of the sea, not RON). The ship was beginning to break apart and with his last ounce of strength DG strapped the only remaining life-vest to me and handed over the keys to MAGS, with his final breath we were taken under by a large wave - the next thing I knoe I woke up on a beach surrounded by strange people in thongs.
I stood up, cleared my eyes, puked over a nearby sea turtle and was on my way to becoming a might MAGS owner.

Since that day I will never forget DG's face as I saw him being dragged under with the ship, him trying to undo my life vest, and the anger and hatred in his eyes as he tried to pull me down with him, never to see him again, but if it were not for my trusty survival knife we would have both been dead.

*end dream scene*

Reminising asside I feel that it is due time to pass on the life of MAGS from me to Klaus. The reason for this is the hard work, determination and effort towards MAGS. I feel comfortable passing MAGS on to Klaus and I hope he can keep it going.

I have spoken to Klaus over the past few days and he has accepted the offer as of May and this month he will be the new owner.

Anyway, lets get back to the winners, sorry this post is a bit late, but I hope it shouldn't effect you guys too much. There were some really good entries this month and it has made my last month with MAGS really fun, but there can only be one winner...

van K. Airbreak by Rocco

Rocco, if you would like to send your rules for this month to Klaus asap

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has entered and supported me throughout the time with me and MAGS and would also like to thank Klaus for all his effort into MAGS.

Goodbye MAGS... I'll miss you  :'(
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When I was a little kid we had a sand box. It was a quicksand box. I was an only child... eventually.

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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #57 on: 01 May 2004, 09:53 »
Man... what a story! Remember to tell that to your grandchildren when time comes...

Oh, and congrats Rocco, I haven't had time to play your game just yet, but I will soon!
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Re:April MAGS
« Reply #58 on: 01 May 2004, 11:56 »
Congratulations to Rocco.

My personal favorite was "biwa of blood", because it had the most esthetical artwork I think.

Re:April MAGS
« Reply #59 on: 01 May 2004, 14:00 »
Thanks,  :D im very happy about winning this competition.
Also thanks to Spb, Van_Wolter and Petteri, i guess all games this month are able to win, and worth to be played.
I also like the "Biwa of Blood" very much, cause this style gives an special atmosphere to the game, i will try this kind of style next time.

The rules for May:
I dont want to post it right away, but the most important thing about the rules would be,
to make an open source game, i hope this is compatible with the competition assignement.
I guess it is specially for noobs, very helpfull to see, how other game-creators have solved some things, and can learn from it.
This was my first AGS-Game, and I have learned a lot from the Open source game Exile and the Demo  Quest.
So I also give away the complete Source files from Airbreak.
Downloadable on the Game site.
If somebody dont want to give away the artwork and music files, its enough when the gamecode is open source.
The main-Theme would be - ROBBERY - in any kind you like   8)
ok, now its nothing much more, so i Post the complete rules right away, hopefully klaus wouldnt kill me:

AGS-CODE must be open source.
THEME: ROBBERY ( could be all you can imagine from insurance cheating to a Planned Bank Robbery or a house break-in)

Pich at least two items from the list above, and include it somehow in your game:

night vision device
alarm device
black cape
flame cutter
welding aparatus

no other restrictions