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I feel a bit bad criticising such an ambitious and generally well-crafted game (and such a celebration of the delights of promiscuous bisexuality to boot), but the more I play this the more I think it's pretty deeply flawed. Basically, it's way too easy, and the further you get into it, the more repetitive and boring it gets.

The thing is, half the fun in The Sims comes from you fighting to give your characters happy, balanced lifestyles in the face of increasing job requirements and awkward working hours.

In this game, your job status has no effect on the gameplay whatsoever, beyond having to walk a little more or less to get to your new jobclocker. Once you've found a good routine, you're basically set for the entire game (and it's a LONG game), after that there's little reason to want to keep playing for all of those endless months.

The game is a lot of fun when you're just getting to grips with it, building your character and choosing your friends and so on, but it's just too easy to be a faceless, perfect automaton who's best friends with everyone.

I really think the game needs to be developed a bit more before it's released. As it is, I'd say it's a nice try, but I think Yahtzee's reach has exceeded his grasp this time around.
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