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Re: Favourite quotes from AGS games.
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I know it's not AGS, but I always enjoyed the subtle humour of Grim Fandango.

Like, when Manny just finishes telling you how much he hates cats, and then you walk into a room full of kitty litter. If you say <pick up kitty litter> he just laughs at you for about 30 seconds.

Or when Glottis finds some equipment washed up on a beach, and says he could attach it to the boat, but first he has to "do some figurin'". He proceeds to stare at the thing and scratch his head for a while. If you say <talk to Glottis>, Manny just says "I don't wanna bug him. He's figurin'"...

Or Lupe. She was hilarious, the way the frenetic music would play as when she talks...

Re: Favourite quotes from AGS games.
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Not AGS, but best quotes of all time for me comes from Sam & Max Hit The Road:

"Who are you? Chairman of the hair club for short people?" - Max on meeting Conroy Bupkiss

"Hello little Kitty with a mangled eye...how are you today?" - Sam to Kitty with a mangled eye

Adventure is my middle game...


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Re: Favourite quotes from AGS games.
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Ben Jordan 1 Revise -

"You pick it up, and place it in your purse....did I say purse? I meant wallet."

SO lara bow!!!


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Re: Favourite quotes from AGS games.
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"Friends don't let friends be eaten by yetis."
- Jessica Plunkenstein

"You'd make a great parent!"
- Jessica Plunkenstein (upon trying to eat bleach)

That game was soooooo funny.

- Odysseus Kent (default talk response)

"Hey kid, are you digging up that ground?

No, it's just the grass has been naughty, so I'm punishing it."
- Odysseus Kent

That game was hilarious as well.

"Heh, some people would say we're all a bunch of hippies down here (Southern California).

Those people would be correct."
- Nanobots
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Re: Favourite quotes from AGS games.
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"I used to be Bill Gates, but before you could say 'Vista', they retired me." ;)
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