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Re: How did you find AGS?
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I first found Ags back when it was known as Ac and there was around five people total on the forums. It was near the very first version, if I remember right. We even had a group team formed, Gods of AGS, a bit cheesy if you think about it now. I can not remember the exact year, maybe 1997 or 1998. Our very first project was a story I devised called Two Sorrows (Or was it A Tale of Two Sorrows?). The artist we had disappeared and the project fell apart. I left (for some time) and came back. A ritual I seem to have followed for many years now. I can't even remember how I came upon Ac way back then. Anyway, that's it. Nothing grand nor fancy. Peace.

Re: How did you find AGS?
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i dident even have internet access at the time. pc gamer uk had some great adventure games on the disk. but they had also included ags v 2.70 i think  so i tried it out. 2005-6 or thereabouts, i think.

Re: How did you find AGS?
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I wasn't aware of so much stuff some while ago because there was a bit lack of internet. But somehow I found a game called Pleurghburg: Dark Ages and really enjoyed that game. Coincidentally I saw that game is made with AGS in it's about window. After I got a broadband connection, i started following AGS community, people were making really amazing games! I hope I'll be doing a shorty soon.


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Re: How did you find AGS?
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Re: How did you find AGS?
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I wanted to make a Video game for my School's Technology fair and I asked my teacher about it. He told me he would download a game maker for me. I started fiddling with it and now plan to make a trilogy of games!
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Re: How did you find AGS?
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I was looking at an article on HowStuffWorks about amatuer computer programming and it listed a few. AGS was the one that stood out to me. I downloaded it the same day  :)

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after programming a shoot em up myself via delphi for about 2 years i got pissed off from putting game elements next to program elements in an very unprofessional way. So i decided to design my on editor to make games. But it shouldnt be a shoot em up editor althought this would be "pretty easy". I wanted something bigger like an adventure, or strategy-game editor. I made a choise: adventure. since there is no a.i. in it.

10minutes later while googling through the net i found the AGS editor which contains more features that i could create in 5years... fighting back my tears i struggled one weak wether i should go the AGS path or not..

now im here :D


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i was making board games and stuff like that sice i was about 6, and i had always wanted to create a video game.

anyway...when i was 15v i started watching yahtzee reviews on the escapist and i looked at some of his games.

i tried the AGS engine because that was the one he used and i thought "well if he can do it..."

after failing to create one game, i looed around some other engines and then decided that this was the easiest to use and that i just need to commit abit more.
and soI'm now upsest with my latest game and with the help of densming's videos i'm fairly sure that it's gonna win some AGS awards...

It's gonna be like a dream, i already have a speech prepared and everything. :P

EDIT: i used to be IN LOVE with broken sword :)
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Re: How did you find AGS?
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Omg it was back on Ambrosines Game Resources page! I looked on thier alot when I was intrested in game making. Defo a good find. haha!

Heck i dont even know if that page is still up now. :)
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Re: How did you find AGS?
« Reply #229 on: 29 Dec 2009, 17:12 »
Before I found AGS I´ve made my games with game maker(Here is one
http://www.yoyogames.com/games/107772-le-parkour ). I always loved Adventuregames. So I tried to make an adventure with Game Maker. I noticed that it were really complex to make an adventure with Game Maker because it´s a total other gamegenre than for example a jump´n´Run. Than I searched for an engine for Adventuregames and of course then I found AGS.


Re: How did you find AGS?
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'freeware game maker' or some similar googling. that was about a year ago, haven't made a game with it yet, but i keep returning every few months  ;D


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Re: How did you find AGS?
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World of Monkey Island -> mention -> link -> downloaded AS 2.?? it was early on. Years ago. Went into online stuff then came back. Now here to stay. :)

Re: How did you find AGS?
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Saw it in the credits of 7 Days a Skeptic...
That's all for now,

Re: How did you find AGS?
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Reading the King's Quest manual  :P

Re: How did you find AGS?
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Damn... I... don't remember!  :)
No seriously, no idea.
Either that was such a random occasion that left nothing in my memory, or I have memory problems... or both.

I remember it was 2.72 time (2007 or 2008). I remember I didn't like the interface, at all. I also tried to make some stupid game, but then got bored.
After a year or so I decided to check this again and saw that version 3.0 is just out. Now, I liked the interface :).

Re: How did you find AGS?
« Reply #235 on: 03 May 2010, 10:27 »
It was after playing the Chzo Mythos games, I'm quite the newbie to the engine. It's one of the nicest engines to work with and everyday I discover something new with it. I do plan on making a game with it, but at the moment I'm creating little demos to see how and what works before I implement it all into a game.

I really like first person adventure games, so I'm aiming to do that genre in particular.

Re: How did you find AGS?
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I read an article about ben there dan that and other games in a PC mag, Pc Plus?

Found a nice place to play with my animation. :)

No euphemism intended..

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Re: How did you find AGS?
« Reply #237 on: 14 May 2010, 11:36 »
I don't really remember that too well. I know that for many years I have been looking for some decent adventure game engine as it seemed a suicide to make one by myself. I tried things like IndyJava, but I couldn't really make anything decent with that and other tools I found.

I found AGS for the first time when it was still relatively young. The first Larry Vales was freshly released then I think. Had a look at the engine, was too lazy to start learning it properly, and soon afterwards all my game-making ambitions lost focus to school for a few years.

Re: How did you find AGS?
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I googled point and click adventure game maker

Re: How did you find AGS?
« Reply #239 on: 09 Aug 2010, 10:28 »
Recently there was an article in the German online news site SPIEGEL. It talked about retro-games and since I conincidentally was into adventure games again (thanks to the new Monkey Island versions) I search the article for adventures and actually found one called "5 Days a Stranger"...

From there I went through the Chzo Mythos and then finally looked into that ominous AGS. So a big thank you to Yahtzee not only for the games but for finding this awesome engine! :)
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