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    • I can help with proof reading
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    • I can help with story design
    • I can help with voice acting
yes, and ill give it to you if you promise to stop posting in wrong places.  ;) this thread is for contributions, not for asking.

private message me to remind me to do that for you later tonight. ill get it for ya, no prob.
Edit* I was going to also give you a link to juncSource, but it either seems to be down, or moved sites without telling me.
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Finally, something to do with some of the stuff I have lying around on my hard drive.
Here are a few backgrounds and character concepts of varying quality:

A futuristic looking station room:

Another room in the futuristic-looking station:

A relatively empty old jail-cell:

Isometric bedroom:

Isometric Cabin-like bedroom:

A plain, almost empty room:

A Roman-style warrior:

A medieval hero-type:

"P.O. Tato", an anthropomorphic potato:

All made by J. M. Kunert between 2003 and 2004.

I just noticed that Maniac Mansion Mania has the MM characters and GUIs available as source downloads here: Resources.

German page, but the GUI (with the characters and backgrounds pre-assembled into a game) is the first download link and the characters and backgrounds are the last two.


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A free digital tune:

If you decide to use it, just credit me, mkay?

I've decided to add these three backgrounds from a cancelled project of mine, please tell me if you use them as it would make me very happy, also feel free to edit them.


sci-fi convention

a hut


Yet another digital tune:


Feel free to use it, as long as you give credit.


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Some Cursors&Items. :)

EDIT: Just noticed Vel is Bulgarian too. :)
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enhanced verbcoin gui (formerly know as enhanced CMI template)
get it here

For the latest updates, check here

*outdated*, is replaced by SCUMM VERBCOIN GUI v1.5 (for AGS 3.0), see http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/yabb/index.php?topic=32745.0
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Not an artistic contribution as such, but I couldn't see anywhere else to put this in; if I'm wrong, then, admins, by all means move it to the appropriate forum area.

My offered contribution is, instead, in my capacity as senior writer for publications such as Web Wombat Australia and as a content writer for Gamespy/IGN (not to mention as a budding fiction writer hoping to be an immense world-shaking success at some point in the near future), and I'm happy to do any and all of the following: Editing, co-writing, suggestions and general typographical clean-up.

If you have a completed game manuscript you'd like formally edited, if you need dialogue or description assistance, or just a once-over for glaring omissions/errors/things that read really, really strangely, then I'm your man. PM me with a request and I'll be right with you. :) I don't ask for a credit (though that would be nice), I'm just here to do my bit for a great community absolutely saturated with talented programmers, writers, designers and artists. Y'all make the interweb a better place simply by doing your thing.


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    • I can help with proof reading
    • I can help with scripting
    • I can help with story design
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    • I can help with AGS tutoring
    • I can help with play testing
    • I can help with scripting
    • I can help with story design
    • I can help with voice acting
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A nice little function that works as a replacement for Yes/No GUI's and such, and works much faster/easier.

In global script top:
Code: [Select]
function YesOrNo() {
  Display("Yes (y) or No (n)");
  if (IsKeyPressed(89) == 1 || IsKeyPressed(78) == 1) {
    if (IsKeyPressed(89) == 1) {
      return 1;
    if (IsKeyPressed(78) == 1) {
      return 0;
  else {
    Display("You have to pick one!");

In global script header:
Code: [Select]
import function YesOrNo();

Example of use:
Code: [Select]
Display("Do you really want to steal that hat?");
int stealit = YesOrNo();
if (stealit == 1) {
  Display("You steal the hat.");
  karma --;
else {
  Display("You decide not to steal the hat, because your a good person.");
  karma ++;
Will ask the player if they want to steal the hat, make them click 'y' or 'n' to answer, and take action depending on that answer.

See?  It's a simple solution for idiot-proofing or double-checking.
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Music and Sound FX
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I've written alot of music that I would like to make available to the AGS folks.  Everything is copyrighted since they belong to shows I've written.  If you use them stick my name in your credits: Stephen Storc

There are 50+ music files adding up to about 2 and 1/2 hours of music.  Many different styles.

They are all 11025 at 56k mono but if you want stereo, I've got those too.  You can email me on the forums.

The links are:


Also, I'm posting 100 Sound FX files that I've collected that you might be interested in.


There is all kinds of stuff from rain to guns to doorbells.

Enjoy. Steve (theatrx)
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Thanks Steve but you forgot to give us the links to everything. I don't even see them if I try to quote you, so I imagine you just forogt them?

I forgot to put the underscores in so I had to do them over... Here you go.
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I don't know if anyone can use these but I posted about 50+ objects (transparent backgrounds) tables, bowls, art... stuff.

The link is:


Life is a banquet and most poor sonsofbitches are starving to death

I hope this is okay for me to do, but I made a night-time version of ScottDoom's Asian-themed background. http://xs68.xs.to/pics/06070/contribution.png
I think all credit should got to ScottDoom, since all I did was spraypaint it in ArtGem and add a moon and some clouds (And a bonsai grapefruit tree and a flower that I made a long time ago on Paint.)
UPDATE: Ok, I have tons more contributions to give. But there are so many, I would prefer if you just sent me a message. I've got tons, so if you need something, just ask me.
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theatrx, you didn't update the links, so we can't get your files.
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