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You can find information and a demo about the game here:

Hope you like how its coming along!
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Re: SCUMM Bar!
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congrats on dulling down one of the most piratey bars ever seen! :(

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Its not ready yet, it will be better.
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Re: SCUMM Bar!
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screenshots, info, anything??????


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You've already dumped all those new project ideas?

tsk tsk

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Edit: Played the game.  There's nothing to do!  Don't just go releasing a extremely non-finished demo/test like that.   The people who do quick one-room-can't-do-anything-in-it usually want art crits, but it seems the majority, if not all of that has been ripped.  Now, if you drew more of that than I'm giving you credit for, correct me.  But please, please wait til you have something more worthwhile to show us before making this whole fuss about it.
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Tanker, are you even working on this game? It would be fun to play it.

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Re: SCUMM Bar!
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Even after all the fuss that's been made lately about the GiP ...

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