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Yeah, that's right. Post it here so it may be forever immortalised in the official history of the AGS forums. Oldies, you too dudes. All pictures, funny, informative, effects-ridden or whatever are welcome, with the notable exeption of porn pics, which only I am priviledged to post.

Here we go:

Post your picture and be remembered forever.

Evil evil!:

and since I know you all wanna see as much of me as you can, I have a (ir)regularly updated webcam thingy here:

And of course there's this: , which is my lickle collection of AGSers' photos I've seen over the years...


Here you go, it doesn't really look like me, as my face is smooshed in, but oh well, I scanned it, what did you expect? Its that or pictures of me drunk, and if this is me not intoxicated...lets not go there.


Duhn duhn duuuuhn!

Guess which one I am! (Hint: I'm not the one hanging from strings.)
This was on Halloween, which explains why I'm wearing a powdered wig...Or does it?!

Dave Gilbert:

Me at a trade show in Vegas.

And Gilbert - your audience looks riveted by your masterful oratory powers.  Is that guy in the front drinking beer?



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