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Author Topic: READ BEFORE POSTING! (IMPORTANT)  (Read 24994 times)


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« on: 03 Oct 2002, 10:01 »
This is the critics lounge, the place where you can show your art, music and writings to other people, and in return look at their creations.
Please pay respect to the rules in this post to help create a better forum.

What should you Not post in this forum?
* Questions regarding scripting or any other technical issue
* A bug-report
they go to AGS Technical

* A question asking if the adventure game genre really is dead
* A link to your new AGS-games-collection page
it will all go here AGS Talk and Chat Forum

* An introduction to yourself, since you are new
* A reminder that a new episode of Friends is on TV tonight
* Your latest joke about Dutchmen
It will go here: General Discussion

* Abusive language
* Critique that isn't constructive in any way, like "Oh, that sux, man"
That won't go anywhere.

Some general recommendations:
* Consider if you actually need criticism. Some people seem to jot down just anything, publish it here and expect a step-by-step tutorial on how to improve it. You can do much of the c&c by yourself! You can put your piece aside for some time, then return to it and see if you can improve it on your own. Don't rush to seek other people's opinions before you have given it a serious, sincere attempt yourself. We're not your private tutors!
* Only publish .GIF or .PNG images here.  .BMP is too bloated and .JPG's have severe artifacting in most cases.
* Check that your links really work. Click the Help button if you don't know how to show your images.
* Try to elaborate any criticism. It's okay to write "Well done, keep up the good work", but even better if you try to tell what is actually good (and what is not).
* When you upload an image, keep in mind that people might want to have a go at editing it for you. That's just a more visual way of explaining how you could improve the image, and is not an attempt to steal your artwork or destroy it. This forum is meant to be a training ground, and not your personal gallery.
* When editing a picture for somebody, try to keep true to the original in terms of atmosphere and general style. You don't want to make a completely new picture, you want to improve the existing one.
* When editing a picture for somebody, remember that the picture still belongs to the original artist, the modifications included. You cannot demand that somebody removes your modifications afterwards, even if they wish to sell the picture for money.
* Please remember that as much as people will enjoy commenting on your productions, they will also appreciate that you comment on theirs. Try to keep a balance between publishing material and reply to other people's threads.
* Note! Keep the discussions appropriate and related to the displayed material. We already have a chit-chat forum, so don't get too chatty. Irrelevant posts may be removed without warning.

Adult material regulation  
You are allowed to publish adult material to a certain extent if you write a warning in the subject field. This is not just because we're a bunch of dried up puritans who think your childhood is ruined if you watch porn, but because we want to avoid situations where our fellow members browse at work, and open a picture whose content could get him fired.

The following rules pertain to the Critics Lounge but may appear in other forums, so read all forum-specific rules before posting to be sure!

1. Unnecessarily explicit and tasteless scenes of sex or nudity. Keep it artistic.
2. Photographs (real people) with explicit nudity, or extreme gore.
3. Material that can be provokative towards a certain ethnic group or gender.
4. Necroposting, or the revival of old threads, is highly discouraged.  Posts left more than two weeks without a reply should be left alone unless you are the original poster.  If you need to ask the original poster something or suggest something, send them a PM and encourage them to revive the thread.
5.  Double posting is to be avoided unless a few days have passed without a reply, otherwise edit your post and add the appropriate new information/comments.  This helps condense your comments and keep the thread as uncluttered as possible. 

Otherwise, have a nice day and enjoy all the wonderful art and music and inspiring ideas that pass through this forum daily :)
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