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I recently finished my first AGS game. It isnt great but  i am only 13 years old.  Is there a way to post it? I didn't put it on a website yet. Can I just somehow put the file in a thread or something? Anyway, the game is called Dirk's Adventure. Somehow i dont even know how to get a screen shot up. It wont let me copy and paste. I will tell u if i get it up


hi there. you can upload your game at , or look for another free hosting. As i have to do it, i tell you that you must post something, so, please, read the forum rules here

ok, once you upload your game, and you read the rules, you can post.

(that should be

Edwin Xie:
Wait........Why did you post in here when you don't really have a game to show? I'm not acting like a moderator but just something is wrong with this thread. If you have a problem with posting a screenshot, you can just type
(img)Image Url(/img) replace the '(' and ')' with '[' and ']'. And as wyr3x said you can upload your game at Anyway, if you have a problem with something similar, just post it in General Discussions forum. And read the rules in every forum. You'll then see how things work in here.

Seems like he did have a game to show but didn't know how to show it.


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