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Author Topic: Mock’s Dark Castle Escape: demo now ready  (Read 1723 times)


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Mock’s Dark Castle Escape: demo now ready
« on: 13 Dec 2004, 13:59 »
Hello first off let me introduce my self I am Erik Simmons “Mock”  I am a 3D artist that has always wanted to make games, but after struggling through the basics of programming  I decided I'd stick with the art side and leave the programming for someone else.  Now enter AGS and I think I can do both. 

Ok so the premise of my first game is simple my heroin finds her self in the dark and enchanted castle of Lord Mock and must find her way out (simple enough)

So far I have a lot to add sound effects, dialog, and so on

Progress so far
Graphics 40%
Puzzles 10%
Scripting 10%
Sound 2%

Download what I have so far: (all fixed)


Check out my art at:


222 viewings and only one reply?  Who's backside do I got to smooch to get some feed-back?

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Re: Mock’s Dark Castle Escape
« Reply #1 on: 13 Dec 2004, 22:31 »
Like to play what you have so far so upload a good zip . are you using poser chars ? the ones here look real good .


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Re: Mock’s Dark Castle Escape: demo now ready
« Reply #2 on: 14 Dec 2004, 03:26 »
Yes they are poser as are the backgrounds and props with post work to punch-up lighting and atmosphere.

Queen Kara

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Re: Mock’s Dark Castle Escape: demo now ready
« Reply #3 on: 17 Jun 2005, 06:28 »
When trying to download from the "all fixed" link , I got this message :

"Error, specified download could not be found"

I apoligize , I didn't know this was considered an old thread...I have been going through threads and downloading stuff , pm-ing people , ect. I usually PM people if it's an old thread so I wouldn't have done it had I known. 

This may help more than my earlier / initial complaint :

Suggestions of Worthwhile Servers To Upload Demos and Stuff To
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Klaatu Verata Niktu?

Re: Mock’s Dark Castle Escape: demo now ready
« Reply #4 on: 17 Jun 2005, 12:53 »
Please stop digging up old threads unless you can provide a working download link.

Try to PM the game author first and let him/her know that the download link isn't working anymore. If you don't get a response, ask in the GAMESEEK thread.