Author Topic: Turnip Twenty-One (Non-Adventure Game using AGS) Demo Available  (Read 2203 times)


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EDIT JAN 1 2005- Website is back up -go nuts.

EDIT DEC 23 - Due to bandwidth constraints my freewebs site seems to have been overloaded -you wouldn't think this game was so popular from all the posts in this topic!  It looks like the site will be down until the end of the month when it will be reset.  I will try to remedy this situation asap.  If you desperately need this game then e-mail me at vanwijst@hotmail.com and I can e-mail you back with the game attached.

   It's been a while since I've produced something that's playable, but here's a micro project I've been working on.  It's a 21 style game in which you must play against four computer characters of your choosing.  Each has his own unique personality, which was the ultimate challenge I set myself for programming this game.  It's still in demo phase, but the game is entirely playable (though not "endable").  Suggestions for future directions this game could take are more than welcome!  To play, pick your competitors and then set your bet.  Hit "bet" to start dealing, and then "hit" or "stay" when it's your turn.  When the round is over simply repeat.


Download the demo game here!
  www.freewebs.com/madhatter13/Bolton Turnip 21.zip

KNOWN BUGS: If you bust, your first card will automatically turn into a spade, although it will retain its value.  I know why this occurs (talking view), but because of plans in my head I don't want to fix it now because I'll more than likely have to fix it all over again if I improve the game.
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Re: Turnip Twenty-One (Non-Adventure Game using AGS)
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Good to hear there's yet another non-adventure game in progress. I didn't download the demo (as I don't play unfinished products due to lack of time), but looking at the screenie I'll suggest that you shouldn't remove that supposedly temporially stick figure character in the final product, it's funny to be able to choose a stick figure opponent!