Author Topic: "The Domain" disturbing 'game' is up again!  (Read 2633 times)


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"The Domain" disturbing 'game' is up again!
« on: 15 Oct 2002, 19:34 »
Well, I tried to get this up a few months ago, but my server sucked spam.

So here it is, the long awaited crappy 1 hour game that took waaayyyyy too long.

Features include self-mocking propaganda, bad graphics, few controls, and an annoying symbolic structure!

Also, multiple paths to the ending! (Yes, it is possible to "win" the game in either path... really, honestly).

It includes all the room files, so there shouldn't be an error this time... but if there is, I'll fix it in the next couple days.  It's about time this *actually* came out.

The link is:


(I hope)
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Re:"The Domain" disturbing 'game' is up again!
« Reply #1 on: 15 Oct 2002, 21:55 »
Be prepared to face the Whine Assault (tm) if those 8 megs are because of 900x600 or something...



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Re:"The Domain" disturbing 'game' is up again!
« Reply #2 on: 15 Oct 2002, 22:01 »
You are great, Blake! ;O)) I love psycho-games :O)).
It`s a little bit like MSD - or crazier than MSD...
and I also like using photgraphs in my game :O). Nice to see, that we have a few nice similaries in art style of our AGS-games. ;O)

Are they more than two endings?

(By the way I am downloading EOR-Beta at the moment, than I will start testing ;O). - Oh, I see, it`s completely down, I will play it now.)