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Criticism Wanted: Project Scooter Tech Demo
« on: 28 Dec 2004, 08:57 »
What's up good people?

I spent the last few days toying around with AGS and I love it.  I also have a little something to show for it, and I'd like some honest feedback if anyone is interested in dishing some out :)

The game is tentatively called Project Scooter.  The basic premise, without giving to much away, is these guys get screwed over and get fired by their boss and kill him, and it just goes on from there.  I'm estimating a completion date sometime between May & July of this year if things go well (a big if).

The Tech Demo consists of one room, not including the intro screens.  The basic purpose of it was so I could see if I could actually use AGS.  Now I just want to see if I'm doing it right, and I'm looking forward to comments.

Here's what I'm really looking for:
~ Did the MIDI & WAV files play when you started the game?
~ How does the character design look?
~ Am I off to a good start with the character's animation?
~ Did you make it out of the room? :)

You can download the ZIP file using this link: http://www.constructivechaos.net/PSv0.1_DEMO.zip

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Re: Criticism Wanted: Project Scooter Tech Demo
« Reply #1 on: 28 Dec 2004, 15:40 »
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