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TV/Cinema Animation Plugin?
« on: 18 Mar 2006, 13:41 »
I want to make a cinema-room soon. But what is a cinema without movies, i asked myself?  I tried a testroom already, putting an animated object with frames of a movie in it. But object animations are limited and it's hard to do it frame by frame, too.
I don't want to use PlayMovie, because it's Fullscreen only.

So, do you know of a plugin that displays movies in the background? Is it possible to make one?
Do you know of a tool/plugin that, lets say, converts a movie into an ags-readable file from which you can f.e. use raw-draw-image or so?

I hope I made it understandable. I think this would be very useful since there are many possibilties, like computers, cinemas, televisions, other animations... that could use this. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to show "Lord of the Rings " in this cinema, but like a little 100*60 screen (or even smaller) with a small movie of lets say 60 seconds film or so. I'm not so familiar with formats yet, but one could resize the movie/reduce quality in another program...

Anyone else who thinks this is useful, please post your suggestions here...

Maybe I should post a "suggestion: avi's in rooms" ??? No i better don't :-)


Re: TV/Cinema Animation Plugin?
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There is no Cinema plugin yet. Only thing you can do is, decompress your movie to its frames. import them to AGS and make connected loops. 1 loop has 20 frames and 1 view has 16 loops. So you can make 320 frames-connected view. Make another view with connected loops. When your frames are exhausted; create an object or objects in your rooms, and animate them:

Room Script (after Fade in) {



if your frames are bigger than 320 and you made second view, let's play it after view1 without blocking:

Room Script (repeatedly_execute) {

if (oObject1.animating==0) {
  if (oObject1.view==1) {
  else if (oObject1.view==2) {

 it's a little long work but when thinking there is no plugin for that, you have to do it frame by frame, sorry.
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Re: TV/Cinema Animation Plugin?
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Also, AGS can import frames from FLC animations (*.flc, *.fli), and animated gifs. If you convert your movie clip to one of those formats, you won't need to import the frames individually.

The manual recommends Smacker tools for converting to FLC, and who am I to disagree?
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I know what you're thinking ... Don't think that.

Re: TV/Cinema Animation Plugin?
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  is there any program to convert .avi or .mpeg to flc ? i didn't know that. it's cool
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Re: TV/Cinema Animation Plugin?
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It seems as if I have to do it the "animate-object-way" then.
But its a lot of work, especially if you have to sync sound and picture with so many frames :-(  Nontheless, the FLC part sounds good. I'll try that.

Still I'm not completely satisfied.
Is there a good plugin-writer out there, who can tell if a plugin like this is possible?
As far as I know, AGS plugins are written in VisualC++
So does VC++ provide a function that simply shows movie-files (avi/mpg/etc.) at  specific coordinates. Would it be possible to make a plugin of this function and so import it to AGS? Well, most probably it's not that easy, is it?

Still, if somebody has a good idea on how to do this, I'd appreciate every suggestion.  Thanks so far proximity and Ashen :-)


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Re: TV/Cinema Animation Plugin?
« Reply #5 on: 19 Mar 2006, 10:52 »
Is there any program to convert .avi or .mpeg to flc?
Fast Movie Processor (1.44), or indeed Smacker, although that's a bit less user-friendly.
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