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Another World - re-announced
« on: 10 Jan 2005, 14:55 »
The "Another World" game was announced about a year ago, under the working tittle A World of Chaos. The game project was then more or less cancelled because of lack of team members. But now they have come and so it is time for a re-announcement of the game.

Another World takes place in the end of the Theoretica timeline and is a so-called Theori. A Theori is a story, myth or an actual event that has taken place in, before or after the Theoretica timeline of earth. Yes, Theoretica is Mother Earth as we know her, but not quite the earth we know. A long line of critical events led to more or less the destruction of the world as we know it today and became Theoretica instead. So why Theoretica and Theories? After the changing of the world more and more weird events started to happen and no-one was really sure if the occuring events were real or was just imagination, so this is why the stories of Theoretica time and after are called Theories.

The Theoretica world isn't just the "Another World" game, it is so much more. Allready in the making is the design of "Another World, part 2" (Working title) and two new Theories. The idea is to expand the universe of Theoretica with novels, game mods for blockbuster games, modules for popular rpg's, comic books etc. Everything made available absolutely free from, but now to what this is really about, Another World.

Another World is a 2D adventure game, and takes place at the end of the Theoretica timeline and is about a man called Simon. Simon wakes up all alone in a hospital in a city called Stridon. He doesn't know where he is, what has happened to him and why he is alone in the world (as it seems to him). His job is to figure out what has happened to him and what has happened to everyone else! Rumours speaks about an epedimic others about a conspiracy, but what really happened? It is up to you to figure out.

Feauture list:
Handdrawn Backgrounds
3D Animated characters and models
Film noir story mixed with science fiction
An open ended story, live the story as you want to live it
Investigate the environment day and night, in sunny or reainy weather.
Between 20-30+ hours of gameplay
Part of the Theories world

Progress: 15%
Expected release: Summer 2005

To find out much more about the game, visit the game website. See the full feature, learn more about the Theories universe, find screenshots and concept arts, design diary, forum, FAQ and weekly updated news about the game and much much more.

Theories overall story website:
Another World website:

More updates will come soon, hope for your support and comments and ideas.

Yours Sincerely
Henrik Nielsen, writer and designer of the Theories universe and Another World
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Re: Another World - re-announced
« Reply #1 on: 10 Jan 2005, 20:45 »
The title Another World has already been published by Delphine Software and a classic game it was too.

Please change the title :P

Re: Another World - re-announced
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Hi there! Please post some screenshots, I'd really like to see what the game's gonna look like.


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Re: Another World - re-announced
« Reply #3 on: 10 Jan 2005, 22:08 »
We'll post a couple of screenshots in the next couple of days but it will look quite much like the concepts. And by the name, it will be changed if I see that it is nescecary. Already changed it once and as it is now, Another World is the most suiting name. Not hoping to piss someone of or anything but as it is now it is still Another World...

Re: Another World - re-announced
« Reply #4 on: 10 Jan 2005, 22:37 »
Why not call it "Another Another World" or "Yet Another World"...? ;)
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Re: Another World - re-announced
« Reply #5 on: 11 Jan 2005, 01:41 »

If you don't have the screenshots now, you shouldn't have started the thread yet.

PM me when you have them please and I'll re-open this thread.