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Another project that I probably won't complete, but I'm taking a stab.

 Story takes place in fictional state, or even Empire - Aettan. Aettan is in a state of crisis after failed war with Tor Haun. Insurgent  movement arise, striving to overthrow thain, or the monarchic ruler of Aettan. Thus the Guard is formed, in order to protect thain and current order. At Teuren is one of the Guard members, currently on trail of Assasin Lodge. As he wanders abadonned, crumbling streets of the city of Wosmanto he learns of the existence of Order - a sectarian organisation, whose members believe the only way to atone sins of Aettan citizens is to be found on the nightmarish planet of Leeyandai, in a place called Sanctuary. Sceptical at first, At Teuren departs from the Guard, joins the Order and embarks on a jorney to Leeyandai.

I will follow this post with some screenshots, demonstrating how poor this game's graphic design is.

Leeyandai's orbit:

Toeg's cityline:

Leeyandai's surface:

Street in Toeg:

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If you are not going to finish this project, I think such post shouldn't be here.

Importantely, those graphics take long time to load.
Therefore, I suggest to make images smaller.

I also think this post should go to graphics section and may be the Mods will confirm that.



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I really like the screenshots - the majestic buildings and structures compared with tiny humans remind me of my visit to Moscow...  they're full of atmosphere and I'd love to spend some time in this universe.


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I love the screens aswell, gives me an erie alone feeling, Good job!

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Splat44 - the situation is that, although I'd love to spend as much time as possible on the game, I have *cough* academic duties, like preparations for master thesis and - in closer perspective -  few rather difficult exams.
 So - if it doesn't meet the same ill fate my other projects met - it most probably will take at least a year to complete.
 Goldmund - thanks for encouragement. As you might suppose, the game takes place in the same universe "Totaskalan" did - although in different place and time. As to the eerie atmosphere - I'm glad you noticed it! "Sar" will have definitely darker mood than "Totaskalan". In fact, in the tongue of orkheres, the world "sar" is name of flow of time and all its destructive aspects - like enthropy and decay.


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Don't worry, my supposedly first AC game had been "under development" for more than 5 years, yet I promise I'll make it.

So, don't be disappointed, as long as you still want to make it, it'll evently be finished, no matter how slow the progress is.

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New screenshot
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Thanks to all of you, who took time and effort to criticise the vain attempts I have been posting in Critics' Longue... Without their advice, this screen would look much, much worse:

 Mar Man, looking out to the distant mountains north of Ereboren, on the planet of Mes Wosman.

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"Sar" is stalled and won't move anymore futher.

 Darth, lock the topic.