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White Dragon, Black Magick
« on: 14 Feb 2005, 11:47 »

Finally I understood how to post screenshots! So...

This is an adventure game, with some RPG qualities. It`s called "White Dragon Black Magick", and is about a boy that (due to a fact happened during his infancy; i prefer to keep this secret until a demo is released) learns the Black Magic.
He begins a trip to test his skills with the final hope to find the White Dragon Kolbrenymar, one of the most ancient and expert practicers of necromancy.
But then , thanks to the dragon, he will discover that is old master is not the one he thought.....

The game is based upon "Alea Iacta Est", a RPG (paper&dice) of my creation (together with oteher people), and so its rules will be briefly explained in a readme file. As I said, the RPG elements are few, so this will be only an adaption of the RPG. The setting is based on the fantasy world we and the "DragoBianco" team created (more details are welcome, to those who can be interested; I prefer not to spam, putting links to our site).

The interface is made by:

- a single cursor: left click to walk; right click popups a Gui, with the buttons: talk, get, look, interact, cast spell, magic book, use inventory, sense magic.
Clicking on an hotspot, object or other char with the right click, and then clicking on the desired button, performs the action on that hotspot, obj etc.
Cast magic instead, opens another gui, with the list of spells currently known, Book of Magic displays a dialog (use to know information on each spell learned); Use inventory opens the inv interface.

-in the bottom part of the screen, a permanent Gui shows: what`s under the mouse; the PM (Points of Magic, like Mana, used to cast spells); the PAv (Advancement Points, similar to experience points, in this game only used to increase PM); the Level of Power (the measure of the wizard`s casting power. You can cast certain spells only if you are at a certain level of power. The more PM you have, the more your Level is high).

You may have noticed that I also posted on the "Adventure related talk and chat" forum, asking for someone to draw characters and background. I'm still in need of them, but now I've got a possible partner, and, anyway I decided to go on with the project (even if it means that I've got to draw bad graphics myself!).

So, I think that a possible (final) release date is September-October 2005.

P.S. The images are from the Italian version of the game (the original one, in fact, seen that I'm Italian!); an English version of the game will surely be released together with the other.

modified on Feb 15, 13:27: I welcome the fact that putting the name of a website is not considerd spamming. So, if you want to know the site of the group of people who contributed in the creation of RPG and Ambientation which my game is based, visit
Sorry but the site is in italian only.
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Re: White Dragon, Black Magick
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Whoa!   :o Looks awesome!

Re: White Dragon, Black Magick
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Wow looks and sounds awesone ;D keep it up :)

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Great graphics!

You mention about spamming by putting links on your website?

Links on websites is not being consider as spam as to anyone can visit on their own initiative. Spamming is applicatable to unsolicited emails, newsgroups (places not appropriate) and illegal post on forums/message board that don't allow advertising.

Good luck.