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The Space Quest Renovation Project
« on: 13 Feb 2005, 01:07 »
Hello, all. About a year ago I started getting this idea that it might be kinda cool to convert all the old AGI and SCI Space Quest games to AGS. My reasoning behind this is the fact that I got tired of having to use emulators to run the games and having the emulators whack out my computer. Or the games just not running at all because the computers and operating systems were just to new.

So, here is Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter version 1.0X with two of the only three screens at the moment. These two screenshots were taken from release 0.0.2.

Screenshot 2


Screenshot 1

I'm not entirely sure as to when this will be released in it's entirety, but hopefully it will only be a couple of months, assuming I can continue plugging away at one room per day.

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A nice idea, but it would be nicer if you UPDATED the games, making them with more then just ripped graphics.i just want to know though, were did you get the AGI font? im looking for it cuz im making a real old skool looking game, with a ORIGINAL storyline. at VERY lo res. pixel hunters unite!
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Re: The Space Quest Renovation Project
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Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back is now available to download!

Re: The Space Quest Renovation Project
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THe font should be a part of AGS. I just used font 0.

OK. When you say upgrade the game, what exactly do you mean? Like new music? New additions to the map? The story? These are all easily made. I have some very interesting ideas for those additions, but would they actually be supported?

Re: The Space Quest Renovation Project
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OK. If you all wanna discuss additions and upgrades to the game, please either come over to the Renovation site at or contact me on YIM at please. :)

I just wanna make sure that this forum continues to conform to the guide lines of this topic. :)

Re: The Space Quest Renovation Project
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OK. After having spoken to some of my fellow clergy and having spoken to a few people on here, they don't really want to see the old Space Quest with AGI, SCI or AGS, they want something new and interesting. So I'm switching from AGS to Wintermute. I would continue to post here at this point, but it would most suredly be a mute point. :/

I'll keep checking in and such, but I figured that I would post a update on here before I totally disappeared. :)


Re: The Space Quest Renovation Project
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Hey guys. Major change in plans. :)

I'm going to just plain old remake the game from almost scratch instead of just ripping the graphics and such. :)

All the graphics are going to be 3-D Rendered instead of just ripped. There will be a minor change in the story and some major additions to the maps. Unfortunately, because I am rendering the graphics instead of just ripping them, this time they will take quite a while. I'm anticipating two months each for SQI and SQII EGA.